Map 69 – Avariel Complex


This illustrations portrays an underground complex of a vertical style. The different levels are not connected through stairs, or elevators of any kind, the reason for this is because the place was originally built by a race of flying creatures. My suggestion is to use Avariel, which are a kind of winged elves from the Forgotten Realms setting. Alternatively, any winged species could have built the place, Aarocka, Angels, Dragonkind or similar.

Regardless of the original builders, this place is really old and it could be the home of really different creatures. Because of the vertical nature of the construction, any creature that has fly or climb speed is a good candidate for this.

The purpose of the complex is revealed when visiting the Burial Chamber, an important person’s remains lay here for eternity. Maybe an important treasure or relic related to this person is hidden in the complex. There are two other burial chambers for less important figures.

Adventurers visiting this place will have to be really clever in the way they choose to explore it. Climbing kits and spells that facilitate climbing or levitation will be of utmost importance here. A failure can make an adventurer fall up to 150 ft. down to the main courtyard.

Suggestions for the actual denizens of the complex are, tabaxi, aberrations, undead, grells, gricks, zombie avariel, giant spiders and other climbing insects, stirges.

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