Map 96 – Druid’s Hut


It is very well noted by travelers and locals that there is an evergreen area north of town. Regardless of the current season, be it autumn or winter. A patch of land on top of a hill is always fresh and green. There is a wooden hut on that hill, encircled by a short wooden fence. Behind the fence, the power of the seasons holds no ground. Plants and vegetables grow all year long.

There are six out of the ordinary big sunflowers circling the fence. They possess no features and usually look towards the sun as is expected. When visitors arrive, though, they always turn around to look at them. On the south facing part of the fence there is a short double-door gate. It’s never locked. A winding stone path leads to the hut. Flanking this path are two cypress trees. There are rumors of these trees moving on their own, as if talking and even walking. None of this hearsay has been confirmed.

The is the home of Farendil. An elf trained in the druidic arts. He cares for the forest, its plants and its animals. He was expelled from his druidic circle a few years ago. The reason for this in unknown to most. He was shunned from his community for his affinity with necromantic magic. He believed it could be combined with regular druidic arts to better aid nature. No one else shared his views, and he was stubborn enough not to change them. In the end he had to go.

He is of reclusive nature. Some folks from nearby town know him personally but even the better informed know only his name and that around his hut the grass is always green.

Farendil is not evil, his use of necromancy is aimed towards healing and reviving animals and plants. However, it is a very delicate craft and not always have his experiments worked the way he wanted them to. He has created some beings that are not entirely animals and not entirely plants, but a mix of the two. These creatures are often unpredictable, some of them are very dour and calm. Others are aggressive and when set loose, prey on other animals like cattle.

Farendil does all of his necromancy tests in a hollow cave north of his hut. Not because it is a good hiding place but because he can better control any failures. It’s a kind of magical laboratory where he’s safe from prying eyes when crafting a new hybrid.

Farendil also has a weakness for dangerous misunderstood creatures. In the last month he took in a young werewolf. He goes by the name of Johann. He’s a young man who got infected a few years ago and lives outside of cities out of fear. While he is not specially dangerous, he would protect Farendil should he come to harm. During the full moon, he is most unpredictable and even Farendil will not stand in his way in his night hunts.

At any given moment, and depending on the party’s level, Farendil is not alone. The two trees in his garden can be awakened trees, or treants. Johann is a werewolf and his created creatures can use the stats of blight creatures.


Adventure Ideas 

  • Johann the werewolf killed a farmer in a local town or village during his last full moon hunt. The townsfolk hire the PCs to go hunt the beast. Only when they get there Farendil is waiting for them. He explains the situation and will refuse to give up Johann. The party must decide whether to complete the mission or go back and parley with the townsfolk.
  • Famers in the region are complaining that their cattle is disappearing. Farendil himself is to blame, he’s getting live samples of flesh to work in his necromancy experiments to heal other wildlife in the region. The cattle is not dead, he’s just using it.
  • This autumn season had several days of heavy rainfall that ruined the harvests. There’s not enough time for another harvest before winter hits. Townsfolk are aware of Farendil’s ability to make plants grow faster, however they believe he will not be inclined to help because a month ago a group of townsfolk showed up at his doorstep with torches and pitchforks because of missing cattle. Maybe the PCs can help persuade Farendil.
  • Farendil approaches the party while traveling. He’s looking for help for Johann. He explains that a local priest has belladonna flowers in his storage and that’s a key component to cure lycanthropy. The PCs will have to buy it from a reluctant priest or steal it during the night. Regardless of the method, when they go back to Farendil to cure Johann. The towns’s guard will catch up with them and fight outside of Farendil’s hut.
  • An old looking elf named Daren approaches the party and offers a reward if they escort him to Farendil’s lands to inspect his activities. Daren is a member of the druid circle Farendil was expelled from. He wishes to explore his lands and make sure no more necromantic activities are being performed. Farendil will try to avoid the inspection of his lab. The werewolf is not a real problem by Daren.

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