4 weird things a shady NPC is trying to sell you


You are making your way through the countryside, your goal still days away. Coming from the opposite direction is a horse cart at medium speed. When it is close you can see the black horse slavering, the cart driver pulls the reigns to make it slow down to talk with you. “Howdy travelers ! My name is Borhan” says the man, he is middle aged and road worn.

Borhan is a smuggler who recently acquired an ornamented axe. The axe looks great but it really is just a decorative item, it is not functional for battle, if used this way it breaks on the first use. An Int check (DC 16) to notice this.  Borhan wants to get rid of it as it is easily traceable and the original owner (DM choice) will come looking for it. Suggested price 50gp.


After the last job, you are really tired and long for a break, you go to (favorite tavern) where you can, at least for the night, drown your sorrows and fatigue with the best ale and wine in town. After a few drinks, there is a jolly air in the place, other patrons also drinking and gaming. A well dress half-elf approaches you, the sweet smell of his perfume precedes him. “Hello fellows, have you heard of my merchandise? My name is Feldren. I commerce with the finest wines. Would you like a taste?

Feldren is a scammer who goes from town to town, he will give them a taste of a very good elven wine. Then will sell them a box of bottles with sour wine, or if he can, even a barrel. An Insight check (DC 15) reveals his intentions. If caught, he will try to get away graciously.


You open the door of the bazaar and are hit by a musky smell, chains of articles dangle from the ceiling, tied to ropes all over the cramped shadowy room. “How could I help you foreigners?” , says a bulky dwarf with a red beard in braids. “Shall you take a look at this fine hippogriff egg?  It is unique and highly valuable.”, the dwarf vendor looks warily from the egg to you, something seems odd but you do not know what exactly.

Forlin Thrann, the vendor, was sold this egg months ago, he planned to hatch it and later sell the creature for a high price. It never hatched and now he is convinced that it’s either false or simply dead. Unbeknownst to him, the egg is in great condition but he never knew how to hatch it. A DC 15 nature check can reveal this fact. If pressed, Forlin will reveal that the egg is just something he is trying to get rid off to recover his investment. If Forlin still believes the egg is false he will try to sell it for 100gp, if he finds out it can still be hatched he will try to collect 5 times the price.


The sun is high in the sky when you see two travelers camping beside the main road. They are eating and drinking ale from a tankard. When you are close enough, they signal for you to join them, offering drinks. “Y’know friends, these woods are inhabited by fairies, small harmless creatures they are, but they are worth some gold. If you can catch them, that is”, says one of them laughing. “Here ! see this vial, it’s a perfume that makes them little fairies come out in the open to be caught”.

Jacken and Barrasan make the “perfume” from natural ingredients and combine some creatures’ musk in it.  It does not attract fairies but there is a 50% that it will attract a big wood predator like a bear, a boar or an owlbear (a pack for highel level).  A nature check (DC 15) can reveal the fake nature of the liquid.


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