Seeking the Vampire Lord – Level-7 Shadowdark Adventure

Seeking the Vampire Lord


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In Seeking the Vampire Lords, a level-7 Shadowdark adventure, the Town of Fierallin suffers under the unprecedented rule of a vampire lord. The monster has awoken from his crypt and demands of the locals eternal servitude. The vampire claims he only collects a debt that was promised to him centuries ago. The locals seek help because the influence of this undead grows stronger by the day. It has affected the minds of children the most…

The characters track the vampire to the crypt and find a trap-filled dungeon and fearsome guardians. Soon, the characters shall find the true nature of this vampiric threat and the truth about what happened long ago. They are the only chance that the townsfolk have to escape this plight. Alas, the vampire lord shall make a unique offer that many characters may accept. If they do, the nature of the whole campaign may be at risk. Are they brave enough to discard the false promises of a master schemer and manipulator?

This adventure has been designed for Shadowdark RPG through their 3rd party license. The system is meant to be accessible to OSR players and modern players alike. Adapting the material to 5e or other systems should not be difficult.

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Separate Hi-Res map files

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