Brochure Adventure 5 – A Scammer in the Mountain

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In our Brochure Adventure Series, we fit a full one-shot scenario in a single brochure! Brochure Adventures are system neutral and include all the relevant information for a GM to kickstart a one-shot game. This is the fifth installment of the brochure adventure series. Similar to my one-page adventures, these include everything in the brochure and they are all system neutral. This one-shot adventure is about a mysterious woman who lives in upstream near the mountain with her sibling. The woman, Madame Iuv, has a shady reputation. She is a seer who predicts the future with a deck of cards and a crystal ball. People think she can manipulate fate but they also think that consulting her wisdom taints one’s fate and causes terrible things to happen. A group of valiant adventurers might feel the urge to consult this diviner in search of a crucial piece of lore. But they will leave frustrated and empty-handed because Madame Iuv is not what she seems. What’s included:
  • PDF files for easy handling. Prints on letter-sized paper
  • Individual full-res of each sheet (Letter-size 300 DPI)
  • Map variations: labeled, unlabeled (not in the brochure)
  • Printer-friendly files included (black and white with a few elements in grayscale)
  • Roll20 version (32×37 – 140px per square)
The purchase includes PDF, hi-res images, map variations, and printer-friendly versions. This is a system-neutral supplement that can be used in any game.

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