OP45 Dissolved in Acid

This is our 45th installment of the one-page dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures on a single page. It is system-neutral so it can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

In Dissolved in Acid, the characters are hired by the court wizard to delve into a tomb where other mages in his position were buried across the centuries. The magic wards in the tomb have faded and strange elemental creatures have become unbound, endangering nearby settlements and the remains of countless buried mages. The characters must delve into this dungeon and cast a warding incantation to restore the place to its past state.

This system-neutral adventure brings the heroes to an underground crypt where they must contend with both undead and elemental threats. The spirits of some wizards have become tainted; their specters now roam the dark corridors. The characters shall find the incantation to fix the place and then they shall meet the four prominent mages depicted in the dungeon walls. They may yet emerge from this dungeon carrying an arcane relic!

Get It Here!

Get It Here!

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