OP43 Poisoned Candy

This is our 43rd installment of the one-page dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures on a single page. It is system-neutral so it can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

In Poisoned Candy, the characters arrive at a small town where several people, including younglings, have grown sick after eating candy sold by a forest hermit. The mysterious woman comes often to sell forest herbs and pastries but now all who bought from her are perilously close to dying. After two men failed to return from her abode, people now denounce her as a witch, but no one dares enter the forest anymore. They require help.

This system-neutral adventure brings the heroes to a witch’s home in the forest. She is an unbalanced person who grew evil after the demise of her partner in the forest. The hapless man’s remains are still set on the bed where he died. The characters must be valiant, strong, and resourceful to overcome the strange challenged within the witch’s dungeon.

Get It Here!

Get It Here!

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