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“We have seen it scribed in the stars. But the astral movements are obscure at best and outright deceitful at worst. We must first gather more information.”

Farenhal, Witness of Satyr Grove

Satyr Grove is a jewel of fey craftsmanship and the spiritual core of El-Unore Reaches. Alas, the fey settlement is the closest to the source of corruption in the Heart of Decay. It is only thanks to the magical water that is produced at its cen­ter that the hamlet barely resists the cursed corruption.

The ruler of Satyr Grove is Witness Farenhal, an aloof, meditative satyr who has spent decades observing the night skies in search of insight and wisdom. Witness Far­enhal, along with the two centaur sages in Satyr Grove, has uncovered a sliver of hope for the region. But the fight against decay must be enacted by non-fey as they are not so gravely affected by the creeping rot. The stargazing satyrs and centaurs have sent word south to Y’renlune to summon outsider mercenaries and sellswords to their forest grove. The fey expect newcomers any day now. Time is of the essence and must not be wasted.

 Level 2 Settlement

  • Danger. Unsafe. Check for a Random Event every two different areas the characters visit (4-in-6 chance).
  • Atmosphere. Satyr Grove appears to constantly bat­tle the corruption that slowly seeps in from the Heart of Decay. Close-by locations are already under the influ­ence of the rot. The fey inhabitants make use of valiant stoicism and do not portray fear or despair yet.
 RANDOM EVENT d6 Details
1 Three elves arrive in town carrying a rot-stricken satyr. The poor satyr has a 2-in-6 chance of making it through the night. If a character with healing knowledge volunteers to care for the satyr that night (area 5), his chances of survival rise to 4-in-6.
2 Two myconids arrive in town with bad news. The Mushroom Forest has fallen to the rot. They beg the characters for help.
3 Four satyrs come seeking Witness Farenhal. They claim the Royal Gardens to the south have been stricken by the rot. Some elves stayed behind to care for it but only the water of the Nymph Muses (area 12) can cleanse the befoul rot.
4 Two dwarven thugs arrive in town. They came looking for work after hearing rumors of the mercenary call for participation.
5 The Heart of Decay blooms. The powdery rot substance rains for 1 hour while the fey hide in their wooden huts.
6 A heavy mist bathes the entire town while the moon is visible even during the day. The seers confirm this is a bad omen.

1. Trail of Gossamer

The way to Satyr Grove slithers through the northern forest. It is known as the Trail of Gossamer due to the abundance of harmless spider swarms in the area. Alas, the emergence of the Heart of Decay slowly kills the for­est and creates a large opening. The Trail of Gossamer passes worryingly close to the enormous rot flower.

  • Unreachable Heart. When the characters pass by the dead zone, they can only witness the Heart of Decay from afar. A spherical force field equivalent to a wall of force surrounds the Heart of Decay. The characters can­not interact with it at this point in the campaign but the fey in Satyr Grove may have uncovered a way to do it.
  • Rotten Guardians. If the characters linger too long by the force field, two vine blights and a spider swarm emerge from the barren soil and attack the party.
  • Fey Remains. The Trail of Gossamer from the Heart of Decay to Satyr Grove is dotted with a dozen corpses of fey creatures that collapsed to the extraplanar rot on their way to the satyr sanctuary. A healer who inspects the remains for 10 minutes learns that the rot has caused a burn-like effect on the body tissues that cuts down to the bone. It is surely an agonizing way to die.

2. The Threshold

Unlike other settlements, the entrance to Satyr Grove is wide open; it does not even have a gate. A centaur named Six Wings of Sorrow awaits by the 20-foot-tall wall. The centaur is jubilant to see non-fey outsiders. Six Wings of Sorrow offers to escort the characters to area 11 where Witness Farenhal shall promptly give them an audience.

  • Rumor. If asked about the region’s situation, the cen­taur claims there is word in town about a solution to the rot. Six Wings of Sorrow says the stargazer seers have seen something of deep significance in the night skies.

