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  • Random NPC Character Name Generator

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis Excel sheet is capable of randomly generating everything you need to make Characters and NPCs on the go! With billions of possible combinations, you will never have to worry about coming up with an NPC name on the spot ever again. The table will generate a name, gender and class all at the click of a button. It will choose appropriate names based on gender and race.

  • Eldritch Champion - An all new Swordmage/Magus class

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildJoin the secretive and powerful ranks of the Eldritch Champions. Contained with in this volume is everything you need to play an Eldritch Champion -- a spellsword class who uses both their martial prowess and magic knowledge to accomplish their goals. Bind yourself to one of six Mystic Orders, each with their own secrets and philosphy. Whether it is the Order of the Dragon and their draconic inspiration or the Order of the Singing Blade and their elvish origins, each order provides a unique experience. This volume includes: 6 Subclasses (Order of the Dragon, Essences, Paragon, Singing Blade, Spellbane, and Stalwart) 6 new spells (Cantrip - 5th level) A new Magical Item 29 Arcane Secrets (potentially useful for Warlock Invocations) ___ For use with the fifth edition manuals, existing and to exist.

  • College of Distortion

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Become the ultimate rock star, and have your performances be immortalized in the book of heavy metal with the College of Distortion! A powermetal inspired subclass for the Bard. Deal damage with your inspiration, duel for a devil's favor, and get your allies riled up!

  • Dungeons

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildHello brave adventurer! Stocked up on healing potions? Great! Got your sword and shield ready? Awesome! Still feeling brave? No? Too bad! Dungeons is a PDF chock full of adventuring goodness in the form of crypt-themed dungeons to explore. Each of these dungeons fits on two pages,map and all! So there is no need to flip through multiple pages to keep track of what is going on. These are setting agnostic and will fit into any campaign. Just choose a dungeon, point the adventurers that way and, most important of all, have fun! Within you will find full-color isometric maps of FIVE, two page, dungeons to explore which include: A Warlords Tomb! A dungeon where a mighty undead menace awaits you. The Three Stones!A dungeon where a great evil was interred within. You must unlock its door and defeat it! The Priests Mausoleum!The rest of a old adventurer is disturbed by intruders! A Wizards Tomb!The Wizard Rixius wanted a monument to himself. Over the years it has changed, and has become dangerous! And finally the Necro Crypt!No big overarching story here, just go in and kill stuff. Live out your DND power fantasy!      Each of these is progressively larger than the last. Intended for groups between levels 3 and 6, most should find something to enjoy within. In addition to the dungeons you will find six brand new monsters to populate your own adventures with. These include:Announcement-BotGuard-o-Bot Present-a-BotVendor-a-TronTomb Horror and finally the most deadly foe of all, The Kobold Leader!

  • Creature Compendium

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Over 200 creature stat blocks for your D and amp;D 5e campaign! Hundreds of creatures from 3rd and 4th editions now for the first time ready to drop into any 5th edition campaign. Creatures from CR 1/8 to 28, including the following: 35 Undead creatures 6 Dragons—earthquake, ethereal, radiant, song, Styx, and Tarterian 5 Giants—bog giant, geriviar, shadow giant, and two troll variants 5 demons and 4 devils 5 creature templates 3 dinosaurs—seismosaurus, spinosaurus, battletitan 3 Oozes—arcane, bloodfire, conflagration and so much more! Check out the first 50 pages by clicking the full-page preview link above! Website: Twitter: @AdamMakesTTRPGs

