Brochure Adventure 8 – Iridescent Greed

Hey, Traveler!

This is the eighth installment of the brochure adventure series. Following the same train of thought of the one-page dungeons, these are system-neutral and easy to adapt to any system.

In this adventure, the characters learn of a profitable mining operation that has been stopped after a tragedy occurred. The mine is home to strange arcane-irradiated gemstones that first lured the greedy dwarves into exploring the area. Alas, the strange magical energies caused the baleful polymorphing of three dwarves into a three-headed troll. The monster quickly became a deadly danger to everyone near the mine. Fueled by greed, the overseers now offer a hefty reward to valiant adventurers willing to delve into the mine to get rid of the monster.

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What’s included:

  • PDF files for easy handling. Prints on letter-sized paper
  • Individual full-res of each sheet (Letter-size 300 DPI)
  • Map variations: labeled, unlabeled (not shown in the brochure)
  • Printer-friendly files included (black and white with a few elements in grayscale)
  • Roll20 versions of map (16×30 – 140px per square)
  • Additional PDF with 6 fey-themed, system-neutral ritual

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