759 Temple of the Wild – Isometric Location

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Nature takes no side when it comes to evolution and survival. Nature knows no good or evil. And the past is long gone, the only possible path is forward.

Fey Teachings

North of El-Unore Reaches, where one of the Y’ren River tributaries starts, lies the Temple of the Wild. This is the home to one of the tri­ad orbs, the Orb of the Wild—a potent artifact charged with the life essence of ten thousand souls. This ancient relic embodies the raw vigor of nature itself.

The Orb of the Wild

Ten thousand souls inhabit the orb. Releasing these souls may rejuvenate the forest and disperse the blight caused by the Heart of Decay. The Temple of the Wild itself features walls overgrown with vibrant moss and vines. This ancient Eladrin temple holds a deep, palpable energy, making the air thrum with the latent power of life itself, offering a stark contrast to the decay spreading through the recently doomed forest.

The Corruption

The Temple of the Wild is a verdant sanctuary, brim­ming with life; its ancient stones are draped in lush vines and blooming flowers, and its air is perfumed with the scent of wild orchids. Awakened animals, once mere beasts, now with the spark of sentience, roam its halls, murmuring in the rustle of leaves. Yet, the insidious spread of the Heart of Decay’s corruption casts a loom­ing shadow over this idyll. Plants once vibrant now show signs of withering, and even the awakened creatures suf­fer from episodes of violence and uncontrolled rage.

Level 2-3 Dungeon

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Encounter every 20 minutes and after loud noises (4-in-6 chance).
  • Light. Some areas have sconces or braziers with per­manent light spells. All denizens have darkvision.
  • The Wilderness. Since the Heart of Decay’s awak­ening, countless waves and pulses of evil energy have reached the corridors of this temple. The characters en­counter 2d4 violet fungus every three dungeon areas they visit. This encounter occurs up to four times.
1 A cluster of seemingly immobile vines and roots, twisted by the corruption of the Heart of Decay, surprise the adventurers. Like whips, the vines attack: Three slams +3 (1d8), each to a different target. The heroes can simply move away from their reach.
2 The lost spirit of an Eladrin (shadow) wanders restlessly. It cannot be reasoned. It fights the living until slain.
3 A cunning fox with emerald eyes, capable of speech, proposes a trade of knowledge about the temple for a favor. If they agree, the fox asks the heroes to help its friend (area 4). If all goes well, the fox reveals the location of all secret passageways (see map).
4 A corrupted dryad, her form half-withered, pleads for assistance. A protection from evil spell heals her. She joins the heroes.
5 A druid, shrouded in moss-covered robes, has lived here for years. He has not seen other people in a long time.
6 The heroes meet a talkative ape. They are still in the middle of introductions when the ape goes mad and attacks everything.

1. The Eladrin’s Tomb

Originally an Eladrin tomb, the temple has transcended its somber origins through centuries of arcane influence. The persistent magic of the Eladrin, woven deep into the fabric of the structure, gradually transformed this rest­ing place into a bastion of thriving life. Its entrance still evokes the sanctity of its past, a divine resting place.

But the Heart of Decay’s corruption has turned this place into a dungeon of unknown dangers.

2. Main Landing

A stone circle adorned with Eladrin runes lays at the chamber’s center. Four majestic columns stand guard at the cardinal points, supporting sprawling vines and verdant blooms that hang from the high ceiling.

As the adventurers step in, they are enveloped by the rich, earthy aroma of fresh greenery mingling with the smoky scent from the braziers. The air is humid and alive, and the warmth from the braziers and the lush surroundings create a comforting yet mysterious atmosphere.

Two giant spiders hiding by the dark ceiling attempt to ambush the intruders (DC 13 Perception to spot). The pair of arachnids flee if they are reduced to half their HP.

3. Shrine of Flowers

This small, secluded chamber is blanketed in a colorful mosaic of wildflowers, their petals bright and fragrant, creating a carpet of hues underfoot. If the heroes re­ceived the Eladrin’s blessing before coming here, they know they may grab one dose of these petals. They work like a potion of healing when placed on a wound.

4. A Horrible Fate

Vines, roots, and overgrown plants cover this room. Amidst this lush encroachment, a tragic scene unfolds: a friendly awakened squirrel, its vibrant fur matted and intertwined with aggressive thorny vines and leaves that have bonded to its living form.

The corruption from the Heart of Decay has mercilessly fused the creature to the wall, rendering it immobile and in distress, its bright eyes pleading for help as it strug­gles against its leafy bonds. The creature begs for mercy and a swift death. But a protection from evil spell suffic­es to heal the squirrel from its cruel state and release it.

If rescued, the non-combatant squirrel joins the heroes to help them how it can. It is a great, stealthy scout.

5. Eladrin Spirit Guardians

The restless spirits of three Eladrin (shadows) haunt this place. The former guardians of the temple cannot be reasoned with. They do not understand that the he­roes are here to help them restore their resting place.

  • Feast. The most tempting food is on the table. The heroes can smell it from afar. It is an illusion. Whoever attempts to grab anything falls to area 10. A detect magic spell reveals the deceit and the secret passage.

6. Shrine of Trees

Thick bark covers the walls, forming a textured tapes­try that whispers of ancient forest lore. Magical sunlight peeks through the canopy above, dappling the ground of this arboreal shrine with patches of light and shadow.

  • Boon. If the heroes get the Eladrin’s blessing before coming, they can commune with the trees. In 10 minutes their skin becomes like the bark of an oak (natural AC 14 for 1 hour). And they gain inspiration.

7. The Two Faces of the Sun

A thin corridor divides two identical chambers. An intri­cate carving of the sun adorns the ground, each chamber section featuring one-half of it. The far end of this irregu­larly shaped area contains two wooden chests.

  • Treasure. The heroes find a gold ring with a black pearl (65 gp), a pair of bastard swords with griffon pom­mels (20 gp), and a leather bag with 386 gp.
  • Trap. The corridor can only support one person at a time (see map). If two characters attempt to cross togeth­er, they both fall into the pool below. It takes 20 minutes to climb back up and get dry. Each person who falls loses a random item from their backpack.

8. Eladrin Sarcophagi

Six standing sarcophagi lean against the walls. A thin corridor zigzags toward area 9. Six zombies come out of their enclosures when intruders approach.

9. Traps

  • Chasm. Only the strongest can jump across (DC 14 Athletics). The heroes are free to use climbing gear but it takes 10 minutes to bypass the chasm this way.
  • treasure. The heroes find a small oil painting of an elf woman (35 gp), two level-2 Wizard spell scrolls (hold person and invisibility), and a bag of holding.

10. The Heart of the Dryads

A detect magic spell reveals the illusory wall hiding this area. This place can also be reached from area 5. A heart-shaped, translucent, green crystal pulses with a gentle, rhythmic glow that mimics the beat of life itself. Once per day, the heroes may spend 10 minutes communing with the stone to recover all their HP and spells.

11. Cave Below

Descending to this level requires climbing (DC 12 Athlet­ics). Failing by 5 or more causes a fall and 2d6 damage.

12. The Orb of the Wild

Flames flicker and shadows dance upon the Eladrin plinths and forlorn tombs in this hidden chamber.

Besides the orb’s presence, rocks and debris destroyed one of the sarcophagi lids. A wight, accompanied by an evil dryad, two zombies, and two violet fungus protect the orb with their lives. After combat, a living creature touching the orb disables it. The characters are one step closer to being able to cast the Dream of the Eladrin Fey ritual and gain access to the Heart of Decay.

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