Sharn, The Missing Schema

Sharn, The Missing Schema

This is an introductory adventure to Eberron and Sharn. It is written for 3-6 characters of levels 1 to 5. This adventure showcases the versatility of urban adventures in Sharn. The adventure takes a party of characters from the lowest and more dangerous parts of the city, the lower wards and The Depths, to the highest and most exclusive neighborhoods in the upper wards and the Skyway.

This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, underground exploration, interesting NPC’s, a flying chase scene on flying vessels, and a BBEG with enough charisma to captivate any player. This is what’s included in the download:

  • Adventure PDF – bookmarked and with hyperlinks.
  • Printer Friendly PDF
  • Map files for DM and PC in high resolution
  • Roll20 compatible maps
  • Detailed maps of Sharn of every ward and city section

Sharn detailed maps.

Download the Adventure Below

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