Map 72 – Hidden Lair

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Here’s an underground mage’s hideout accessible via a hidden entrance in a cave or a teleportation circle in the mage’s private quarters. I am creating new great things with image layout and decorations. I hope people are liking my developing style. I like to make illustrations that have a magic to themselves.  I decided to write something different this time, and separate the general steps I take when creating an illustration like this one.

  First thing is to lay down the general areas and line art. You can see I only drew the walls, doors and started adding some dirt details and rocks.










Step 2 – Add furniture and dirt. You have to take scale into account when drawing furniture. In this scale it’s 5ft. per square.










Step 3 – Draw grid, it doesn’t have to be perfect, actually small mistakes and deviations are good for the final look.










Step 4 – Add small marks and details to the floor tiles. Also I drew a North Rose, but this is an extra step, You could just mark it with an arrow.








After scanning, the next part is all done digitally, I created a paper texture background to look like old parchment. Shading and coloring explanations are beyond the scope of this article but that’s what I did. Also I added layout decorations to make the illustrations look magical.

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2 thoughts on “Map 72 – Hidden Lair

  • What a great little tutorial, and exactly what I have been looking for. Now I know what to do.

    Might you have a tutorial that shows how to package a map set and tokens for, say, any of the games on Google that let you import adventures?

    Again, my thanks for your excellent work, and this cool tutorial.

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