3. Y’ren River Tributary

This is one of the numerous tributaries that feed the Y’ren River, the artery of El-Unore Reaches. Unlike oth­er streams that begin in springs or high regions. The wa­ter here comes from the magical spring of the Nymph Muses (area 12). The water has healing and rot-resistant properties but it is only effective when collected here. Downstream, near the Heart of Decay, the magic water is diluted by other streams and loses all of its potency.

4. The Overflowing Horn

The Overflowing Horn, a stern establishment, brims with fey patrons: satyrs, elves, and centaurs gather. The fey are somber, empty-looking, and silent be­neath the ancient, gnarled oak beams of the hut.

A sign by the door portrays a nymph pouring water in the same manner as the effigies in area 12. In merrier times, the fey would be laughing and dancing but the rot has caused havoc in the locals’ state of mind. The fey are not cowards and are willing to perish in Satyr Grove if such a tragedy comes to pass; hence their demeanor.

  • The Barkeep. A satyr named Vartianni tends to the bar and serves barley ale and berry liquor. Vartianni moved to Satyr Grove two years ago and does not yet adopt the same mannerisms as his stoic, aloof breth­ren. She is visibly worried as she tries too hard to tell jokes and stories to lighten the mood in the hall. Vartian­ni sighs with relief when outsiders come as she is con­vinced the fey are doomed and their fate certain. She rec­ommends the party to seek Witness Farenhal.

5. Aun’s Hospice

A gnarly tree grows through the hut and pierces the roof. Its foliage is verdant despite the powdery rot. Aun, a dry­ad, is bonded to this tree. Inside the wooden hut, there are dozens of piled cots and hammocks, many of them currently occupied by rot-stricken fey creatures that bat­tle each minute against impending death. Aun is a heal­er by trade but her arts have proven to be of little use against the rot. Even bathed with the Nymph Muses’ sa­cred water, some creatures are too far gone to be saved.

  • Accommodations. Aun’s Hospice is the only place in town with spare cots for the characters. Aun apologizes profusely for their having to share sleeping space with the improvised hospital but there is no other way.
  • The Centaur. Rot-stricken but steadily recovering, the centaur named Gloriously Bright tells the story of how his scouting party used all kinds of weapons and some spells to break through the Heart of Decay’s force field. Two of his friends perished trying and he was the only one strong enough to crawl back home despite the rot. Gloriously Bright has vowed to fight the rot and would gladly join the party if and after he makes a full recovery.

6. Chapel of Roots

An effigy of Gede made of dried roots, branches, and spi­der silk stands before a row of wooden pews. A few elves and satyrs sit in silent prayer, seeking solace from the de­spair of their kin in Satyr Grove. Characters that sit for the sunset mass and seek Gede’s blessing gain inspira­tion; evidence of the goddess’s interest in them.

7. Fairy Commune

This hut is taller than the rest. Its surface dotted with windows that fairies use to come in and out flying.

Around four dozen sprites live in this dwelling. Due to their small size, the edifice is large enough for their lot. Fairies choose to live in this manner, all in the same place; a practice akin to how bees organize in their hives.

  • The Royal Gardens. The fairies gather daily in the Royal Garden, southwest of Satyr Grove. Alas, the gar­dens have been afflicted by the rot and are not safe any­more. Two sprites beg the characters to bring a cart of water barrels from area 12 to the gardens to help.

8. Ironhorn’s Abode

In stark contrast with the other satyrs in town, Ironhorn practices sword stances and movements by his home. The satyr is battle-scarred and wears an iron horn pros­thetic after losing it in a battle a decade ago. Ironhorn is waiting for a chance to join an adventuring party to help the locals get rid of the rot. He understands his weak­ness against it but his resolve knows no bounds.

