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  • Rime of the Frostmaiden Companion 1: Ten Towns

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFrom the author of the best-selling Dungeon of the Mad Mage Companion: Everything You Need to Run Rime of the Frostmaiden and More! The Rime of the Frostmaiden Companion is your one-stop supplement to enhance your campaign. This supplement includes: DM Notes. Notes including but not limited to spicing up the region with valuable roleplay with select NPCs. Sample Plotline. The Companion provides a sample plotline for your campaign's first session, including advice on which town to start it. Scaling Difficulty. If your party doesn't fit the mold, look no further. The Companion provides details on how to expand or reduce an encounter's difficulty. Say goodbye to the CR 6 frost giant skeleton in Easthaven's quest. Expanded Ten Towns. Each town is further detailed with a new or enhanced locations, as well as how they approach their sacrifices to Auril. Every town is also personified with an ideal, bond, and flaw—and yes, the bond of Dougan's Hole is "Family first." Areas of Note. Notes, room descriptions, scenes, and scripts for the various areas of the adventure. Magic Item Descriptions. Save yourself the time of digging through the Dungeon Master's Guide to determine how the magic items in this chapter work. The appendix also lists the area the item is found. Monster Stats. Time is precious, and matters all the more in combat. Appendix B has the statistics for the NPCs used in this chapter! Effects. From charms to traps to brown mold, say goodbye to leafing through the Dungeon Master's Guide for an effect. If you like what you see, you can check out my other work here on DMs Guild, follow me on Twitter (@Wyatt_Trull) or visit my website (! Player Options and amp; Encounters Encounters and amp; Adventures Curse of Strahd    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist   Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage  

  • Thordin Battleaxe's Tome of Adventure

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildBlackened husks and large piles of rubble are all that remain of most of the Village of Norad. Thin wisps of smoke rise from the few structures that managed to withstand the orc attack. Scragg the Wicked, Orc General, and follower of Krusk the Devourer, raided the village last night. Some dwarves have been taken captive. Many more died defending the village. Who will bring this vile creature to justice? From Award-Winning author Liam Murray comes Thordin Battleaxe's Tome of Adventure This unique book is specifically designed for brand new DMs (and players). It consists of a fully fleshed out one-shot adventure, for level 3 characters, that would take 3 or 4 hours to play through. It includes everything that a brand new DM needs to run the adventure, even if you don’t have the Player’s Handbook or Monster Manual (well nearly everything, you’ll need to get your own friends). The book is brimming full of advice to help brand new DMs run, not only the adventure in this book but also any other adventure they might want to DM in the future. This advice covers a broad range of topics, from making effective adventure hooks to explaining rules, and a brief but informative guide to running combat encounters. The book also includes 5 premade character sheets, fantastic artwork, all the monster stat blocks you will need to run the adventure, and beautiful, full-color battlemaps for every combat encounter. During the adventure, the characters will track the orcs that raided Norad along a dangerous mountain pass. They will eventually discover the orc camp in Silverstone Mine and will have to figure out how best to overcome the orc defenses. The challenges they will face throughout the adventure can be overcome in a variety of ways from your classic hack and slash, to clever negotiating and alliance making. Despite the hard work and effort that went into making this book, it is free. This is because D and amp;D is a game that I love and want to share with more people (I genuinely believe everyone can enjoy this game). However, D and amp;D can be expensive to get into. That’s why I decided to make a high-quality adventure that anyone can play with their friends completely for free! While the book is free, if you enjoyed the adventure and found the book helpful and would like to support me, buying the adventure is extremely helpful to me. Even if you just buy it for as low as 0.20$ it helps contribute to making this product a bestseller! Also please consider leaving a rating and a review! It really helps me out. Also, why not check out my other work? Murder on the Primewater Pleasure – A murder mystery that takes place entirely onboard a ship (4th level characters). The Horrors beneath Hopen’er Asylum – A horror adventure that takes place in and below an old mental asylum (6th – 7th level characters).

