First Elven Tower post.

I guess that one day I’ll look back to this moment and remember how I started this website. This might be the most unseen part of the page, as this post is being written with the website still offline and incomplete.
Nevertheless I enjoy forming part of the origins of this project.

I am a D&D and GURPS DM, and I love my craft. Storytelling comes naturally to me, and my players love being a part of the worlds and stories that we build together.

At this moment we’re about to finish the Out of the Abyss, camping arch. I will be writing a series of guides and tips for all the parts of the adventure as well as some chronicles of the best parts.

With another group we are in the middle of the Curse of Strahd. I will probably write some stuff about it but I am still unsure.

I’m DM Derek, nice to read y’all.

4 thoughts on “First Elven Tower post.

  • Wanted to say I really appreciate your posts. I’m a new DM thinking about running OotA and these posts are great inspiration. Definitely looking forward to any future CoS posts as that’s the campaign I’m currently running.

    • Wow thanks a lot, big compliment, I just recently started this website as you can tell by the lack of content. Actually I’m running CoS right now too !!! I will write about it too!

  • Christopher Gandy

    January 1, 2020 at 1:45 pm Reply

    Never assume anything you write will be “little-seen”. Just stumbled across your stuff – WOW. I certainly will be considering signing on as a Patreon. Keep up the good work (even more than you have for the last 3.5 years!

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