The Library of Lost Knowledge – Level 4 Adventure

The Library of Lost Knowledge


We released this long-format adventure that features maps from a fellow cartographer collaborator, Diana Muñoz. This is a showcase of what the adventure includes. If you are interested in this product, here are some options for you:

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In The Library of Lost Knowledge, a group of level-6 adventurers must reach a fabled location. It is said that this ancient elvish library has the answers to many of the mysteries and questions of the universe. The heroes need to come to find crucial information that shall help them continue a larger quest or campaign.

To find the library, they must traverse miles of snow. The cavern of a frost giant is the only remaining place where the elvish repository may be accessed. The heroes must befriend or scare the giant away to enter. They ignore that the giant needs their help in fact. He wishes to track and find his kin after getting stranded for a long time.

This level 6 adventure brings the heroes to the frozen tundra, tests their wits before a frost giant, and gives them the possibility of discovering crucial information to continue their quests.

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Product Includes

Adventure PDF

Printer-Friendly B/W PDF

Separate Hi-Res map files


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