732 Navajara – Lv-2 Settlement

Where the comet’s arc kissed the sea, Navajara lies. In this tranquil gulf, the tales of old and the melody of the waves are the authors of the village’s lore.

Local Saying

In the mystical realm of Linblum lies Navaja­ra, a small, serene coastal village cradled in a sheltered gulf along the Sapphire Coast. Founded under the guiding light of a split comet, this village is less than two centuries old, and it is deeply rooted in maritime traditions and mysticism.

The village, with less than a hundred souls, is a mosaic of rustic thatched-roof buildings, each encircled by crop fields, yielding corn, potatoes, and sun-kissed fruits.

Local Traditions

  • Comet’s Feast. This feast is held on the night of the comet that led the village’s ancestors to this land and is said to have first appeared. Villagers gather at the shore and as night falls, they light a bonfire, around which they share tales of their ancestors’ voyages and the comet’s mystical powers. Then they release floating lanterns into the gulf, symbolizing the comet’s light, guiding spirits, and the villagers’ hopes for continued prosperity.
  • The Gulf’s Whisper. This ritual is born from the local myth that sea waves sing ancient melodies. In solemn si­lence, the villagers listen to the sea, believing it imparts wisdom and guidance. This tradition reinforces the vil­lagers’ respect for the sea and its hidden mysteries.
  • The Sea-Bound Vessel Ceremony. This ceremony is held whenever a new boat is to be launched. Before its maiden voyage, the vessel is adorned with symbols and motifs inspired by sea tales and lore. At the ceremony’s climax, a bottle of seawater is broken against the hull, symbolizing the unity of boat, sea, and villager. This tra­dition underscores the deep bond between the villagers and the ocean that sustains their way of life.


Navajara is full of life, tradition, and colorful people. It is recommended that the characters come as visitors to witness one of their important events (see Local Traditions). This allows for some replayability, as the heroes may return in the future to see some old friends and be present in any other of the local traditions.

Adventure Hooks

  • Tourists. The characters are curious and want to be present during one of Navajara’s events (see Local Tra­ditions). They decide to come after a difficult quest or mission to relax and spend some time off. However, their stay in Navajara may be busier than expected (0 XP).

Level 2 Adventure

  • Events. Check for a Random Event (see below) every time the characters visit a new area (4-in-6 chance).
 RANDOM EVENT d6 Details
1 A sudden, fierce storm approaches Navajara, threatening the village and its fleet. The heroes are called upon to help secure the boats, protect the homes, and fight two merfolk that take advantage of the situation to attack innocents.
2 A band of six goblins from the Whispering Woods, emboldened by a dark enchantment, attack a random area of the village.
3 Four sahuagin raiders launch a surprise attack on the docks of Navajara (area 7) under the cover of fog.
4 Pirates arrive at the docks. The invaders are three peasants and two bandits, led by a thug with a peg leg and a steel hook.
5 An ancient elemental, bound to a relic discovered by fishermen, is accidentally released. The heroes must subdue this raging elemental force before it wreaks havoc on the village and its inhabitants. (The elemental is a lion made of water).
6 A five-day-long storm strikes Navajara. Vision and hearing are reduced. Related checks are made with disadvantage.

1. Captain Elara Wavecrest

Elara is a seasoned, respected fisherwoman in her late forties, known for her deep knowledge of the sea and un­yielding courage. Her hair is a tangle of salt and wind. And she is always seen wearing her trusty captain’s hat.

  • Quest (2 XP). She offers 40 gp to anyone who can help her track down the Moonlit Serpent, a mythical sea creature said to appear only during the full moon. She wishes to see it up close so she can draw it in her book. The next full moon is in two days, and only a great track­er may find the right spot (DC 15 WIS). On a fail, the he­roes disturb three merfolk before finding the serpent.

2. The Seafarer’s Shrine

Perched solemnly at the edge of Navajara, this place is representative of the ocean’s majesty. Intri­cate carvings of maritime deities and legendary sea creatures adorn its entrance, inviting those who seek solace and guidance from the sea’s eternal embrace.

A small, tranquil shrine located at the village’s edge, overlooking the sea. It’s dedicated to maritime deities and the spirits of the sea. Villagers and travelers visit to offer prayers for safe voyages and bountiful catches.

