750 Trapped in the Forest

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Bagark shall soon be weakened by the pesky humans. When that happens, we shall strike with all our strength. I shall drink his blood and become chieftain


When Sharp-Teeth Bagark’s forces marched to­ward Red Leaf for the skirmish outside the settlement, a splinter group led by his sec­ond-in-command, Gorlav, marched east to Torren’s Square. After Constable Ciranna drove them away, most of them were rallied by Gorlav toward Oakhelm Forest. Those who did not follow eventually told Bagark that Gorlav went rogue. In the forest, Gor­lav’s group attacked Hyacinth Bed, a small hamlet of fey. All but the hamlet’s leader, a dryad named Aarenal, fled into the wild. The orcs later abducted travelers on the road and put them to work cutting trees and construct­ing a palisade around the hamlet. Gorlav needs time to finish his fortification in case Sharp-Teeth Bagark comes looking for him. The hamlet is mostly defenseless now because the palisade is not ready. The characters can easily sneak into the currently orc-taken hamlet.

Adventure Hook

Rescue. The characters know that travelers have been kidnapped and a rescue bounty is offered. Alternative­ly, they may meet a homeless fey being begging for their help. The characters shall find the hamlet, Hyacinth Bed, in the depths of Oakhelm Forest (200 gp).

Level 3 Encounter

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Event every 20 minutes and after loud noises (3-in-6 chance).
  • Fog. If the characters approach between midnight and dawn, the area is foggy. Vision is reduced to 20 feet and sneaking checks are rolled with advantage.
  • Smells and Sounds. The sounds of cutting trees and constructions can be heard during the day. After sunset, the orcs chatter, drink, and play dice games.
1 Three satyrs and one centaur arrive from the north in a noble effort to retake Hyacinth Bed (DC 12 Charisma to befriend).
2 Four orcs arrive from area 1; they were sent by Sharp-Teeth Bagark to order Gorlav to return to Crooked Teeth. If they speak to Gorlav, he laughs in their faces and orders his followers to kill all but one. The survivor is sent back naked to Bagark.
3 During combat with the orcs, arrows fly from nearby trees as two elves valiantly aid the characters in their quest.
4 An awakened giant elk, Seven Leaves in Waiting, charges into the palisade gate, trying to bring it down (2-in-6 chance). It recog­nizes the characters as allies and joins them in their quest to liberate Hyacinth Bed. It flees when reduced to half its Hit Points.
5 Two orcs arrive from the east escorting two hapless merchants (commoners). They are beaten and imprisoned in area 6.
6 The prisoners in area 5, four commoners, break free from their cell and attempt to escape. They see the party as allies.

1. Reaching Hyacinth Bed

It takes the party half a day to travel from Torren’s Square or the bridge to the depths of Oakhelm Forest. A trodden trail circles south of the forested area and leads here.

A picturesque hamlet built from hollowed-out tree trunks stands ahead. Alas, dozens of trees in this otherwise forest settlement have been cut down. Exposing the small town to the relentless sun.

A botanist notices sun-burnt vegetation and bushes; it suggests that direct sunlight normally does not reach the forest soil here but the forest canopy was destroyed for fuel and building materials for the wooden palisade. Inspecting the tree stumps for 10 minutes reveals that most were cut down only a few days ago.

2. The Palisade

A 15-foot-tall palisade with a makeshift gate by the road impedes passage. It is useless as less than 100 feet of wall has been erected around the hamlet.

  • Scouts. Two orcs stand on the gate structure keep­ing watch of the deforested terrain nearby. If the charac­ters are spotted (DC 14 Stealth to avoid detection), one orc commands them to drop their belongings; the other blows his horn. 2d4 orcs come after they hear it.
  • Distraction. Through digging, cutting support ropes, or using an explosive device, the party causes a 20-foot section of the palisade to collapse. Then, half the orcs in other areas to come investigate for 10 minutes.
  • The Horn. These orcs stole the horn a few days ago from the nearest settlement, Torren’s Square. It is a non-magical relic of great religious value to the locals. Returning it to the church would be a great deed.

3. The Prisoner Dryad

A slim, bark-surfaced being languishes inside a make­shift cell. She slowly raises her pain-stricken visage.

Aarenal, the dryad, is the only fey in Hyacinth Bed as she is bound to her guardian tree on the north side of town. Normally, she would not be able to come this far south but the orcs forcefully moved her here. The dis­tance from her tree has caused her to weaken and be­come frail. One more day here shall be her demise. Aa­renal can tell the characters about the attack and how the orcs overpowered all the fey in Hyacinth Bed. She is grateful if the cell is opened (DC 13 Thieves’ Tools). Aarenal is too weak to fight. However, if she is escorted to her tree, the north of area 7, she requires 2 hours to heal. After this, Aarenal can fight alongside the charac­ters. She may also summon two sprites to help.

  • Treasure. At home, the dryad gifts the characters two potions of healing and an elvish +1 longsword.

4. Smelting Workshop

Three orcs and a kidnapped blacksmith named Orlo (commoner) use salvaged material to build a kiln and a forge. Orlo has stopped insisting that they do not have what is needed for a proper forge after being beat­en twice for speaking his mind. Gorlav needs a forge to craft better armor and weapons for his group and even to arm their prisoners in case of an attack. Alas, they are far from achieving this goal as they need stone and iron.

5. West Cell

Four commoners are imprisoned here when not doing forced labor. Two are a merchant and his bodyguard, and the other two are traveling herb purveyors. During their last shift, one of them found a piece of wire that they want to use to break themselves free. It may occur before the characters come here (see Random Event 6).

6. East Cell

Seven people are imprisoned here when not doing forced labor. They were part of the same traveling cara­van. Two of them (thugs) were its bodyguards. The rest are no fighters (commoners). They failed to stop the orc raiders and were brought here. If the characters open the cell (DC 13 Thieves’ Tools) the thugs immediately of­fer their help fighting the orcs; they only need a weapon.

  • Guards. Two orcs come to bring food to the prison­ers 1 minute after the characters come here.
  • Treasure. If freed, one of the traveling merchants gives the party a leather pouch with 30 gp as a reward.

7. Orc Barracks

Orcs sleep in this dilapidated building. They shamelessly sleep on the floor over one another with no sense of dis­tance, nor respect. At night, the characters find 2d4 orcs playing dice games. During the day 2d4 orcs sleep on the floor, surrounded by rotting food scraps.

8. The Larder

The orcs use this hollowed-out tree building to store food items. Fruit, meat, animal carcasses, and other stuff sto­len from the merchant caravans are just dropped here in an uncivilized manner. Half the contents of this room are rotting. The orcs do not appear to care about it.

9. Gorlav’s Hall

Hyacinth Bed’s great hall has been repurposed by Gor­lav, who now sits in Aarenal’s throne-like seat. Gorlav (LV-4 fighter orc) is in the company of nine orcs at any given time. Such confrontation may prove deadly if the characters are not strong enough. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities in this quest for the characters to join forces with other beings with the same interests.

Gorlav and his followers fight bravely and without mer­cy. However, if Gorlav is slain in combat, surviving orcs flee toward Crooked Teeth to rejoin Sharp-Teeth Bagark.

  • Victory. Saving Hyacinth Bed earns the characters the friendship of Aarenal and all the fey creatures in Oakhelm Forest. Their allegiance may prove instrumen­tal when confronting Sharp-Teeth Bagark in his fortified lair in the southwest reaches of Red Lead Vale.

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