Map 70 – The Blood Pyramid

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First map of April sets the bar really high for anything I do after this.  This is a four level pyramid, it’s a March Patreon reward for Golden Compass patron, Kwane Ricks.

It’s a Yuan-ti pyramid, however, it can easily be repurposed. The style is aztec inspired. At the very top, there is a sacrificial altar. Humanoids are routinely sacrificed by the yuan-ti priests here. The sacrificial stone has canals for the blood to flow to the center, there it falls through a central shaft that goes all the way down to the floor level of the pyramid.

The blood falls on a magical stone slab while the priest performs a ritual from the top, if successful, he conjures whatever horror from the underworld you want. Maybe a yuan-ti anathema or a demon. I believe that the place is great for adventurers trying to stop a ritual, climbing and fighting, level after level, to try and stop the head priest.

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