749 Torren’s Square

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“Within these walls, we are more than defenders; we are the guardians of hope. Let our courage be the light that guides our home through the darkest nights.”

Constable Ciranna

The townsfolk of this small town date their an­cestry to warring families of the olden king­dom. They occupied these lands before the empire’s possession. The town’s structural defense consists of its wooden walls and eight watch­towers. The locals are harvesters, versed in the arts of underground veggies and mushrooms. This allows the brave people of Torren’s Square the ability to withstand a siege against Sharp-Teeth Bagark’s orcs.

Torren’s Square, unlike Red Leaf, has not failed to de­fend itself and its people from the orc invasion. Constable Ciranna is the tip of the spear in the town’s defense, forc­ing the enemies to retreat into the forest or the bridge at the river (see regional map). Her braveness, proactivity, and the feeling of safety she inspires have been a sooth­ing certainty in stark contrast with the leaderless vale.

Level 2-3 Settlement

  • Danger. Unsafe. Check for a Random Event every time the characters visit a new area in town.
  • Atmosphere. Ciranna has done an exemplary job at organizing the town’s defenses and keeping a high mo­rale. People work, smile, and go on with their lives.

Sir Dante’s Farmstead

The former knight’s home is located north, away from the orc attacks. Under the protection of Constable Ci­ranna, the many farms outside the walls thrive, embody­ing the spirit of defiance and survival that marks Torren’s Square as unconquered. These brave farmers, Sir Dan­te among them, provide not only sustenance but also a symbol of hope and resilience against the orcish tide.

  • The Veteran. Sir Dante was once a key figure in Tor­ren’s Square and popular in the entire Red Leaf Vale. If the heroes announce they wish to help the town and Constable Ciranna, he gladly welcomes them and offers them food and a place to stay. Shining by the fire, Sir Dante’s armor and sword decorate his living room.
  • Possible Ally. If the heroes ask the retired knight to join Ciranna’s ranks or help them in their quest, the proud man claims he does not fight among weaklings. Nevertheless, he dons his armor and tests the heroes if they insist or wish to show their strength. He agrees to a one-on-one, non-deadly encounter. In truth, Sir Dan­te (veteran, AC 15 (breastplate), HP 35; no shortsword) does not wish to test the heroes but himself. He joins the heroes only if he comes out victorious. If the heroes de­feat him, he says he enjoyed the experience, but explains that his bones are not the same and must decline.
 RANDOM EVENT d6 Details
1 1d6 commoners approach the heroes. They wish to join the party and help them however they can in their heroic endeavors.
2 The heroes witness a crowd of sixty people chant local rhymes in honor of Constable Ciranna. She is a folk hero.
3 A young man calls for help. His boss, a merchant with a three-cart caravan, was ambushed by orcs on the outskirts of town. If the heroes move fast, they find five orcs looting the caravan, two dead guards, and five sitting prisoners tied back to back.
4 The Chapel of Gede (see below) offers a boon to defenders of the town. The priestess blesses all souls who pledge their loyalty to Torren’s Square and Constable Ciranna. The characters are free to receive this blessing (advantage on their next save).
5 A sudden, mysterious fog envelops Torren’s Square, followed by several days of heavy rain. It is difficult to see and hear.
6 One of the locals approaches the heroes and gifts them a box with three potions of healing. He says “Thank you,” and leaves.

The Howling Chimera

An iconic tavern and inn within the heart of Torren’s Square. Owned by Mirela, a descendant of a legendary hero from the olden kingdom, the tavern is renowned for its lively atmosphere, exquisite ales brewed from local recipes, and a calm haven for travelers and locals alike. The walls are adorned with artifacts and tapestries that depict the history of Red Leaf Vale, making it a treasure trove of lore and a center of communal town life.

Mirela is one of Constable Ciranna’s strongest allies. The tavern owner informs her of everything that she sees and hears within her popular establishment.

  • Quest. Mirela, seeking to expand her collection of historical artifacts, enlists the heroes’ help in retrieving a rumored ancient banner lost in a place called Temple of the Iron Masks. It is believed to be from a time before the empire’s possession. She says there is no rush to do this since she shall not pay until the party comes back with the item. She offers 400 gp, though.

