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  • Caul of Winter

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildEnter the world of Icewind Dale like you’ve never seen it before! Loaded with beautiful, original art and maps, this supplement for Rime of the Frostmaiden takes a fresh look at the core storyline at the heart of the campaign. Auril is brought to life in our discussion of three possible backstories that may be motivating her, and she is given screen time early in our all-new, alternative starting quest, “Call to Faith.” At the core of the adventure is the young tiefling woman, Faith, whose good heart has been called to serve an evil goddess—Auril. Faith is drawn North, for reasons she doesn’t fully understand, herself. As she learns more about Auril, so too do the players. In the dramatic conclusion of this quest, the players are drawn deeper into Faith’s storyline and launched into the greater events of Icewind Dale, setting in motion a story which will carry them through to a confrontation with Auril herself.   What’s inside? The discussion of Auril’s motivation and backstory, along with the alternative starting quest, “Call to Faith,” are at the core of this supplement, but in the 50 pages contained herein, you will find that and so much more: * “Conducting a Campaign” presents comments and ideas on everything from the sandbox exploration of Ten Towns to the climactic scenes in Auril’s secret abode. * “Events and Encounters” sketches 31 short encounters that you can use to add dynamism and vitality to the dale. * “Environment Rules” revisits the full suite of rules for interacting with the environment, from extreme cold weather to travel times, and presents a version of these rules which gives more bite to the cold, but remains easy to use at the gaming table. * A reference map of Ten Towns gives a short description of each town, a danger rating (in 1-3 snowflakes), and a breakdown of quests, side quests, and story hooks found in each town. * A travel map shows distances along the roads between towns, as well as to and from Sunblight.   Why should you care? Do you love Auril the Frostmaiden, and want to see more of her? In these pages we take a deep dive into her backstory and motivations, presenting a rich tapestry of ideas that you can choose from to make Auril the most compelling villain she can be. Do you love the terrible danger of the frozen north, and want to see it given more weight at the gaming table? Our environment rules ratchet up the danger and emphasize the sheer vast cold, without sacrificing ease of use. If you use these rules, your players won’t forget where they are. Do you love Rime of the Frostmaiden and want more content? Our collection of short encounters bring new perspectives on many familiar and beloved elements to be found in Icewind Dale, from the Ten Towns to Karkolohk to Revel’s End. Do you want an all-new starting quest? This complete story module presents an alternate introduction to the Rime of the Frost Maiden campaign. “Call to Faith,” opens with the players outside of Icewind Dale, venturing in. After the hard journey, the discovery of conditions in the dale is especially powerful. It also introduces a new NPC, the young tiefling woman, Faith. By placing at the heart of the story, we give the party eyes through which they can see Auril and Icewind Dale, helping them quickly understand the scope of what’s at stake, not only for the whole of Icewind Dale, but for the soul of this young woman and the goddess who has called her. Do you love connections between community-created titles? Our central character, Faith, originally appeared in Paul Metzger’s DM’s Guild Module, Dung Work. She became an important NPC in my Waterdeep campaign, where she was given an internal conflict of being good at heart but having been called by cruel Auril. It was kismet when Rime came out, featuring Auril as such a central figure. Building on each other’s work creates the sense that this world is something bigger than any one of us, and that what happens in one module can be true in another. Do you love the vast open sandbox that is Chapters One and Two, and enjoy reflecting on how best to explore it? Our chapter, “Conducting a Campaign”, presents a beautiful reference map of Ten Towns, with danger ratings for each town and a breakdown of hooks and side-quests. We also go in detail into one possible route your party could use to move through the ten towns and beyond, and why you might choose that route instead of any other. This supplement is epic in scope, and almost every DM will find something in here that you can use. If your passion is the story, then the discussion of Auril and Faith are for you, along with the new starting quest that launches the campaign with an emotional opening. If you care about rules and precision, the adjusted environmental rules will keep you satisfied. If you want advice on how to tackle the sandbox that is Icewind Dale, you’ll be interested in our resources and commentary on that topic.   And if you like beautiful, original art and maps, this supplement is loaded with them, from the original cover art to original interior art. From battle and reference maps to stock art that we’ve modified to be custom to our scenario, you’ll find a lot here to admire.   Should you decide to buy, don’t forget to click the “rate” and “review” buttons! If you like what you see, the best way to support us (and get more like this!) is to let us—and the community—know that you like it. Reach out to us with questions and comments at, or just to tell us what you think! Connect with us on twitter at @ashtonmacsaylor and @calliemacsaylor, or on Facebook at Sun Sailor Productions. We look forward to connecting with you!

