Eberron- Defense of First Tower

Eberron – Defense of First Tower

In this level 4 adventure for the Eberron Campaign Setting. A group of adventurers travels to the well known but seldom explored thorp of First Tower, 27 miles north of Sharn, the City of Towers. The adventurers must solve a terrible event that happens on the House Orien lightning rail. But then will have some time to relax and have fun in the many events and fun things that happen in the festive town of First tower. In the third act, the adventurers must find a way to fight or negotiate with an orc tribe that claims a section of the land as theirs.

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This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, interesting NPC’s, town/fair activities, and a fight on the lightning rail!

This is what’s included in the download

  • Adventure PDF – bookmarked and with hyperlinks.
  • Printer Friendly B/W PDF
  • Map files for DM and PC in high resolution
  • Roll20 compatible maps

This is an awesome adventure for level 4 parties that wish to explore the kingdom of Breland after exploring the city of Sharn. Here are some sample images:

DoFT_Page_1.jpg      DoFT_Page_2.jpg      DoFT_Page_3.jpg

DoFT_Page_4.jpg       DoFT_Page_5.jpg       DoFT_Page_6.jpg

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