Curse of the Two Spirits

This is a tier 2 (level 5-6) adventure about a mysterious wealthy woman who hires adventurers to kill some “failed experiment subjects” in her manor’s secret basement. She has sent many solo mercenaries before but none have succeeded. Strangest of all is the tale of a strange explosion in the house three months ago. And the reports of screams and wails at night that come from the house. Rumor has it that the house is haunted now but no one can explain what is really going on.

Only a group of strong, resilient, and valiant adventurers can find out what really happened!

This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, exploration, and ambiguous interactions with hostile creatures.



This is what’s included in the download:

  • Adventure PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF (BW)
  • High-Resolution Map files for DM and PCs
  • Roll20 compatible maps

TOI_page_2.png   TOI_page_3.png

TOI_page_4.png   TOI_page_5.png


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