  • Odyssey Anthology Volume III: In Arixmethes' Clutches

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Odyssey Anthology Volume III: In Arixmethes’ Clutches includes 10 Ancient-Greek-themed island adventures for Theros, plus rules to randomly roll dozens of krakens, random encounters for the Theran seas, and a CR 30 Mythic encounter with Arixmethes the island-kraken! "This is the third edition of the most original, inspiring and ridiculously useful anthology series. Whether, you’re thinking about Theros, exploring an eclectic and adventurous array of islands that will shock and amaze or you’re just here to see what’s kraken (huge, terrifying awesome titans of the sea is what's kraken)...this is mythic mana and ambrosia of the gods! Every element fills my soul with joy and my mind with the music of the muses!" -CurseOfSebs Included in Volume 3 are rules for myriad of Krakens that dwell in Theros's oceans, with tables to roll for names, actions and abilities for these legendary creatures, ensuring no two confrontations with the monsters of the deep will ever be the same! These rules are followed by 10 island adventures for levels 1-20, shrouded in myth and perfect for adventures closer to the edge of the world, where the realm of the gods touches the realm of mortals: Kru'vouras, Haven of Crabs, by Matthew Graydon - A safe harbour on the Theran seas, Kru'vouras is a bountiful, forest-blanketed island home to dozens of species of crabs, both in the sea and on the island. A lone seafarer lives stranded on the island, seeking to, with the party's help, decipher an ancient prophecy written in the shells of the island's crabs. Nisí Ergaleíon, The Clockwork Island, by Iam Pace - An ancient mechanical bastion, forged by the bronze-blooded god Purphoros in preparation for a war between the gods, has broken loose from its moorings on the seabed, and risen to the surface. Can the party cross the island's mechanical defenses and prevent it sinking once more, and save its mysteries from being lost to the seabed? The Gale Cliffs, Isle of Hidden Harpies, by E.R.F. Jordan - A colony of peaceful harpies make their home on this windswept isle, with their vertical dwellings hewn into the wind-carved rock gullies. But the island's winds have an ancient origin, born from Thassa's jealousy of another deity's power - a deity who remains now only known to the harpies of the Gale Cliffs. Hámytera, The Eternal Harvestland, by Sean Shannon - An island of rich, Karametra-blessed farmland is tended by minotaurs who worship the god of the harvest, raising cattle to trade with neighbouring islands. Beneath the farmlands, however, lie the remnants of something the minotaurs of Hámytera would sooner forget - the time a "hero" came to the island, to slay the "monsters" who inhabit it. Anphagos, The Island of the People Eaters, by Timothy McCown Reynolds - Deadly currents draw seafarers to the shores of Anphagos, where the monstrous people-eaters lurk among the boughs of the trees: twisted humanoids with eyes in their chests and mouths where their stomachs should be. A few humanoids have survived this long, though each new wreck seems to lead to more monsters, coming from a tower of stone overlooking the island. Anuraphanos, Isle of Frogs, by Frederic Walker (Kor-Artificer) - Far from the Theran mainland, an island inhabited by frogfolk was forever changed with a visit from the legendary seafarer Callaphe. When the characters arrive on the island, they are mistaken for Callaphe and her crew making their triumphant return, and caught in the whirlwind of events as the islanders seek to make the best of Callaphe's return, in this adventure inspired by Aristophanes' play The Frogs. Arixmethes, Slumbering Kraken, by Grady Wang - Legends tell of the polis of Arixmethes, which was cast down into the ocean by one of the gods. In truth, the city was built on the back of a truly titanic kraken, the largest living thing on Theros. Upon landing on the slumbering kraken, characters will join two other legendary heroes, drawn to the ancient beast in search of the monsters and treasures hidden in the lost city on the back of the kraken. Koreios, Underworld's Song, by Mercury Natis - On an island-sanctuary of dedicated to the chthonic gods Erebos, god of the dead, and Athreos, god of passage, a lone bard plays a song of longing among the mourners and pilgrims. He yearns for his lost love, dreaming that he may one day return her from the underworld, despite earning the disdain of the island's followers of Erebos. With the characters' help, however, the lovers separated by death might stand a chance at being finally reunited. Phaeros, Shunned by the Gods, by Brian Foster - Phaeros was once a beacon of Heliod's worship - until he did not answer the island's champion in her time of greatest need. When she drew upon the power of an ancient archon, Heliod cursed damned her and cursed the islanders for her doing so, leaving the once-proud city to fall to ruin around the fallen champion. Yet in the ruin, the champion's lover and companion remains, knowing that with the characters' help, there is some way yet to free her from the archon's grasp, and the island from its curse. Pemphobos, Edge of the World, by Zeke Gonzalez - A vibrant tropical archipelago of coral-wreathed islands inhabited by merfolk and shipwrecked sailors lies in the misty waters at the edge of the world, where the sea falls away into the endless starfield of Nyx. Yet something dark has begun to overshadow the island's incredible natural beauty - the Returned walk among the citizens, monsters of the underworld stalk the outermost islands, and the clinking of great chains all herald the underworld converging with the realm of mortals over the islands, and with it, a titan reaches for freedom from its ancient prison. Following the islands are rules for new monsters and NPCs for each island, from the thespian frogfolk of Anuraphanos to Philones Rubytongue, the mournful bard of Koreios, as well as random encounter tables for the oceans of Theros, ranging in difficulty based on distance from the Theran mainland, including the new krakens of this volume, as well as creatures and vessels from earlier volumes. Finally, this volume ends with a CR 30 mythic encounter for Arixmethes, the slumbering isle, a kraken whose rules are designed to reflect its incredible size, and the watchful eyes of Thassa, who would gladly join battle to protect her favourite Kraken.

