OP38 The Bands of Power

This is our 38th installment of the one-page dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures on a single page. It is system neutral so it can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

In The Bands of Power, hundreds of years ago, a master forger created a powerful pair of armbands. The Bands of Power earned their name for obvious reasons. The king, for whom the bands were forged, became the most powerful and feared dwarf of the northern territories. But he gained many enemies and soon, he was murdered. The bands got lost in history, hidden, and never found. But that is about to change.

This is an adventure where a group of villagers, dreaming of better lives and glory, accept to be hired as dungeon explorers. They are supposed to retrieve a pair of armbands for their employer, a man named Hartvigg. If they succeed, what will they do with such power?

Get It Here!

Get It Here!

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