Map 95 – Galifar’s Hollow

DON’T FORGET TO VISIT OUR MAP INDEX AND OUR PATREON FUNDING PAGE ! Galifar’s Hollow is a small village that started growing around an inn near Galifar’s Valley, hence the name. It has a shifting population of about 30-40 people. Most of them humans. It all started some years ago when Mr. Tapper inherited some land near the bridge and was commanded by Duke Herlington to establish his family there and serve as a waypoint and zone of rest for travelers. The path and bridge are used often and there was a growing need for a place to conduct mercantile exchanges that had no need to happen in the city proper, and for a place for travelers to take a well deserved rest. Mr. Tapper built a spacious two story house. He lives there with his family. The house is also an inn, a tavern and a mercantile shop. Mr. Tapper … Continue reading Map 95 – Galifar’s Hollow