725 The Aboleth’s Dreams

“From time immemorial, aboleths have weaved their sinister plots, their memory eternal, outliving empires and gods, a testament to their enduring malevolence”

Fragment of Creatures of Evil Vol. II

In the dark, forgotten depths beneath the sprawling city of Eldoria, lies an ancient, sub­merged ruin, a place shrouded in enigmat­ic history and sinister tales. At the heart of these submerged ruins resides Xalathes, the aboleth, a creature of immense evil and arcane prowess.

Time for Wishes

Eldoria, unbeknown to its inhabitants, was built upon the Sunken Citadel, a network of crumbling struc­tures and submerged halls, masking the dark presence lurking beneath. Xalathes was defeated eons ago and stayed dormant for centuries. Its isolation only fueled its hatred and its desire to dominate and control the surface dwellers. And, as the end of the year approaches, a time when the veil between consciousness and the dream world grows thin, Xalathes enacts its sinister plan.


During the festive celebrations, people’s minds are clouded with joy and merriment. It is then that they are most vulnerable. Xalathes taps into this weakness, weav­ing potent magic into the dreams of the unsuspecting citizens. These dreams, imbued with the aboleth’s ma­levolent will, are vivid and surreal, filled with images of ancient, sunken cities, eldritch runes, and the over­whelming presence of a dark, omnipotent god. A frag­ment of Xalathes’ consciousness is embedded within those affected. They become puppets of the aboleth’s will, their actions and thoughts subtly influenced to fur­ther its dark agenda. These are the Dreambound.

The possessed individuals act in ways that undermine the city’s well-being, spreading dissent, sabotaging struc­tures, and performing evil rituals in hidden corners of the city. Xalathes seeks to weaken the city from within, creating chaos and discord, and eventually, when the time is right, to rise from the dark and reclaim the world that was once under the dominion of its kind.

Adventure Hooks

  • Crisis. The High Oracle of Eldoria urgently seeks brave adventurers to investigate the source of these nightmarish dreams and put an end to the growing un­ease among the populace. The city offers nobility titles and a huge reward for this job (10 XP, 6,000 gp).


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