738 Abode of Spiders – Lv-3 Adventure

…and fight not for gold, but for a purpose. Destroy evil not for glory, but because it is the righteous thing to do. Forge your legend with your deeds.

Excerpt from “What is a Hero? Vol. II”

In a dark, hidden corner of the world, lies the forsaken crypt of the Reid family. Their lin­eage, extinguished during the wars, left be­hind only the echoes of their existence, en­capsulated within a few crypts. These sacred grounds have been ravaged by time, and forgotten. Now, two cen­turies removed from the era of the Reids, nature’s un­relenting force has wrought further desolation upon the sole surviving crypt, leaving it a shadow of its former self.

The Last Straw

Within this shattered sanctuary, three urns and a solitary sarcophagus stand as the last remnants of the Reid legacy. The spirits of the Reid family have watched over the centuries as the world outside moved on, ac­cepting their fate with a dignified silence. However, a new peril encroaches upon their eternal rest, one not born of man or time but of the wild, unchecked growth of nature itself—a burgeoning spider infestation from the adjacent caves threatens to desecrate their final resting place. This imminent violation stirs the spirits from their solemn vigil, compelling them to reach beyond the veil in search of champions to protect their sanctity.

Calling for Help

Manifesting through dreams and visions, the spir­its of the Reid family issue their silent plea to the living, a call to arms that transcends the boundaries between the seen and the unseen. Adventurers, drawn by the ethereal whispers of the past and the promise of uncovering lost secrets, may find themselves entangled in a quest that is as much about preservation as it is about exploration.

Adventure Hooks

Saviors. The heroes experience the same dream, or perhaps the same vision manifests before them. Either way, they learn of the Reids’ family crypt location and their non-desired spider situation. Tania Reid, the ghost from the sarcophagus, begs the heroes to hurry and im­pede the imminent arachnid takeover (0 XP).

Agents of Good

This adventure has no monetary reward for the heroes. Their sole motivator is to do a good deed. A priest within the party is ideal but not required. Still, the heroes are free to hire a religious figure. Or a third party may ask for the heroes’ help for this mission. In this case, Kevin (acolyte), experiences the vivid, dream-like vision.

Level 3 Adventure

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Encounter every 2 crawling rounds and after loud noises (4-in-6 chance).
  • Light. None of the dungeon areas are illuminated. The enemies within are all dark-adapted.
1 As adventurers delve deeper into the crypt, they stumble upon a hidden alcove. Something inside glows and reflects all light. If they inspect the place, the heroes find 74 gp (2 XP). However, they also disturb a dormant swarm of spiders.
2 In a narrow corridor, the floor suddenly gives way underfoot, revealing a pit trap lined with ancient, rusted spikes—a random hero must act fast or become impaled (DC 14 DEX, on a fail, 1d10 damage). It takes 1 crawling round to help a friend get out.
3 A ghostly figure appears (shadow), donning the faded regalia of the Reid family. It cannot tell between friend or foe and attacks.
4 A swarm of bats traverses the dungeon. If the heroes interact with it in any way, the winged creatures attack relentlessly.
5 A sudden chill fills the air and any torches or lamps the heroes hold flicker for a few seconds before turning off.
6 A party of three elves comes for the same reason as the heroes. They are not sure about the heroes’ intentions (Reaction check).

1. The Woods

The path to the crypt winds through an ancient for­est. A dense mist clings to the soil, shrouding the way forward in mystery and stern anticipation.

  • Passage. A character with eagle eyes may notice a spot on the hill’s facade (DC 15 WIS, see map). Picks or shovels would dig a tunnel in little time. If the heroes have the tools, it takes them 1 crawling round.

2. Fungi Cavern

Within the confines of the cave, a vibrant tapestry of fungi blankets the walls and floor, emitting a soft, bioluminescent glow that reveals the path forward.

Here and there, delicate webs drape like gossamer cur­tains, hinting at the presence of unseen arachnid inhabi­tants. There are no spiders in this area, though.

  • Fungi. Three mushroomfolk inhabit this cavern. They warn intruders that fire is not welcome. Approach­ing with a torch summons their anger and they attack. If the heroes hold a lamp or opt to walk in the darkness, the humanoids with toadstools for heads remain neutral.

