Interview with Matt Colville – Arcadia Magazine

Hi! A few weeks ago, I (Derek) had the opportunity to get published in Matt Colville’s Arcadia Magazine. I contributed with an article about on-the-road encounters that people can plug into most adventures with as little effort as possible. It was well-received. This appeared in Arcadia Issue No. 4

Well, last week or so, I was invited on Matt Colville Youtube channel for an interview about the creation process for Arcadia, and my own TTRPG ventures with writing supplements and illustrating maps. I had been a fan of Colville for a while, so it was a milestone to be able to share some ideas and have a fun conversation about the geeky things we have in common. Arcadia’s editor, James Introcaso, was also on the podcast and we had a fun time.

If you’re interested in Arcadia and my work, and how it all started. Take a moment to watch the interview and share what I thought was a cool conversation with one of the industry’s giants.

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