105 – The Lost Orb (Free PDF available)


The orbs of dragonkind are fabled artifacts none alive has ever seen. They were tools of war eons ago. The ancient wizard giants who created them tapped into the very life-force of the multiverse to build them. The multiverse, when explored from the arcane standpoint, is like a piece of fabric. Each thread is a part of reality. Arcane theorists argue that each living thing is a piece of thread in the grand design of this piece of fabric. It came to be known as The Weave. The ancient giants became experts in reading and interpreting the curving of the Weave.   A secretive group of them were so adept they found a way to isolate pieces of the weave, tearing them apart from it.

It was not long until they isolated the dragonkind piece of fabric, an almost infinite expanse of the weave. It stood for the draconic beings in the multiverse. The giants folded the weave on itself many times. The more they did it, it became less ethereal and more a real part of their world. After it was folded for the last time, what remained was an orb. A magical orb. It had the ability to influence and even control any member of the dragonkind family. Even ancient dragons could not ignore the call from the orb. It was weapon that would shape the primordial wars.

As time passed and the fallout from the primordial wars settled, the remaining giants chose to hide the orb. Its power had scarred the world, it was better hidden, since they had no way to destroy it. That’s how this dungeon came to be. It’s a resting place for the orb of dragonkind.


General Features

Light.- The complex is deep underground and in complete darkness.
Construction.- From floor to ceiling, every chamber is built from enormous blocks of granite. Each one of them is carved with ancient draconic runes. The biggest walls have bas-reliefs depicting ancient battle of dragonkind and giants.
Antimagic Field.- The complex had potent wards against the use of magic, however they are too old now and failing. Anytime a spell is cast inside, there is a 30% chance it will trigger a wild surge reaction, as in the wild surge table in the PHB.

  1. Entrance – The complex is buried deep underground, finding this entrance or a map to it should be a quest on itself.
  2. Welcome Room – Entering this room triggers an illusion spell. A giant mage appears and bids the visitors in ancient giant language to leave. He explains that the purpose of the place was to be buried for eternity and that nothing good would come from going any further. There is a secret passage to area 14 in this room. Characters must make a DC 18 Investigation check to find the movable brick which opens the walls.
  3. Altar Room – There’s a stone altar with faded carvings. Any character who wants to know more must make a DC 15 Investigation check to make sense of the runes, assuming he speaks giant, he finds out that the altar is dedicated to countless giant warriors who fought against the dragons in their wars at the beginning of time. There’s a trap in the middle of the room, a pitfall trap. Any character with a passive perception of 16 notices the slightly wider separation of the center tiles, suggesting they are movable pieces. If a character wants to deactivate the trap, he must make a DC 16 Thieves’ Tools check. Failure means he activates the trap by accident and falls with no save. Any character who steps on the trap must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw to avoid falling. Characters take 2d6 piercing damage and 3d6 poison damage if they fall.
  4. The shaft – This shaft is the only access point to the next lower level of the complex. It was built small in size so that no giants could traverse it. It will pose no challenge to medium sized characters.
  5. Crypts lobby – The carvings in this room depict specific giant heroes of war. Faded metal plaques describe their achievements in old giant.
  6. Crypts – Four chambers feature stone sarcophagi. Inside lie the remains of the four appointed protectors of the dungeon. They emerge to protect the place. They will do anything in their hands to avoid the Orb of Dragonkind to be stolen.
  7. Heroes’ Sanctum – This place of worship is dedicated to the protectors of the orb and other heroes of war. Their belongings used to rest here but they have faded into nothingness after ages of seclusion.
  8. Engineer’s Crypt – The giant mage who first envisioned and created the orb is buried here. He came to be known as a force of destruction and hatred among the giants. The builders of the complex thought he still deserved proper recognition so he was put here. His spirit was corrupted after eons of imprisonment, his malignant disposition will be a strong opposition to any visitor. He can’t leave the complex, unless he possesses an outsider.
  9. The purpose of this room is lost to time.
  10. The chest in this room is just a trap. It explodes when opened. Any character inside the room must make a DC 16 Dexterity check, taking (19) 6d6 fire damage on a failed check, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  11. The Last Guardians – Mechanical creatures are the eternal guards in this room. They attack any non-giant visitor and pursue their targets to any place within the complex.
  12. Antechamber – The chest in this room is trapped. It works exactly like the chest in area 10.
  13. The Orb Chamber – The big dragon statue on the wall poses no threat. It has countless precious gems attached to it. Right under the dragon’s chin, there is a pedestal with the orb sitting on it. The orb is yellow and slightly luminescent. The chests in the room contain any kind of treasure appropriate to the party level. This is a great place for a boss battle, the nature of this battle is yours to decide.
  14. This secret room contains one stone chest. There is a medallion inside. If the wearer uses it and says the keyword “Antefash” which stands for “creator” in ancient giant, the traps and protections of the room will not harm the wearer.

This map and content is available in PDF format, Download it here

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