Map 49 – City Blocks


City section

This is just a couple of blocks, part of a small city. This illustration objective is to be used in any situation. Any time you, the DM, need a streets encounter or any kind of urban environment encounter, a map like this one is very useful.

This resource includes two versions of the map, the first one with a 5 ft. grid, and the second one with no grid at all. (For Patreon Subscribers)

The buildings in the illustration can be named and given a function according to your needs or campaign. Here is a list of ready to use NPC’s to populate this part of the city.

 Notable NPC’s

Tarneck (Dwarf).- Local Smith of the neighborhood, he specializes in horse shoes and horse armor.
Darialli Turfad (human).- Innkeeper of the Rotten Flagon, a very popular place in this part of the city.
Ducky Tuck (halfling).- This curious and sneaky halfling earns coins by delivering messages and packages from different parts of the city.
Lord Adrian Escherel.- Often enough, Lord Escherel visits this part of the city to buy fresh vegetables from the market. He does it also because he believes the common folk must see their Lord often. He is a fine man and guards accompany him everywhere.
Dion Lorenzo.- This individual is well known because he brings quality wines and spices from other towns.
Father Roman.- Beloved leader of the local church community, he is respected and reverend as a holy man.

49 City Blocks-L

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