Map 42 – The Arcanist’s Lair


Kobolds are often underestimated and dismissed as mischievous, weak and bothersome creatures. This assumption is often true, but once in a while a kobold discovers a sliver of magic in its draconic heritage and develops magical abilities.

Turdink (Mage) is such a kobold, over 7 years he has amassed some treasure and a small cult of other kobolds who revere him and consider him a messenger of the draconic gods. Turdink is smart enough to know that he’s not sacred or anything, he’s conscious of his magic power and the influence it has on others of his kind, and takes full advantage of it. He and his clan have built a lair over the years to establish themselves. The complex itself is very defensive; assaulting it unprepared has been the doom of many adventurers. Kobolds might not be strong but they are numerous and small; with Turdink’s help, they designed a place easy to defend. This adventure is appropriate for low-ish level parties (1-5) easily adjustable by changing numbers of monsters or lowering and raising stats.

How to use (Adventure Seed):

1.- The kobolds have been sacking nearby town’s food sources. PCs are hired to get rid of them, after the city watch failed to do so.

2.- During the night, a band of sneaky kobolds steal something valuable from the PCs camp. They must be tracked back to their lair.

3.- A wizard wants a magic item or spellbook in Turdink’s possession. He hires the PCs to retrieve it.

The Lair

In Turdink’s lair, all hallways are one meter tall, perfect for kobolds, but medium sized adventurers will have to squeeze through. Some tunnels are barred, they can open magically if the word “Dinksplum” is said out loud. All kobolds know this password. The bars can be raised with a successful Strength (Athletics) check (DC 14), but doing so in a small hallway imposes disadvantage in the check.

The first defense is the entrance cage, the second bars are always down. When PCs enter the two cage squares, a kobold in the secret room lets the first bars down, trapping whoever is in the hallway. Kobolds can attack from the ceiling with spears using the murder holes. They have superior cover when doing so. PCs can attack the kobolds through the murder holes with light and versatile weapons, or small ranged weapons, with disadvantage if they are medium sized. The secret door to the room can be found with a successful Investigation check (DC 15).

In the next room, kobolds take turns shooting from the arrow slits, they have superior cover when doing so. PCs will have to shoot them down or try to open the bars to get out of the room. Kobolds in the sleeping quarters will flee if possible, but if the hallway is blocked, they will fight.

The shaft that climbs to Turdink’s tower room is a defensive measure, There is always a pot on a stove, with boiling oil next to the shaft. A kobold can use an action to let the boiling oil pour down on unwary intruders. Any one climbing the shaft must succeed on a Dex save (DC 15) or take 3d6 fire damage (or 4d8 fire damage for higher level parties. The kobolds can only do this once.

Boss Battle

Turdink will be waiting on top of his tower. It makes him a little more difficult to reach, and provides him with cover. Two opposing walls have two arrow slits and a small balcony 15 ft. from the ground. One kobold mans each slit and balcony and attack with everything they’ve got. There is a pitfall trap near the center of the room, if a PC steps on it, he must roll a successful Dex save (DC 13) or fall 30 ft, taking 2d6 bludgeoning damage. The spikes roll attack (+6) and deal 2d6 piercing damage. Climbing the shaft requires a successful Athletics check (DC13).

Turdink has a fascination with fire and will use fire spells more than anything else. If the party is level 4-5 he starts with a fireball. For lower level parties he uses burning hands and firebolt spells. Due to the defensive measures in the room, this battle can spin out of control of the PCs very fast. Let them know that there’s no shame in running to fight another day. Turdink is very smart and self preserving, if threatened, he casts invisibility and jumps down to use his tower’s escape ability.

Turdink’s tower frontal eye is not just for decoration, it holds a glyph of warding spell with dimensional door. Only Turdink knows the password in draconic, if he steps in front of the tower and says “DinkDink”, he instantly teleports up the the surface and escapes.


For low level parties (1-3) 3d6 x 10 gold pieces and 1d4 magic items rolled from Table C

For higher levels (4-5) 5d8 x 10 gold pieces 1d4 magic items rolled from Table C and one magic item rolled from Table F.1.- The kobolds have been sacking nearby town’s food sources. PCs are hired to get rid of them, after the city watch failed to do so.

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