748 Red Leaf

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Surrendering the city to the orc marauders spells the doom of every person in Red Leaf. We must find a way to contend with the ouster splinter group.

Sir Danley

The inescapable shadow of despair floods the town of Red Leaf; a bloody skirmish with the orc forces a week ago has left the town most­ly undefended and on the brink of collapse. The townsfolk are fundamentally divided. Some plan an exodus to the west, some lick their wounds and wait for death, some steel themselves and prepare to defend the settlement again, and others even plot to oust the vassal lord to later strike a deal with the orc leader, Bagark.

Things slowly spiral into madness as the orc invaders get ready for a second assault. The locals blame Vas­sal Lord Arthur Reati for last week’s massacre as he or­dered all forces to meet the orc chieftain in the farm­lands south of Read Leaf, instead of letting them clash against the stone wall. Due to the backlash, the vassal lord hides in the Red Fort and gives no audience. Con­stable Danley appears to be the only figure of leadership.

Level 1-3 Settlement

  • Danger. Check for a Random Event when the charac­ters visit a new area or exit town (4-in-6 chance).
  • Populace. Despair and hopelessness run rampant in Red Leaf. The orcs were driven off a week ago but most people believe the town shall fall in the next assault.

Red Fort

Protected by a 20-foot-tall stone wall and four watch­towers, the Red Fort is the most defensible structure in Red Leaf. It is currently closed off to the public.

  • Leaderless. In fear of the townsfolk’s dissatisfaction, Vassal Lord Arthur Reati has holed up in the fort and or­dered what remains of his guards to allow no one inside. For a week, no order has been issued and no audience has been granted. The town lacks a real leader.
  • Breaking In. The garrison consists of one knight, eight guards, and ten commoners. Fighting the way in is feasible but a risky proposition. There is another way deep in the sewage waterways under Red Leaf. In the depths, there is a pipeline that leads into the fort, explo­ration of the sewers is necessary to find it.
  • The Ousters. If the characters side with the ousters, a group of ten commoners accompany the party either on a frontal assault or to the sewers. The fort battle ends once the vassal lord is arrested. Baranter, the ouster leader, takes control of Red Leaf.
  • treasure. If the characters sack the Red Fort and are quick about it before the ousters take over, they may re­trieve 200 gp, 780 sp, one potion of healing, one potion of heroism, two sets of chainmail, and a shield.
1 Four ousters (commoners) demand that the characters join their cause or they shall be arrested and brought to their hideout.
2 A relentless storm breaks out. All the townsfolk hide in their homes for a day. A good opportunity for the party to break into the Red Fort or to attack the ousters’ hideout and catch them off guard. Hiding checks are rolled with advantage.
3 A caravan of at least seventy people march toward the northern gate. They leave the town and plan to reach the empire’s capital.
4 Riled up by the ousters, a crowd gathers by the Red Fort’s gatehouse. They shout demands for the vassal lord for him to aban­don his seat and let the ousters’ leader, Baranter, take over. The gatehouse guards are nervous and fearful.
5 A scouting party of four orcs and three goblins has been spotted near town. A sortie party is assembled to go out and hunt them.
6 Scared townsfolk approach the party and beg for their help. They claim the town is soon to be attacked by the orc invaders.

Two Paths

The characters can choose either of two ways forward. Siding with the constable requires defeating the ousters to allow the town’s officials to retain control. Even if the vassal lord refuses to act, Constable Danley and the characters can manage most affairs. On the other hand, siding with the ousters requires the storming of the Red Fort to instate a new form of government. This incurs more risks because Baranter, the ousters’ leader, is an opportunist and belligerent person who is unlikely to be recognized as a legitimate leader by the faraway empire. Nevertheless, both outcomes lead to the success of this campaign but the story dynamics change.

Either way, Constable Ciranna, from Torren’s Square, is bound to confront whatever leader is in charge of Red Leaf. Alas, the general lack of stability is all the motivation she needs to aim for complete control of Red Leaf Vale. The orc threat must be dealt with before she makes a move against Read Leaf’s leadership.

