One-Page-Dungeon #2 – The Well of Knowledge


I came up with the idea of doing one-page-dungeons once or twice a month and have them be in a parallel numbered series, this would be number 2. These illustrations are self-contained dungeon crawl ideas with map, lore, and description. Let me know what you think of stuff like this. I’ve gotten many requests for one-page adventures for a while.

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2 thoughts on “One-Page-Dungeon #2 – The Well of Knowledge

  • Hi,
    I tried to run this one page dungeon, but my players broke it completely by not interacting with anything but doors.

    You did not specify, when the spirits emerge from their resting places, why they there are and why they’re corrupted in the first place.

    I wanted simple one-page dungeon, but still running this require more energy than expected. Now the players explored almost all the rooms in the cave, which emerges two issues:

    1. players already know positions of all the levers
    2. after they awake first spirit, they either start the chain of events resulting into TPK, or leave the cave, as they currently don’t want to know the answers to anything.

    To end this, there is absolutely no limit set to number or price for the questions asked. This makes this well kinda broken power-item, with Farinnia sitting there as a lady behind Informations desk.

    – Instead of spirits, there could be traps set by adventures from earlier days that built up the story about spirits wandering through the cave.

    – The knowledge should come with a price – e.g. when you want to know something, you will forget another information of similar importance, that only you know.

    • thanks for the suggestions. You’re right that the one page dungeons cannot account for the variety of player options or their creativity. I hope you were able to fix it on the spot to make it more engaging for your group

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