Tomb of the Fey Knights – Level-5 D&D + Shadowdark Adventure

Tomb of the Fey Knights


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In Tomb of the Fey Knights, the characters take a short detour from the points of interest in El-Unore Reaches and visit a place rumored to be the resting place of valiant warriors of an intraplanar war long ago. The characters have heard that there may be mighty magic artifacts in the tomb. Or else, the possibility to earn a blessing or boon from the ghosts.

In this perilous adventure, the characters visit the tomb and soon realize that most of the spirits remain passive thanks to a marvelous effigy that has absorbed the evil that assails the region. If the characters agree, they must seek the main tomb and cleanse the statue from evil by destroying the possessed spirit within. Are the characters brave enough to do this?

This adventure has been designed for Shadowdark RPG through their 3rd party license. The system is meant to be accessible to OSR players and modern players alike. Adapting the material to 5e or other systems should not be difficult.

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Product Includes

Adventure PDF

Printer-Friendly B/W PDF

Separate Hi-Res map files

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