The Waterways

Despite the town’s size, it features a complex sewage system. It was commissioned 6 years ago by Arthur Reati’s father, Harland Reati. A mage was sent from the imperial capital to oversee the construction. The system consists of a device of clockwork and arcane properties that purifies waste and the river’s water. The clean water is used for the town’s consumption and for the farmlands that surround Red Leaf. Sharp-Teeth Bagark’s sister, Varenna, hides in these waterways, searching the city archives for a way to approach her sibling. Skirmish Site

Less than a mile from the south gate, the soil and farm­lands are stained with the blood of orcs and men. The remains of a pyre where the orc corpses were burnt lie next to the barely-traveled road. Orc skulls are mounted on stakes. The orcs never retrieved their dead, unlike the hapless people of Red Leaf, two days after the battle.


The edifice doubles up as a hospital for those wounded in last week’s battle. It is a grim spectacle of gruesome wounds and suffering. When the characters arrive, they are sent to Constable Danley at once; he has ordered all mercenaries and fighting-able people to be sent to him.

  • Restoring Order . The constable (knight) offers the characters 250 gp to stake out the ousters’ hideout, find a way inside, and arrest them all. This allows him to re­store order in town and organize the town’s defense. He also mentions an odd rumor about a hooded orc that has been spotted near the sewers’ manholes.

General Store

The owner, a dwarf named Killin, has chosen to leave town and is gifting away commonplace items, rations, and odd trinkets. His wares are almost run out. When­ever the characters wish to acquire something, there is a 3-in-6 chance that the item is no longer available.

Skirmish Site

Less than a mile from the south gate, the soil and farm­lands are stained with the blood of orcs and men. The remains of a pyre where the orc corpses were burnt lie next to the barely-traveled road. Orc skulls are mounted on stakes. The orcs never retrieved their dead, unlike the hapless people of Red Leaf, two days after the battle.

Hall of Kings

The Hall of Kings is the largest tavern and the only inn in town. It is named after the legend of a place where the kings of yore were interred. That dynasty ruled the vale before the empire took over the entire region.

The characters can stay here. The owner, Baella, lets them stay free-of-charge if she learns that the characters work for Constable Danley. This is the perfect place to learn about local history, rumors, and job opportunities.

Giada’s Apothecary

Giada is a middle-aged woman with an advanced knowl­edge of herbology and medicine-brewing. She can craft healing salves and potions for the characters if they bring her key ingredients from their quests. She can also iden­tify and reverse engineer potions brought to her.

Bard’s Armory

A master craftsman of great renown; the emperor him­self commissioned a suit of armor for his firstborn from his forge. Bard is an old man of incredible abilities. If he learns that the characters have sided with the ousters, he agrees to gift them a set of chainmail or plate mail. Common weapons and shields can be bought here.

Ousters’ Hideout

Operating from Baranter’s house, the splinter group col­loquially referred to as ‘the ousters’ plots to break into the Red Fort to remove Arthur Reati from power. Barant­er, a fletcher by trade, sees this as a unique opportunity to climb the ladder and become the de facto ruler.

  • The Ousting. If the characters side with Baranter’s (thug) band and his make-shift band of rebels, the oust­ers get ready to attack the Red Fort. If the characters know of the alternate entrance through the sewers, Ba­ranter agrees to this idea as it may decrease casualties.
  • In the Name of the Law. If the characters side with the constable and attack the ousters here, they must face Baranter (thug), and twelve commoners. The building is a barn-like location with a hay loft. Four peasants at­tack the characters from the loft with shortbows after pulling the only ladder. The ousters fight bravely but flee if Baranter or half their numbers are defeated.
  • Inspecting the building for 10 minutes yields 40 gp, 180 sp, and a potion of healing.

Outcome 1 – Order Kept in Place

The characters defeat the ousters; the town’s authorities do not change. The vassal lord remains in hiding but al­lows Sir Danley and the party to act unimpeded. The he­roes are asked to go to Torren’s Square to secure the cru­cial alliance with the well-reputed Constable Ciranna.

Outcome 2 – New World Order

The characters storm the Red Fort and help Baranter into power. The usurper values the alliance with the char­acters and tells them to visit Torren’s Square to gauge whether the constable there is willing to bend the knee to his leadership. Inevitably, Baranter shall confront the empire’s envoys. There is no way to predict how the capi­tal shall react to his flagrant overreach of power.

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