743 East Rachdale – Lv-1 Settlement

“These are not mere festivities. ‘Tis the heart of East Rachdale you protect. May your blade and courage guide us through these dark times”.

Lady Marianne Eldrige

East Rachdale, nestled on the windswept coast near the heart of the kingdom, whispers tales of mariners and intrepid explorers in the ears of all who wander its cobblestone streets.

Born from the sea’s embrace, this quaint town’s history is steeped in the ocean brine and the ventures of those who sought to explore the world. In the days of yore, East Rachdale served as the launch point for vessels daring to traverse uncharted waters. The town’s archi­tecture, a blend of old-world charm and seafaring practi­cality, stands as a testament to its rich heritage.

A Place for Heroes

In recent times, East Rachdale has flourished into a haven for souls yearning for rest or new beginnings. Its proximity to the capital allows for a steady flow of tales, work, and treasures, making it a crucible of opportuni­ties for those brave enough to seek their fortune.

Taverns and inns, renowned for their hearty fare and warm hearths, offer solace and camaraderie to wea­ry travelers. The town square, alive with the vibrant ex­change of goods and stories from distant lands, serves as a meeting point for adventurers and locals alike, foster­ing bonds that transcend map borders.

Lady Marianne Eldridge, the esteemed Viscountess of East Rachdale, presides over the coastal town with a grace and wisdom that belies her youthful visage. A de­scendant of the town’s founding mariners, she embodies a grand spirit of adventure and resilience. With a keen intellect and a compassionate heart, Lady Marianne en­sures her people thrive, weaving the rich tapestry of tra­dition and progress into the fabric of daily life.

Adventure Hooks

  • The Mysterious Saboteur. East Rachdale’s annual Festival of Tides, a celebration that honors the town’s deep connection to the sea with a week of feasting, games, and ceremonies, is under threat. Mysterious sab­otage has befallen the festival’s preparations: supplies go missing, decorations are destroyed, and a sense of un­ease permeates the usually jubilant atmosphere. Behind all this, whispers of an old rivalry surface, suggesting that a Dorianssen descendant seeks to disrupt the festi­val. The Dorianssen were a family of corrupt politicians that were banished a decade ago. The viscountess calls upon cunning adventurers to uncover the saboteurs, pro­tect the festival’s traditions, and ensure the safety and happiness of her people (1,000 gp, 4 XP).

Level 1 Adventure

  • Danger. Unsafe. Check for a Random Event every two areas that the heroes visit (3-in-6 chance).
  • Atmosphere. Some of the locals are worried and a bit jumpy. Not all people are happy to see the heroes.

The Saboteurs

The Dorianssen are behind the sabotage. This module has the heroes ask around and visit different areas in town. The Festival of the Tides takes place in 1 week; there are only a few days to identify the culprits. Each area they visit and each NPC they meet may help the heroes learn additional information to get closer to the truth. But some tasks take a day or more (marked in bold). Time is of the essence (see Conclusion).

1 While the heroes speak with someone on one side of town, the saboteurs strike again and destroy more decorations on the oth­er. By the time the characters are warned and make their way to the crime scene, the culprits are nowhere to be seen.
2 An itinerary merchant loves to be in town for the Festival of Tides. He gives the heroes a potion of healing to help them out.
3 A fierce storm sweeps through East Rachdale. Visibility and checks based on hearing and sight are reduced for two whole days.
4 At the tavern, a friendly patron offers the heroes a very strong spirit (DC 12 CON). On a fail, they pass out for one full day.
5 The characters stumble upon two thugs robbing an innocent man (peasant). The robbers flee if reduced to half their HP.
6 A distraught mother pleads for the heroes’ help in finding her child, who has wandered into the woods. She offers a family heir­loom in return (a 150 gp silver choker). A good tracker finds the child (DC 12 WIS). However, this task takes two days.

1. Main Road

Winding through rolling hills, the cobblestone road is shrouded in sea mist each morning, hinting at the town’s close bond with the ocean and life at the sea.

The heroes receive Lady Marianne’s request. This can be via a spell, a letter, or a verbal messenger. They move out, travel toward East Rachdale, and arrive here.

2. The Drunken Kraken

The tavern buzzes with the lively chatter of locals and travelers alike, its walls adorned with maritime relics.

Within, the air is thick with the aroma of roasted meats and ale. Here, amidst the laughter and the clinking of tankards, stories of the sea and adventures untold weave together, binding stranger and friend alike.

  • The Retired Knight. Farvald Durg is the owner of the tavern. However, almost no one knows he is a war veter­an. Patrons believe that the full armor and sword hang­ing on one of his walls are just decorations.

