Map 100 – Zoradun, City of Swords


This is Zoradun, the City of Swords, a homebrew created capital city you can use in your home game. This huge metropolis has an estimated population of 140,000. The city has everything anyone can hope to find. All kinds of factions and power players strive to control the city. This city has never been conquered due to its large army, thus the city’s surname.

This will be a growing project, as of now, I have the city illustration and a short description for it, but I will make this grow into a full fledged urban setting. Over the next few months I will create zoom-in city maps of the different districts. Including the military complex in Crab Island and the small fishermen village south of the city. Not only will it be a work of illustration, my main goal is to write an in-depth description of the different city areas, main NPCs to deal with and write tons of possible adventures. I’m getting ahead of myself because there is still a lot of work and this is just the tip of this iceberg. I’ll probably release a map of a city district once a month.

For Patreon supporters: This publication includes many variations to the main map. A poster sized png file is included which will look awesome on print and will be available for print on canvas here. Other variations are included as usual, as well as the PSD (photoshop) file that is included for patrons in the $3 dollar level.

Also, since this is my 100th map. As a bonus for all my followers I’ll make the basic poster sized version of Zoradun a PWYW product for download at DMs Guild here !

You can also print it on canvas here !

2 thoughts on “Map 100 – Zoradun, City of Swords

  • Thank you so much for this, Derek. It came at just the right time for me as I am toying with the idea of a 5e take on the Voyages Of Sinbad to run next year and this makes for a perfect “fantasy Arabia” home city.

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