Pack No.5 – Jungle Adventures – Roll20

What do we have here? It’s a complete jungle adventures token set! All assets are hand-drawn, they have an organic feel and there are many variations to each one, so no part looks the same. The pieces are varied enough to create plenty of different environments. You can see any of the 8 premade scenes below for examples.

All assets are labeled with the dimensions in squares to look properly in the Roll20 tabletop (i.e 4×4) This pack contains over 145 different tokens and 6 variations of the background. I have included 8 prebuilt scenes ready to drop for an instant bang-for-your-buck.

Are you a module creator or writer?

This village pack is available for commercial use at no extra charge. You can use locations created with these assets in your modules and adventures. To obtain this commercial license, please contact me.

Find it Here

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