OP39 Murder in the Winery

This is our 39th installment of the one-page dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures on a single page. It is system neutral so it can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

In Murder in the Winery, the local winemaker has been reported to commit a horrid crime. A farmer allegedly saw the man killing the apothecary, an innocent woman. The bailiff, in the company of a few guards, showed up promptly to inquire and was attacked by the living dead. Many died and the bailiff returned scarred from that encounter. Now, he willingly pays mercenaries a reward to deal with this terrible problem.

This is an adventure where a group of adventurers explore the local winery and unearth a strange plot of necromancy energy to bring back a loved one. Alas, as it is often common when dabbling in the obscure powers of life and death,  the man in question has gone insane. His mind has succumbed to the terrible magic he was never meant to possess.

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Get It Here!

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