  • Ten-Towns – an Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden DM's resource (maps, cheatsheets, advice)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildMaps, advice, cheatsheets, extra content and amp; more to help you start your Rime of the Frostmaiden-campaign! Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a chilly campaign that will take characters from 1st to beyond 10th level, as they face frosty foes, deeply buried dangers, and dark deities, while reshaping the fate of Icewind Dale – and perhaps the entire Sword Coast along with it! This download, which covers the introduction and Chapter 1 of the campaign book, provides you with tools and thoughts that will help you make Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden an exciting experience for your players – and much more manageable for you to run. This download contains: Overview and amp; Structure. Quick summaries and thoughts about structure to help you plan out the larger adventure and the content in Chapter 1: Ten-Towns. Starting the Adventure. Inspiration for a Session 0, additional character hooks, and advice for starting the campaign at higher levels and from other adventures. Secrets and amp; Wilderness Survival. Advice on using Character Secrets and handling Wilderness Survival. Running Chapter 1: Ten-Towns. Thoughts about choosing a Starting Town and running the Starting Quests, as well as in-depth advice on each of the Ten-Towns, with specific recommendations for adjusting encounter difficulty to fit your party. 5 Full-Color, VTT-ready Encounter Maps. Includes maps for Easthaven Ferry, the ‘Lake Monster’-quest, and the ‘Foaming Mugs’-quest, and also a Snow Encounter Map and a Snow Street Map. Encounter Sheets. All the enemy creatures of Chapter 1: Ten-Towns neatly arranged together on pages so you don’t have to flip through piles of books at the table. DM’s Notes. Condensed shortform notes of everything in Chapter 1 for easy use at the table. Follow Along for More These DM’s resources are the first in a series of resources for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Sign up to our mailing list ( to receive notifications and special discounts when new DM’s resources are released. Also follow us on Twitter ( for more D and amp;D-related fun, give-aways, and free content. Map Previews Eventyr Games Like this product or have a question? Leave a comment, rating or a review, and let us know what you think! Also, check out our other products: DM's resources for other campaigns (click bundles to see individual products)     Compendiums, Rules and amp; Player Options        Adventures  

  • Snow and Ice, Things Nasty and Nice

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe arctic environment holds a mysterious atmosphere of danger and discovery for those who dare to settle there and those who venture to explore it. One can never be sure what lurks over that nearby snow drift, inside that dark cave, or under that frozen ice. Threats loom over the next hill, but treasures may also be found hidden among the seldom explored corners  of the harsh environment. Snow and Ice, Things Nasty and Nice provides a collection of character backgrounds, modular encounters, creatures and NPCs, magical items, and maps for your arctic campaign. The features included work nicely with the Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden official D and amp;D product or with any arctic adventure in your own game world. This product includes: Four original arctic themed character backgrounds: Ice Fisher Wilderness Guide Fur Trader Reindeer Herder Five original scalable modular encounters: On Thin Ice - Cross a frozen river that might not be as safe as it looks. White Out - Navigate the treacherous conditions of a severe blizzard. Leader of the Pack - Hungry wolves work together to hunt their prey. Ice Fishing Contest - Compete to catch the most and largest fish. Falling Ice - Maneuver through a narrow hallway and dodge falling icicles. Eight original NPCs and creatures. Thirteen original magic items. Five original encounter / battle maps The ice cave holds unknown creatures and secrets. The frozen river looks like it's solid enough to cross, but is it? The tavern offers some shelter and comfort from the frigid conditions. The forbidden woods are home to hungry and dangerous creatures. The narrow ice tunnel directs travelers through a confined space.             

  • Laeral Silverhand's Notebook: Surviving Icewind Dale

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFight monsters, uncover items, learn new spells and meet new people (and a goat) in this supplement that perfectly fits any campaign running in the Icewind Dale. I have held many titles in my time. Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lord Mage of Waterdeep, Chosen of Mystra and One of the Seven Sisters. But the most important name I hold for you is Laeral Silverhand, daughter of Mystra and Witch-Queen of the North. I hear you want to venture to the cold, unforgiving north; to uncover the secrets of the Icewind Dale and the Ten Towns. Most would think you foolish, mad and definitely unready. You cannot even wield the Spellfire, yet you still want to reach the Frozenfar. But fear not. If there is anything that could even remotely prepare you for the land you are about to set foot in, is I, the Queen of Stornanter. — Laeral Silverhand In this book you will find: 10 new deadly and not so deadly creatures that you may meet in the Frozenfar 20 new magic items hidden in the North 35 new spells that will aid you survive the winter 8 new NPCs that you can find while exploring the Icewind Dale original art pieces

  • Encounters in the Far North

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Encounters in the Far North brings you 24 exciting new encounters to add to your Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign or any other game featuring arctic adventures!Brought to you by Guild Adepts Ginny Loveday, Celeste Conowitch, Ashley Michaela "Navigator" Lawson, Rich Lescouflair, and M.T. Black This is a DMs Guild Adept product. The Dungeon Masters Guild Adept program brings talented individuals together to produce quality content for the DMs Guild. Guild Adept products are identified with the golden ampersand.

