Brochure Adventure #2 – The Ivory Idol

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This brochure adventure is about a recently unearthed temple dedicated to an obscure ivory being in the shape of an elephant. A strange glowing stone in the altar has the power to hypnotize weak-minded individuals to become thralls in the temple. The local settlements are in crisis because most of their hard-working farmers are nowhere to be found since they are all at the temple. To top this, a corrupt noble seeks to profit from this situation by hiring a group of adventurers to retrieve the glowing stone so he can use it to hypnotize other nobles in a scheme that has so many pitfalls it probably will not work.

What’s included:

  • PDF files for easy handling. Prints on letter-sized paper.
  • Individual full-res of each sheet (color and BW)
  • Map variations (not in the brochure)
  • Printer-friendly files included
  • Roll20 version (22×37)

The purchase includes PDF, hi-res images, map variations, and printer-friendly versions. This is a system-neutral supplement that can be used in any game.

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