3. Cavern Network

A chilling emptiness pervades the cave, where a solitary mound of gnawed bones lies discarded near a wall, silent testimony to forgotten demise.

This cavern is seemingly empty. However, if the heroes choose to search this area for 1 crawling round, they find an amulet of secrecy hidden in the mud (3 XP).

  • Bypass. The characters may skip areas 2 and 3 en­tirely if they find the secret passage (see area 1).

4. Central Cavern

This cave, awash in a sea of green moss, is strewn with bones and permeated by the pungent stench of decay, whispering tales of life’s fleeting nature.

This cavern connects to varied sections of the dungeon. The large spiders eat elsewhere, but they have opted to discard their leftovers here. Despite the stench, all of the bones are clean; no flesh remains on them.

  • The heroes are attacked by two swarms of spiders when they traverse this area. The arachnids are vicious and relentless. They attack the intruder wear­ing the least armor. They flee when reduced to half HP.

5. Destroyed Chamber

Ravaged by the relentless march of time and brutal cave-ins, this crypt chamber lies in near ruin, its once solemn contents reduced to fragments and dust.

This may be the first area of the dungeon that the heroes visit if they find the secret passage in area 1. What re­mains of the crypt’s tiles greatly fails to cover the dusty ground. Three steel tablets feature delicate name in­scriptions of all the Reids that were interred here.

  • Stairs. A 40-foot-long tunnel with natural steps pass­es underneath area 4 and leads to area 2 (see map).
  • Uncharted Tunnels. The cavern network continues to the south. There is no way to know what the heroes may find if their curiosity gets the best of them.

6. Arachnid Den

In the heart of darkness, the spiders’ den unfurls as a vast cavern, shrouded in layers of thick, suffocating webbing that clings to every surface. Here, the air is heavy with the scent of prey ensnared, evidence of the arachnid inhabitants’ inexorable dominion.

The heroes must confront three giant spiders and one spider swarm. The spiders keep their eggs nearby (area 7). The arachnids treat the heroes as dangerous invad­ers; they fight fearlessly to the death. After the fight, the heroes may loot the web cocoons. They find 18 gp, 289 sp, a set of chainmail (60 gp), and a +1 dagger (5 XP).

7. The Nest

This small, crumbling chamber now serves as the heart of the spiders’ brood, with clusters of glistening eggs scattered haphazardly across the webs.

  • Eggs. Countless spider eggs lay here. Five are giant eggs but the hundreds of others are regular-sized pods. The characters could sell the giant eggs as treasure. They are worth 65 gp each to the right buyer (5 XP).

If the heroes enter the dungeon from the secret passage (area 1), there is a chance that they find the eggs before confronting the spiders (see below). If any of the heroes hold spider eggs while fighting the spiders, all the arach­nids concentrate their attacks on this individual.

8. Reids’ Crypt

The last and only standing chamber of the crypt remains as a solemn sanctuary, where the whispers of the Reids’ spirits linger. Here, the spirits converge, awaiting the heroes who dare to heed their call.

The Reids’ spirits meet the characters and Kevin, in case he is present (see Agents of Good). If the spiders have been taken care of, the ghosts of the long-forgotten fam­ily are grateful for the heroes’ selfless, kind deed. Other­wise, they appreciate them coming to their aid, and re­veal the passage between areas 7 and 8 (see map).

  • Treasure. The Reids wish the heroes to keep a scar­ab of protection once the job is done. The family relic rests inside the sarcophagus. If the heroes dare take it before dealing with the spiders, they summon the ire of the Reids. A wraith appears to punish their insolence.

Fighting the Spiders

The spiders stay put to protect their eggs, forcing the heroes to fight within their territory. Non-spider creatures have a 3-in-6 chance to be restrained by the webbings every time they move through the webs (areas 6 and 7). It is not easy to break free (DC 15 STR check). However, the characters may use fire to remove the webs. Though it is not fast, a hero may burn the webs with a torch instead of fighting. They burn a 10-foot-square every round. Nevertheless, this not only angers the spiders but it also makes them go berserk. All spiders prioritize the torchbearer in the next round.


The characters leave the crypt. Regardless of their choices, they are stronger than before. And perhaps, they possess a couple of spider eggs. They hatch after 1 week if they have not been sold. Will the heroes keep the spi­derlings as pets? That is an adventure for another day…

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