The Accursed Cloak – Level-3 Shadowdark Adventure

The Accursed Cloak


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In The Accursed Cloak, the characters journey to Rivermill, a frontier village that has been recently threatened by a clan of kobold brigands. The kobolds have unified under the leadership of Gulduk, the Fire Spirit. Gulduk recently came upon an enchanted cloak that bestowed on him powerful spellcasting abilities and knowledge. Now the kobold demands a ruinous tribute from the undefended settlement.

The characters travel north to the lair’s entrance, a teleporting gate that was once a star-gazing apparatus. Jumping into its waters, they are teleported to a wizard’s tomb. The kobolds have settled in this burial place under Gulduk’s commands. The characters shall prove their worth by defeating the pesky kobolds and facing the enhanced kobold leader; Gulduk is a fearsome opponent. After dealing with the kobolds, the characters are free to take the magical cloak. Is it harmless or is it a cursed magic item with hidden powers?

This adventure has been designed for Shadowdark RPG through their 3rd party license. The system is meant to be accessible to OSR players and modern players alike. Adapting the material to 5e or other systems should not be difficult.

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