  • Icewind Dale: Tome of Adventures | A Rime of the Frostmaiden Supplement

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAtmospheric adventures for stormy nights in the North. This product includes eight quests with original maps for campaigns in and around the Icewind Dale, most prominently Rime of the Frostmaiden or Storm King's Thunder. Battle phase spider cambions, mind flayer juice infused crabs, living fingers of death, and more. Quest Description Auril's Sinew A goblin death cult occupies a gargantuan bridge in the Spine of the World—contains flying goblins and Death Cult mechanics. Crab Collective A lair of sentient, psionic crabs that have evolved after gobbling up a mind flayer—contains disgusting eggs and mind-bending group mechanics. Hunting Grounds An orc village fights a losing battle against a phase spider cambion named Muugin—contains a reoccurring villain that might crawl into your mouth at night. Last Rest Inn An extra-dimensional inn that only appears to travelers on the brink of death—contains a hungry oni, umber hulk chairs, and a mind flayer trap. Moon Shade Mead An adorable quest to help a young halfling revive her late grandfather's meadery—contains magic berries, undead critters, and a speaking skull. Strike the Earth A former dwarven hold, now the lair of svirfneblin eating yuan-ti—contains hardship, magma worms, and split tongued liars. Tower of Lead The Tower of Lead, a leaking wound in the Weave and site of a failed mythal—contains living spells and deadly radiation. Well of Spirits The Well of Spirits, an ancient site of power, misused by a priest of Auril and her fur-covered followers—may contain traces yeti. These quests are presented to you by author Christian Eichhorn and editor John Parker. You can contact me via mail ( or via Twitter (@squirrelgolem).

  • DDAL10-00 Ice Road Trackers

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA trek toward Icewind Dale turns deadly when an avalanche blocks the heroes’ passage through the Spine of the World. Rescued by a menagerie of strange creatures, the heroes are asked to return the favor in exchange for answers about what’s happening in the cold and frozen North. An introductory adventure comprising four 1-hour episodes.

  • Character Backstory Template

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWhat is the LEAST amount of backstory you need to have as a player? How do you get an actual Backstories from your PC's as the DM? These Backstory Questions are a guide and backstory template to inspire and help you create the ultimate character backstory! These Backstory Questions that you can use to scan through and find what questions speak to you, you dont have to answer them all, just enough for you to "find yourself". I hope this helps you create some Better Backstories!

  • The NPC Handbook

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe NPC Handbook Over 10 Quadrillion NPC Combinations Create unique characters to use in your campaign in seconds, with only a few dice rolls "Very handy tool. Makes it really easy to come up with unique characters on the fly.""Who would have thought that a PayWhatYouWant product could solve all my NPC issues. Thank you for creating this one for the community.""Really looking forward to using this one. I always find it hard to roleplay a new character that my players meet. This'll definitely help."This book is a tool that allows dungeon masters to create characters very quickly, even during gameplay. This is a tool I originally created for my own campaigns, and I thought of sharing it with the community since a lot of game masters have a hard time coming up with unique characters. In this book, you will find:     • 22 pages of illustrated content (color)     • Over 10 quadrillion NPC combinations     • A guide for detailed and quick NPCs     • 2 special tables for extra flavor     • Pregenerated male and female characters     • A printer-friendly version of the book PAGE PREVIEWS       MORE One Shot Adventure  About the Author Anthony started Dungeon Influence back in 2018 as a small instagram community for dungeon masters. Turns out that things got big, and the community is now composed of more than 25.000 dungeon masters that share stories from their campaigns.  Instagram community: @dungeoninfluence If you enjoyed this book, you could leave a review or rating!