  • Artos' Modular Magic Weapons

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildArtos' Modular Magic Weapons! Over 91 different magical options for each component of every weapon listed in the PHB! Ever wanted a magic dagger that could create small vortexes to pull your enemies in, glow when fiends are nearby and could even duplicate itself at a whim for dual wielding? Or perhaps a maul that when you critically hit a creature you can send them flying only to smash into a wall for extra damage while the hilt of the weapon melts into your hand so you have a literal iron grip on the weapon? Well these weapons and more are possible with Artos’ Modular Magic Weapons which has over 91 different magical options and components for a DM or Player to be able to make their very own highly unique magical weapon! Near Endless Possibilities! Of course there is a limit to the amount of weapons one could create, but there are a multitude of components that are designed to not just be a flat damage upgrade to a weapon, but instead provide avenues for players to lean into their specific style of play! Furthermore, if a DM is too afraid to give a player this much agency and the player might have a little too much gold to spend, these components can instead just be picked and chosen by the DM to create a special Magic Item for a player, or use some of the components as inspiration instead! If a +1 weapon is a little too boring, you can always take one of these components to give it a little extra flavor and spice, and make the magic weapon that much more meaningful! (Almost) Every Weapon in the PHB Represented! This guide has components for every weapon listed in the Player's Handbook (with the exception of the Blowgun and Sling), and is not just intended to be used for basic swords! Crossbows, bows, swords, clubs, flails, and maces each have their individual sections that they belong in and have differing components that better match their playstyle and aesthetic! A Basic Economic System Beyond just rarity and gold costs, there is also a system in place to determin how powerful an item will be and when it will require attunement depending on the amount of components are used in the creation of the weapon and how rare each component is. Because of this, with a set amount of gold, each player can come up with radically different weapons and even multiple weapons if they didn't want to have one super powerful weapon but instead a few weapons for different situations with less rare components!

  • Beast Heroes: 5 Animal-Themed Subclasses

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildBeast Heroes is a collection of 5 animal-themed subclasses for the fifth edition of the world's oldest roleplaying game. Includes: The College of Feathers bard, a singer with the agility and grace of a songbird  The Circle of the Chosen druid, who specializes in transforming into a single, more powerful beast The Wolf Warrior fighter, a ferocious warrior and master of team tactics The Way of the Octopus monk, an aquatic martial artist with spectral tendrils of ki The Beast patron warlock, who can summon spectral beasts to hunt on their behalf

  • Volo's Vetted Vendors — 20 shops and shopkeepers (Fantasy Grounds)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNow Available for Fantasy Grounds Unity! The Best Shops of the Forgotten Realms Volothamp Geddarm is back! After years of research, Volo’s Vetted Vendors is the humble scribe’s latest work. Wherever your adventures take you, this treatise will be your guide to the local businesses. Whether you're looking for a place to sleep, somewhere to stock up on supplies, or simply a place to get a great mug of ale, Volo has got you covered! This Fantasy Grounds module includes 20 unique establishments and their proprietors, together with a list of wares offered, delectable details about the owner, and other adventure seeds to inspire your campaign. Included in the module you will receive: Lovingly crafted details on each shop and shopkeeper Price lists with fully created items NPCs, many of which come with illustrated tokens Quest seeds in rollable tables so that you can introduce a little randomness into your party's experience -- or make the choice A map of the The General Store with Line of Sight The module includes everything you need to effectively (and quickly!) use it in your game. All referenced monsters and items (both magic and mundane!) are included. Here's what people had to say about the book version of Volo's Vetted Vendors: M.T. Black"Full of great ideas and beautifully presented." JVC Parry"A delightfully presented collection of commercial enterprises, many of which are truly inspired" J.A. Valeur, Eventyr Games"There are supplements you want and there are supplements you need. If your PCs are the shopping types, this definitely falls in the latter category. Don't miss out!" Teos "Alphastream" Abadia"I truly enjoyed reading Volo's Vetted Vendors. This is an excellently designed supplement. Each location has a focus on how to engage your characters—from interesting items to purchase to adventure hooks to roleplaying prompts. Not only will you be inspired as a DM, you will have multiple ways to create fun situations for your players. Highly recommended!" The following shops are just a few examples of the marvelous businesses that Volo visited on his travels: Located in the Trades Ward of Waterdeep, The Cake Whisperer is an unassuming high-end bakery. Unbeknownst to the general public, The Widow uses this place as the hub of her spy network. (Marius Brunner) You just never know where you'll encounter Formi's Serendipitous Grand Exchange. Whatever the place, just know that Formi has an offer for you that is as tempting as it is strange. (Matthew Whitby) Higrida's Tattoos and Other Artistry is a tattoo shop located in the Dwarven stronghold of Mirabar. Inside of the shop, customers can purchase Higrida's services—both mundane and magical. (Purple Bog Press) The team Shop Designers: Basil Wright (@kobanya_kana), Gene Brode, Jr. (@BardDurian), Jeff C. Stevens (@Jcorvinstevens), Joanna DeLaune (@prismaticblast), Marius Brunner (@Eisiplosion), Matt Kimberlin (@ASynthetic20), Matthew Whitby (@WhitbyWrites), Purple Bog Press, StickyHunter (@TheStickyHunter), Sven Truckenbrodt (@TheRubyFeather) Editing: Rachel Savicki (@RWritesThings) Lead Designer, Art Direction and Layout: T.M. van Dalen ( Fantasy Grounds Developer: Joanna DeLaune (@prismaticblast) Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here. Discord: @thegrimpress

