Journey to the Wayside Shrine – Level 2 Shadowdark Adventure

Journey to the Wayside Shrine


We released this long-format adventure that features maps from a fellow cartographer collaborator, Misjay Maps. This is a showcase of what the adventure includes. If you are interested in this product, here are some options for you:

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This adventure has been designed for Shadowdark RPG through their 3rd-party license. The system is meant to be accessible to OSR players and modern players alike. Adapting the material to 5e or other systems is a simple affair.

In Journey to the Wayside Shrine, a level-2 Shadowdark adventure, the characters are sent to catch up with a group of halfling pilgrims as they travel north to a shunned location known as the Wayside Shrine. The halflings come here every year to commune with fey spirits, especially older halflings as they feel an inner call to visit the shrine.

The journey is dangerous because a band of orc brigands has moved into the region and has learned that the halflings carry valuable offerings. This is not true but the orcs believe so. In the end, the characters’ presence shall prove invaluable as they are the only thing that stands between the dangerous orcs and the halfling pilgrims.

This Shadowdark adventure has the heroes travel across a picturesque landscape looking for halfling pilgrims, pits them against the orc brigands that scourge the region and allows them to commune with the ancient spirits from the Woodlands Realm.

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Product Includes

Adventure PDF

Printer-Friendly B/W PDF

Separate Hi-Res map files


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