3. East Rachdale’s Market

The marketplace is a nexus of commerce and culture, where cobblestone paths weave between stalls bursting with local produce, exotic spices, and artisan crafts.

  • Mira Shadowsight. The person to seek when subtle­ty and stealth are needed. Her knowledge of the town’s less savory elements can be invaluable for those willing to venture into the depths of intrigue and conspiracy.

She claims to have vital information that could lead to the saboteurs’ whereabouts. In exchange, she wants the heroes to retrieve a silver ring she lost on a bet against a tribe of barbarians that live near the capital.

If they agree, they may use diplomacy, gold, attempt to steal the ring or fight for it (The outcome of this in­teraction must be determined by the GM). The trip to the tribe’s grounds and back to town takes three days. If Mira gets her ring back, she tells the heroes that the Dorianssen, under new names, are behind the sabotage. Their leader, she claims, is Gweneth Silverstream.

4. The Sea’s Embrace Inn

This building’s facade is a testament to the town’s prosperity and welcoming heart. Its spacious com­mon room, with roaring hearths and walls lined with tales of the sea, invites weary travelers to rest and share stories, making it the cornerstone of communi­ty and camaraderie in the bustling coastal town.

Matron Elara, a woman whose laughter fills the halls as warmly as the fires in the hearths, runs the business. She enjoys spending her time smoking and chatting with the regulars, all while enjoying Lirael’s music and voice.

  • Lirael Lightfoot. With his slender frame and ethere­al presence, the virtuous elf captivates the inn’s patrons, his fingers dancing over the strings of his lute as if weav­ing magic into melody. His eyes, alight with the wisdom of the ages, hint at depths unexplored and stories untold.
  • Quest. Lirael asks the heroes for their help. It is not advisable to traverse the forest alone but he was hired by the elves in the Eastern Woods and must be there in the next 24 hours. He offers 100 gp for escort (2 XP) and information that could lead to the festival’s saboteurs. If they agree, escorting Lirael and coming back to town takes two days. The only obstacle they encounter is a hungry brown bear. The beast leaves if given 20 lb. of food. At the elven camp, Lirael reveals that Matron Elara is in truth, one of the Dorianssens. The bard adds that he cannot go back to East Rachdale after this revelation.

5. Rachdale’s Tree

An ancient, majestic oak stands sentinel at the heart of East Rachdale, its sprawling branches casting a soothing shade over the town square. The week of the festival, its boughs are adorned with lanterns and ribbons and become a beacon of light and color.

Beneath its watchful presence, townsfolk and visitors alike gather in unity, sharing stories, laughter, and dance, making Rachdale’s Tree not just a landmark, but a living symbol of the town’s heritage and communal spirit.

  • Burglars. If the characters visit this area late at night, they stumble upon four bandits. The men are trying to rob decorations from the central tree. If stopped and questioned, they reveal Matron Elara hired them.

6. Eldon Reed, the Fishmonger

With his robust laughter and weather-beaten face, Eldon is known for his unparalleled knowledge of the sea’s bounty. His stall always has the freshest catch.

  • Quest. Eldon wishes to catch a Rainbow Trout. A rare, elusive fish that can only be found in sahuagin ter­ritory. Eldon offers a pair of boots of the cat in return for their help. The heroes must spend two days fishing west. Three sahuagin shall attack and attempt to rob them while they fish. They flee if reduced to half their HP.

7. Gweneth Silverstream, the Alchemist

This building has rooms for rent and it has a large store on the first floor. The local purveyor of alchemy tools and crafts, Gweneth, treats the heroes as any other custom­er. Even if she is aware that Lady Marianne hired them.

  • Fake Job. Gweneth summons the heroes at night at Rachdale’s Tree (area 5). She claims that burglars tend to take the festival’s decorations at this time. If they buy it, four bandits, three thugs, and Gweneth (thief) ambush the naive adventurers. They spare the characters’ lives but they strip them from everything but their breeches.


  • Enough Time. The heroes learn where the Dorians­sen hide before the day of the festival. They reveal that Elara and Gweneth are behind it all. East Rachdale’s au­thorities, prompted by Lady Marianne, help the heroes arrest them if needed. The Festival of Tides occurs like every year; a week of smiles and happiness.
  • Too Late. The heroes fail; an entire week goes by without them learning who the culprits are. The festival is an utter failure full of robberies, scams, and riots. Lady Marianne refuses to reward the heroes and regrets hav­ing tasked them with such an important matter. She asks them to leave East Rachdale and never come back.

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