Pack No. 20 – Flying Ship

This is an art pack of a flying ship with two elemental engines and a floating balloon. It features a large cannon and three harpoon guns. We have included separate assets for each part of the ship. Each of the deck areas is included in two versions: empty and furnished.

There are to player handouts included too. One depicts the ship in an illustrative style, the other features the statblock of the ship for its use in 5e.

  • This pack includes 9 individual ship plans (per area).
  • 1 Full Illustration with the name “Duskbringer”
  • 1 5e statblock.
  • 1 Side view illustration.
  • All assets are tagged with dimensions in 140 pixel increments.
  • Use these assets to populate cool maps for online VTTs (Roll20)
  • Use these assets commercially in your own products (commercial license included)

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