OP24 Lair of the Mind Eater

Hello, Denizens of the Tower, friends, supporters, and random internet people. This is our 24th installment of the one-page dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures on a single page. It is system neutral so it can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

Deserts are some of the most dangerous places for travelers and adventurers. The weather is not the only hazard they must overcome; indigenous wildlife hides under the very sand. The case of the hard-to-reach Coppersand Desert is no different. The desert owes its name to the extremely hot temperatures that manage to melt and fuse the dunes.

Life has not been the same at Coppersand Desert for a few months now. The people from the few villages near the desert have witnessed strange lights coming from the dunes’ depths but do not know much further. It is said that an ancient pyramid marks the center of Coppersand Desert but these rumors have not been confirmed. It is too dangerous and expensive to travel there only to verify a myth. No one has embarked on that journey out of mortal fear. The terrible creature that inhabits the pyramid causes terrible deadly dreams. It is time to put stop to this madness!

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Get It Here!

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