Ghoulish Overlord – Level 4 Adventure

Ghoulish Overlord


We have recently released this long-format adventure that features our three most recent maps. This is a showcase of what the adventure includes. If you are interested in this product, here are some options for you:

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In Ghoulish Overlord, The characters get involved in an interesting adventure in Orist City. Hordes of undead soldiers storm the city walls and claim to come to conquer the large settlement. The undead come from an old mausoleum. An ancient general who faced a terrible defeat in Orist City 200 years ago has come back from the grave to once again attempt the impossible deed.

The characters must track the undead back to their crypt and explore the underground compound. There, they shall meet the general’s honor guard and countless mindless undead. The general is fighting a war that ended centuries ago. Can the characters convince the undying general that his purpose can never be achieved? Can they defeat the undead veteran? Only play can tell…

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Product Includes

Adventure PDF and EPUB

Printer-Friendly B/W PDF

Separate Hi-Res and Roll20 Maps


Here are some close shots of the adventure PDF spreads:



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