  • Simple Quest Generator

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildSimple Quest Generator This is a collection of simple tables that I used for quest generation in an episodic contract based campaign. These tables are included in the Monster Hunter's Armory Tables for generating simple; Hook Sources Locations 4 Tiers of Threat and amp; Challenge tables Slightly Expanded Monster Type Table Thematic die roll options for few of the tables.

  • Witchlight for the Combat Starved (Yon)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to Witchlight for the Combat-Starved (Yon)! This is the final installment of Combat-Starved supplements for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. This supplement adds eight combat-preferable random encounters to Chapter 4, new major sidequests and a mini-adventure.  Eight new random combat encounters include: Purple Worm with Googly Eyes! You're not sure if it's looking right at you, or if that's just how its eyes work.  Dueling Piano Ogres! These ogres are desperate for an audience, so they went and captured one. Now they're trying their best to entertain their hostages, and it isn't going well. Ettin Riddle Bridge! The Ettin won't let you cross his bridge unless you answer all three of his riddles. Is your party smart enough to cross the bridge? (Doesn't this job usually belong to trolls?)  Troll Tea Party! You're invited, it's going to be fun. Trolls make excellent hosts.  You'll also get two sidequests and a mini-dungeon adventure. These sidequests all start at a new quest hub: the Lighthoues on the Shore of the Sky! Meet Professor Mortimer Quinkle, who is desperately hoping to avert the prophecised heat-death of the multiverse! He needs your help! Step into his teleporter and travel to the Garden of Mixolydian, the Floating Asteroid of G-Sharp Minor Diminished Seventh, and the Astral Steamboat Gumpert tracking down the artifacts you'll need to save the universe! On these sidequests, you will enjoy some wonderful activities:  Hunting Ebeneezer the Peppermint Beholder! He has en eye and a taste for beautiful works of art.  Hunting Torsten Vornhold the Gentleman Mindflayer! Being a gentleman doesn't mean he is polite. Fighting Hobgoblin Space Pirates on an Astral Steamboat! Captain Malafact Hannigan and his crew want a new pirate ship. Team up with a minotaur "cowboy" to save the day. Also included in this supplemetn are new NPC's, magic items, three original riddles, and more! Monocle of Deep Secrets Ordalasian Medal of Bravery Teapot of Polite Conversation Tuning Fork of Perfect Pitch Pendant of Oort Snow Globe of Cacophony A completely new Astrology for the skies over Prismeer with signs and mythologies. New Quest Hub: The Lighthoues on the Shore of the Sky Professor Mortimer Quinkle, gnome scientist thrown out of Sharn University for questionable studies. Clancy "Pocket Kings" Brynner, a cardplaying minotaur cowboy who was in the right place at the wrong time. Full color maps of the Astral Steamboat Gumpert including DM's map and Player's map. And for the combat-starved among us, we salute you.