Pack No.12 – Build a Town – Roll20

What do we have here? This is a token/asset pack to create small towns. The pieces are varied enough to create plenty of different small towns. All assets are tagged with dimensions in 100 pixel increments.

This pack contains over 118 tokens, 84 of them are houses and various buildings. There are also a few more smaller things like market stalls, gazebos, fountains, etc.

There are 6 towns ready to drop for instant bang-for-your-buck.

Are you a module creator or writer? This dungeon pack is available for commercial use at no extra charge. You can use locations created with these assets in your modules and adventures. To obtain this commercial license, please contact me.

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3 thoughts on “Pack No.12 – Build a Town – Roll20

  • Hi Derek,

    I just purchased Pack No. 12 – Build A Town for my Roll 20 account. Excited about getting into it! One question I have is that the cover art says there are 6 pre-made towns but I’m not seeing those in the contents when I unpacked it in my Roll 20 account.

    Am I missing seeing something?


    • Hi Marc, thanks for your purchase. So, the premade town illustrations exist but it is now that you mention it that I notice that those are missing in the roll20 pack! Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry for the inconvenience. I’m currently going through the process of updating the image pack in roll20 but that may take a few days to resolve. I can forward you the missing files directly if you provide an email address. If you’re not comfortable sharing it in this public comment section, then feel free to contact me on twitter @elventower. I’ll be sending this message to the email address you used to leave this comment from too. Hope to hear more from you soon. Derek.

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