  • Mushroom Forest. Ironhorn is friends with the mushroomfolk that live north of Satyr Grove. They have brought troubling reports of the rot creeping into their dwellings. If allowed to tag along, Ironhorn suggests parting north to the Mushroom Forest and bringing sev­eral barrels of magic water from area 12 to bathe the mushroom stalks and guard them temporarily from cor­ruption. Ironhorn believes this is a valiant cause.

9. Dream of Botany

Gallant Emerald Heart, a female centaur, moves by tall shelves within her home that is part dwelling, part sun-house, part garden. The senior centaur is familiar with most herbs and fungi in the Material Plane and knows how to mix them to concoct the most marvelous potions and unguents. Characters looking to identify the proper­ties of strange plants, herbs, or potions can come to Gal­lant Emerald Heart for such information. The centaur is glad to share her knowledge with others.

10. Jorahan’s Forge

A stone forge is attached to the north side of this hut. Jorahan, a satyr, is the only blacksmith in Satyr Grove. Normally, he works with iron to produce all manner of small things like arrowheads and horseshoes for the centaurs. Lately, however, the need for steel weaponry has caused him to improve his forge and work non-stop so he can produce such blades. Jorahan is limited in his task as there is no mine nearby and the fey do not do such tasks often. If the characters secure a cart of iron ore, Jorahan thanks them by crafting a +1 longsword. It takes 2 days to bring the ore from the mine in Miller Hill, a settlement on the eastern side of El-Unore Reaches.

11. Hall of the Witness

In a grand hall bedecked with wildflowers and vines, a robed satyr noble holds court atop a throne of twist­ed oak, serenaded by flute melodies and the murmur of the fey creatures that look up to his wisdom.

  • The Audience. Witness Farenhal is blissful to see the characters. The satyr claims he can only explain all he knows about the current situation through a magical, oneiric experience (see Dream of the Fey). The witness believes the Heart of Decay will completely consume El-Unore Reaches within 1 month. After the characters learn this, Witness Farenhal makes an offer of 2,500 gp and the title of Rot-Slayers to the characters. If they man­age to save the realm, the witness shall pay.
  • Pressing Matters. Witness Farenhal also explains that two nearby locations, the Royal Gardens, and the Mushroom Forest are in dire danger and begs for help.

12. Nymph Muse Effigies

Within a lute-shaped monument at the heart of Satyr Grove, two solid gold statues of beautiful nymphs hold vases that pour an endless supply of water. The pond by their feet is the birthplace of the Y’ren River Tributary.

  • Sacred Water. Drinking a mug of this water heals 1d8 HP (once per day). In addition, it increases the chances of survival of creatures resisting the regional rot. It can also be used to water plants and fungal growths to guard them against the nefarious effects of the Heart of Decay.

Dream of the Fey

In the Hall of the Witness, the characters are given a stupor-inducing potion to allow them to commune with the stargazer ruler in the dreamscape. In this oneiric communion, the following information is revealed:

  1. Three sources of arcane energy are hidden in the temples in El-Unore Reaches. Disabling them might make it possible to reach the Heart of Decay.
  2. There are rumors of powerful fey incantations inscribed on the ancient pillars of Stargazer Summit. One of them is the Dream of the Eladrin Fey. According to old records, this incantation may be useful to dispel the force field around the heart.
  3. The battle against the rot has occurred in the past many times. It is still unclear whether it cannot be avoided or whether the locals must fight to keep it at bay so that life can safely regrow and thrive.
  4. The witness has seen, written in the stars, the characters’ involvement in current affairs. Alas, due to the party’s distance from fey ancestry, the details of their future remain obscure. No fey seer in El-Unore Reaches can accurately predict what is to be of the characters in this perilous quest.
  5. A tomb of ancient fey knights lies south of Satyr Grove. Witness Farenhal believes it is unrelated to the cycle of life, rot, and rebirth. However, legends speak of a fabled centaur blade hidden therein.

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