3. The Loom of Tides Inn

A charming inn known for its comfortable lodgings and exceptional views of the gulf. The innkeeper, a re­tired sailor, often shares tales of sea adventures and lo­cal myths. Inside, the air is rich with the aroma of fresh bread and sea spice, and the walls are adorned with tap­estries depicting sea voyages. A group of four thugs raid the inn during the characters’ stay. If they are driven off, the characters become local heroes and friends.

4. The Celestial Observatory

Perched atop a small hill, this observatory is operat­ed by an elderly Mira, the Seer. It houses a large tele­scope through which visitors can observe the stars. The astronomer is knowledgeable about celestial events and their significance in local folklore.

Mira is a mysterious and revered oracle in Navajara. She is blind, with pale, almost translucent skin and long white hair. She is always accompanied by her loyal ra­ven, Whisper. Her cottage is filled with the aroma of in­cense and the sound of whispering winds.

  • Quest (3 XP). Mira has foreseen a looming threat – a corrupting darkness that seeks to engulf Navajara. She asks the heroes to cleanse an ancient shrine located in the heart of the Whispering Woods. Mira reassures the heroes that they may wait until after the local cele­brations to leave. The spot to be cleansed is a two-day ride from the village. She gives the characters a special scroll. Its magic shall remove all evil from the unhal­lowed shrine. She offers a staff of healing as a reward.

5. The Starlit Anchor Tavern

A cozy, nautical-themed tavern known for its hearty seafood stews and ale brewed with a hint of sea salt. The walls show maritime relics and the ceiling mim­ics a starry night sky, a tribute to the founding comet.

Inside the tavern, the air is filled with the raucous laugh­ter of sailors and the sweet melody of a lute. The tav­ern’s specialty, a spiced rum known as ‘Comet’s Brew’, is a long-time favorite of all. It is famed for warming the soul like the village’s story of the night sky comet.

  • The Bard. Garret is a middle-aged bard with a voice as deep and vast as the ocean. His hair is a wild mane of salt and pepper, often tied back with a strip of cloth bear­ing nautical symbols. His eyes sparkle with the mirth of a thousand tales. Garret is often seen with his well-worn lute, adorned with carvings of waves and sea creatures.
  • Quest. Garret searches for the ‘Melody of the Deep’, a song that allows the user to soothe storms and speak to sea creatures. This melody is rumored to be inscribed on an ancient scroll, lost in the Sunken Caverns, a treacher­ous underwater cave system not far from Navajara. Gar­ret seeks brave souls to retrieve this scroll, stating that whoever accompanies him can keep all the gold, trea­sure, and other artifacts they find on their way.

6. The Hall of Tides

The second-largest edifice in Navajara stands majesti­cally at the village’s heart. Magistrate Caius lives here. The facade is adorned with intricate carvings depicting the history of the village and its celestial protector, the fabled comet. Its spacious halls carry the scent of brine.

7. The Whispering Docks

These bustling docks are where fishermen and traders gather. The characters can find various goods for sale, hire boats for sea expeditions, or gather information from sailors who have voyaged beyond the gulf.

8. Navajara’s Blacksmith

Borin is a dwarf of great skill and strength, known for his fiery beard and even fierier forge. The latter is a hub of clanging metal and flying sparks, filled with weapons and armor of his creation. The characters can acquire simple steel items, weapons, or armor.

  • Quest. Borin requires a rare ore, known as Starsteel, found only in the depths of the Sunken Caverns (the same place that Garret the Bard mentions). He prom­ises to craft a weapon or piece of armor with a magical dwarvish rune for the heroes in exchange for this ore. The caves are rumored to be inhabited by dangerous un­derwater creatures and treacherous, dark paths.

Magistrate Stormwatcher

The leader of Navajara is a man in his late fifties. His hair and beard are streaked with gray, and his eyes, are a piercing blue. Caius is a former sea captain, revered for his navigational skills and understanding of the sea.

Caius is not only a political leader but also a spiritu­al guide, often seen consulting ancient texts and star charts to decipher the will of the sea and the skies. Un­der his leadership, Navajara has flourished, maintaining a delicate balance between honoring its rich traditions and navigating the challenges of present times.

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