Chapel of Gede

Towering with stoic grace amidst the wooden fortifica­tions of Torren’s Square, this chapel is a sanctuary ded­icated to the deity of harvest and renewal, reflecting the town’s deep agricultural roots. Overseen by Priestess Elowen, a gentle soul revered for her deep connection to the earth, the chapel serves as a beacon of hope, fertility, and strength for the community. The chapel backs up Ci­ranna, making her the local divine champion too.

  • Quest. During the last attack, two orcs took advan­tage of the commotion to sneak into town climbing the unprotected sides of the walls. Priestess Elowen seeks the aid of heroes to recover a sacred relic, the Horn of Gede, stolen by the marauding orcs hiding in Oakhelm Forest now. It does not have any magical properties but it means a lot to their community. She begs the heroes to inform her when they have time for this task. Wanda (ac­olyte), one of her underlings, wishes to travel to the for­est with the party and help if they agree (350 gp).

General Store

This place is owned by the resourceful and ever-smil­ing Tarn, a former adventurer who settled down to share his love for oddities and essentials alike. The store has everything from rare spices and arcane components to practical tools and curios from distant lands.

Johanna’s Stables

These stables are situated on the northern side of Tor­ren’s Square. They are a testament to Johana’s lifelong dedication to the breeding and training of the vale’s fin­est steeds. With her trusted assistant, Jude, a young but gifted animal handler with a special connection to the horses, Johana has built a reputation for excellence in equestrian care and training expertise.

  • Quest. When a rare and prized stallion mysterious­ly disappears from the stable, Johana and Jude are dis­traught and turn to the heroes for help. They must find the elusive horse thieves believed to be using the neigh­boring woodland paths to evade capture (DC 12 Survival to track them down). Two bandits and one thug are re­sponsible. They flee when reduced to half their HP.
  • Treasure. Retrieving the stolen horse does not go un­rewarded. The heroes are paid 100 gp for their job.

Torren’s Square

At the heart of town lies the eponymous town square, a spacious, cobblestoned area surrounded by a few oak trees. It symbolizes the unity and strength of the com­munity. This vibrant hub is the venue for the town’s most cherished events, from the weekly market to the annu­al Harvest Festival, which draws visitors from all across Red Leaf Vale. However, as preparations for this year’s festival begin, the series of recent events with the orcs threatens to dampen the townsfolk’s spirit.

Who Everyone Talks About

Constable Ciranna feels uneasy due to the orcs hiding in Oakhelm Forest. She ignores the orcs she dis­trusts have gone rogue, and that they wait for Sharp- Teeth Bagark, their former leader, to lose enough troops in their attempt to raid the town. Instead, Ciranna be­lieves the orcs in the woods may strike when they least expect it, or worse, during an attack from the south.

The heroes’ actions, regardless of their intent, have not gone unnoticed by Constable Ciranna. If they helped oth­ers and made friends, Ciranna expects the same hero­ism and treatment the villagers received. She does not tolerate traitors or enemy sympathizers. Hence, she tells the heroes they must help and that she shall not take ‘no’ for an answer. She is fed up with the Vassal Lord’s inac­tivity, weakness, and incapacity to defend Red Leaf Vale.

Champions of Torren’s Square

The heroes agree to help Constable Ciranna. She asks the party to go west to deal with the orcs in Oakhelm Forest. She gives the heroes enough rations for their trip, a lamp, three flasks of oil, a crowbar, two 60-feet ropes, a crossbow with enough bolts, and a potion of healing.

  • Reward. Constable Ciranna offers the heroes 350 gp if they can eliminate all orc threats in the forest.

Defending the Town

The heroes are interrupted just before embarking on their trip to Oakhelm Forest. Or, if the heroes do not ac­cept Ciranna’s proposition, this occurs before they leave.

The orcs traveled at night and took their positions. Each gate is attacked simultaneously, which means three dif­ferent attack vectors (see map). Ciranna orders the he­roes to work as a unit and defend the north gate. She as­sures that the local guards, the brave people of Torren’s Square, and herself will cover the other two entrances.

  • Battle. The heroes arrive in time to see an ogre (half HP left) bring down the gate. The monster is accompa­nied by four orcs. All around them, more people and guards fight for their lives too. If victorious, the heroes become as popular as Constable Ciranna. Hers is with­out a doubt a powerful friendship in Red Leaf Vale.

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