661 The Demon Door – Lv3 Shadowdark Adventure

I have heard all kinds of stories about this place. The only thing I know for sure is that it is dangerous, and these threats must be stopped.

Sir Roldan

Some things are better left untouched, unboth­ered. Just like some facts are better off for­gotten, left behind. However, ambition and curiosity, or a combination of both, are often the primary reason for unleashing formerly trapped dan­ger or chaos. An explorer opens a door within a tomb. A sorcerer who pronounces the incantations on a piece of parchment. Or a sneaky rogue grabbing a ruby from the eye socket of a demon statue… All had their reasons, good or bad. But, ultimately, the consequences of these actions and how they are dealt with are what matters.

A Path to the Abyss

A powerful wizard thought he could master the power of demons years ago. He created a door between worlds, joining the Material Plane with the Abyss, the demon plane. After dealing with a couple of demonic en­tities from the foreign, dark plane, the mage realized his mistake. He used all his might to seal the planar connec­tion, unsuccessfully. All he could manage to do was to place a magical door. The demon-shaped gate blocks the way but the portal between both worlds remains.

The wizard left and never came back, fearing someone could point fingers at him. A coward at heart who could not face and mend the consequences of his actions. Now and then, abyssal demons manage to cross the Demon Door, the name given to this place over the years.

Adventure Hooks

The Demon door is located a few miles too close to Hoban City. The demons were easy to defeat in the past, but lately, the city guards have struggled and many have perished fighting the deadlier demons that the magical door summons forth. The authorities offer a bounty.

Protectors. Sir Roldan, captain of the city watch, hires the characters. They must deal with any threat and make sure the demons stop coming (40 gp, 3 XP).

Retrievers. The characters are hired by Dr. Julius, a scientist and historian. The man needs them to retrieve all books, tomes, and documents from the library near the demon door (area 4). He cares little about the de­mons or the danger they represent (30 gp, 2 XP).

 RUMORS d4 Details
1 Some people say that the creator of the door lived in Hoban City but left out of shame for what he did.
2 The locals say that the door is impossible to close. Some­how, demons keep coming regardless of what they try.
3 A party of heroes was hired for the same job some weeks ago. They never returned. Some claim they simply found the task too hard and left. Others believe they died try­ing… and that their bodies should be near the gate.
4 The last demon to cross the door and reach the city killed half a dozen guards before being defeated.

Level 3 Adventure

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a random event every 2 crawling rounds and after loud noises (1-in-6 chance).
  • Whispers. Standing before the demon door is not for the faint of heart. The mental toll (see area 2) is high. And demons’ voices can be heard at all times.
1 A black, acidic tar pours from a crack in the ceiling on someone’s backpack. It dissolves a random item inside it.
2 The characters hear a deep, guttural voice speak without making a sound; they hear the message in their minds: “What do we have here? Visitors? Open the door so we can meet face to face. Come on, don’t be shy now…
3 The characters draw the attention of a spider swarm. The arachnids flee if reduced to half their hit points.
4 Two giant rats were looking for food here. The charac­ters interrupt their search and they become hostile.

1. Entrance

It is a three-day journey from Hoban City to the cave where the demon door is located. If the characters do not travel cautiously, three dretches attempt to ambush the characters just before they descend to area 2.

2. Chamber of Dark Memories

The demons’ evil corruption from the Abyss materializ­es in the shape of dense mist. All living creatures in this chamber must overcome a battle in their minds.

  • Dark Mist. Breathing in the mist triggers a vivid re­membrance of one’s darkest memories and deepest se­crets, aiming to hurt one’s soul and cause mental dam­age (DC 14 WIS check). Creatures that fail to withstand this mental test lose half their hit points.

3. The Demon Door

The face of a demon made of jade stares at all visitors. Its eyes seem to follow all living creatures before them.

  • A Traveler. The characters come at the right time to witness a demon cross the gate. The vrock fights against the fabric of reality and pushes through the demon door. And just like a creature swimming out of an oily sub­stance, the winged abomination manages to cross over. The demon is exhausted from crossing the door as if the effort took a great deal of its energies. But even at half its strength, it attacks all living creatures it sees until slain.

4. Demonic Library

The characters need to bypass the lock on the door to gain access to this area (DC 14 DEX check).

  • Hard Truth. If the characters spend 1 crawling round reading the documents here, they learn of a rit­ual that can seal the demon door forever. However, the cost of this magic is high. The soul of a willing individual must be offered as part of the ritual’s components.

5. Fake Vault

A section of a wall can be pushed aside to reveal this se­cret area (DC 14 WIS check). An explosion occurs if any chest is tampered with (1d8 damage to all in the room, DC 14 DEX check for half). There is nothing of value.

6. Demon Vault

The characters may cross the door if they wish. There is a treasure worthy of heroes, countless gold, and magic items. Too bad they cannot ever turn back (see below).

7. Caverns of the Abyss

The remains of the mercenaries hired before the char­acters are here. Their blind, stupid ambition for more brought them here. Only gnawed bones were left of them.


The documents in area 4 show how to cross the door. However, the door disappears behind the characters upon entering the other plane, the Abyss. Their greed and foolishness have great costs. More demons ap­proach. The heroes’ survival is in the GM’s hands…


Pig-faced demons with long claws and a terrible stench.

AC 12 HP 10 ATK 1 claw +2 (1d6) or 1 gas, MV near, S +2, D +0, C +2, I -2, W -1, Ch -3, AL C, LV 2

Gas. All in near DC 12 CON or blinded for 1d4 rounds.


A wagon-sized, monstrous, four-limbed, filthy vulture with mangy feathers and hard midnight-blue skin.

AC 12, HP 15, ATK 2 talons +3 (1d6) or 1 screech, MV near, S +2, D +2, C +2, I -1, W +1, Ch +0, AL C, LV 3

Screech. All enemies in double near DC 12 WIS or DISADV on checks and attacks for 1d4 rounds.

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