Baldur’s Gate Region – Forgotten Realms Stock

Elven Tower presents stock maps of the Forgotten Realms – sold at the DMs Guild

This is a hand drawn map of the Area Surrounding Baldur’s Gate. It is illustrated in the style of a local cartographer, excellent to be a prop given to players.

The Illustration has a resolution of 3944×2908, 300 dpi. Enough to be printed to crisp quality.

Scale is important ! The Hex Grid in this map is follows the guidelines in the DMG page 242. Each hex is 24 miles across, the distance traveled in a normal day.

Included versions:

1.- Full map with name tags and Hex Grid

2.- Full map with name tags and no Hex Grid

3.- Unlabeled map with hex grid

4.- Unlabeled map with no hex grid



These maps include a commercial license, as such, you can add them to your DM’s Guild products. Make your modules and adventures stand out with awesome Forgotten Realm maps. Most people see illustrations first, a good, evocative map is a great resource to attracting audience.

You may not use this image as a selling point or include these illustrations in another stock art collection, other specific actions not admisible are described in the attached copyrights document.

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