300 The Great Father Tree

The Great Deku Tree!

We’re celebrating a big milestone in my writing and illustrating career. This is map #300 in the numbered series. I’m really happy I’ve gotten this far. When I started making maps I never envisioned making so many of them and being the author of so many adventures and interesting locations. So, I decided to goa little over board with this one just for fun and make a kind of Great Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda series.

The “dungeon” is inside of the great tree and has four different levels. The tree is dying from a malignant blight disease but the fey creatures in the forest cannot help because the poison the blight produces kills them instantly. Only a group of valiant warriors who dare enter the great tree to cleanse it can save the day. This adventure is almost double the length of what I normally do and even includes a few read-aloud dialogue boxes.

We released this oneshot adventure in the DMs Guild here

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