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  • Fantasy Grounds Token Share

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. -DiabloBob

  • Ezmerelda's Encyclopedia of Evil

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildEzmerelda's Encyclopedia of Evil is a monster book in the vein of Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, expanding creatures beyond their stat block and exploring ways to turn them into memorable parts of your D and amp;D campaign. Within these pages, you'll find over a dozen chapters on lycanthropes, vampires, lamia, dragons, aberrations, slaad, and more. Each chapter is designed to provide new stat blocks, traits, abilities, and play aids to turn the "boss creature" at the end of the dungeon into a memorable encounter, arc-long antagonist, or world-shaking villain. Ezmerelda's Encyclopedia Includes: 14 chapters that explore a certain creature type Over 35 new monsters from Challenge 2 to Challenge 30 More than 70 alternate creature traits and abilities More than 30 new lair actions and regional effects Material to turn featured creatures into meaningful villains and nefarious antagonists

  • The Book of 925

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

  • The Jade Abyss

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis is a tier 2 (level 5-6) adventure about an underground tomb/prison from an earlier civilization. The place crawls with undead reanimated inmates that just recently found a way out of their resting place. A group of unfortunate city watch soldiers lost their lives when they stumbled upon the escaped armored undead. They come from a place where evil has concentrated in the air. It is strong enough that the cursed place is unhallowed ground. The Adventurers may find this place on their own after an unrelated encounter with a hungry hill giant, or they may accept a reward from the commander of the city watch to investigate the underground network of tunnels where the soldiers lost their lives. If left unattended, the undead creatures will undoubtedly find their way through the city gates and cause a major tragedy. This is what's included in the download: Adventure PDF Printer Friendly PDF (BW) High-Resolution Map files for the DM and PCs Roll20 compatible maps           Other Adventures in our catalog:      

  • Player Primer: Icewind Dale

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDiscover the wonders of Faerûn’s frozen tundra with Player Primer: Icewind Dale! This supplement contains all the information DMs and players will need to jump into a Dungeons and amp; Dragons adventure set in Icewind Dale including: Life in Icewind Dale Important story events Regions and settlements of Icewind Dale Factions of Icewind Dale New and amp; adapted backgrounds A Character Chronicle to build characters firmly grounded in Icewind Dale Our Character Chronicle, adapted from the Heroic Chronicle created in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, is a system of character creation that helps players create characters with strong ties to Icewind Dale. This includes goals, secrets, and even favorite foods! Useful for any player, this system can also be used to create more fully-realized villains for your arctic escapades.  Icewind Dale is a classic and storied region of Faerûn whose story is continuing in Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Get ready for Dungeons and Dragons’ next big adventure today with Player Primer: Icewind Dale!

  • Blibdoolpoolp Rising - Adventure

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildBlibdoolpoolp Rising The power of the mind and belief are wonderous, often leading us to manifest things that aren’t real. For the kuo-toa, this power is heightened, allowing their collective belief to manifest gods. Two tendays ago, a paladin of Torm was kidnapped by kuo-toa. In a strange turn of events, she was mistaken for a kuo-toa god, and whisked off to their underground lair. Barria has managed to pose as the god and now shakily leads a small faction of kuo-toa while trapped underground. With her influence being increasingly scrutinized, and with the different kuo-toa sects on the brink of civil war, it’s a dangerous time, even for a ‘god’… The heroes’ mission – rescue the paladin from the kuo-toa oceanic lair before she’s transformed into a kuo-toa god. Blibdoolpoolp Rising is a 4-to-8-hour adventure for a party of four-to-five characters of 3rd - 6th level. It’s an adventure about the power of belief, and what belief may manifest. The kuo-toa are an Underdark-dwelling race of fishlike humanoids. Different sects worship different god-like beings, each god manifested through the strength of a sect’s collective zeal. Such “gods” feature prominently in this adventure. You can also download this adventure with the alternative cover, included with your purchase.

  • The Farseer

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Lost in thoughts, a human wanders the corridors of an ancient temple that one of his ancestors explored centuries ago. Once he reaches the room where his forefather died, a light of knowledge coming from within awakens in his eyes, and he readies sword and spells to fight what is lurking in the shadows ahead, guarding the way forward. A feeling of familiarity is suddenly upon the dwarf as he explores the huge halls and long corridors that the rest of the party, here to reclaim the long lost treasure of an ancient dwarven civilization, still does not know about. Voices and visions spin inside the dwarf’s mind, who sees the city for what it once was, together with the events that brought death to all the explorers that came here before him. Surrounded by enemies and close to defeat, the armored elf is still and unmoving as she looks at her dying kin. In that moment of surrender, a sparkle lights in her eyes giving her the strength and knowledge to fight and then best the army of orcs, fought by her people since time immemorial. Dormant Heroes Thanks to an innate connection with the Astral Plane, a farseer è is able to tap the knowledge contained in the Collective Unconscious, a psychic container that permeates the Astral Plane. These knowledge are represented by the reminiscences, primitive principles that go beyond cultures and symbols and shared by all humanoids. The Class The farseer is a new versatile class that may cover different roles thanks to its reminiscences feature. Twelve reminiscences are available for the player who can customize the farseer and create different combinations of game style according to needs. At third level, a farseer choose its subclass option: eyes of the creators and eyes of the heroes, the first one awakes psionic powers whilst the second is based on the Hero’s Journey. At higher levels, the farseer obtains permanent benefits inherited from its reminiscences which determine its final.

  • Fantasy Grounds Shops

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. Shops for Fantasy Grounds! This extension for Fantasy Grounds VTT allows the DM to prepare shops which can be shared with your players. The players can browse through the shop, select items for purchase, and add the purchased items to their character inventory. Shops can have a limited inventory or items can be set as unlimited. When the items in the shopping cart are purchased, the cost is automatically deducted from the player's character sheet. DMs can also set a markup value, making items in the shop more or less expensive. Random shops can be easily created using Fantasy Grounds rollable tables. By having the table output a parcel, the parcel can be dropped into a shop to instantly populate the shop with items. This product contains the extension and a module containing some example shops. ImportantDue to how Fantasy Grounds implements player permissions over module entries, Shops from a module must be copied into your campaign, and the copy shared with the player. Shops shared directly from modules will not work properly.

  • Fantasy Grounds Coin Converter

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. 5E Coin Converter DM: "You find a hoard containing 5637 CP, 3425 SP, 655 EP". Player: "Uh, how much is that in GOLD?" MATH!!!! The 5E Coin Converter extension allows players to quickly convert their coinage. In just a couple of clicks, you can see whether or not you have enough money to afford that suit of Plate. This extension is specific to the D and amp;D 5E ruleset. Use in other rulesets is not supported.

  • DDAL09-18 Consequences of Choice

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe soul of the commander of the Bloody Hooves has been spirited away by Zariel’slieutenant, General Everbleed. The Bloody Hooves are in disarray and will not be thefighting force Dara had hoped without the iron will of their commander to direct them.To find them amid the battlefields of Avernus, you are going to need help. Hopefully youhave made some friends in the Nine Hells. A Four to Six-Hour Adventure for 11th through 16th Level Characters. Optimized For: APL 13