  • Order of the Sanguine Blade

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA Dark and Secret subclass for the Bloodhunter Class created by Critical Role's Matthew Mercer. - A versatile subclass focused on ravaging the enemy with weapons made of your own hemocrafted blood. - As seen on the D and amp;D Liveplay Stream, Charisma Saves, available every week at - NEW! roleplay prompts to pull the most compelling aspects out of your character. - NEW! Crimson Rite to imbue your Sanguine Blade with. - NEW! Two violent new Blood Curses to unleash on your foes.

  • Backyard Burglars

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOf Mice and Trash, Six Setting Friendly Animal Races! Looking for setting friendly animal races to place into your game world? Does the idea of playing as a race of animal-folk based on not one, but six kinds of critters you'd find in your garbage at 2AM sound fun? Want to play a race that can bite, claw, scratch, scrape, steal and even stink up in a fight? ...Wanna be the Trash Man? Then Backyard Burglars might just be what you're looking for! ----- Along with the base race this PDF also includes:  - 6 new playable anthropomorphic races based off the following animals; Rats (The Gnaw) / Mice (The Mouseling) / Raccoons (The Rosvo) / Possums (The Pawsm) / Foxes (The Vulpe) / Skunks (The Mephen)

  • Encounters in Barovia

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild A bleak, miserable land, the Domain of Dread known as Barovia is filled with countless horrors that oppress the Domain’s soulless inhabitants. Helpless against the Devil Strahd’s tyranny, Barovians eke out a living one day at a time, drowning their miseries in scant quantities of wine. "Zeuch has a phenomenal understanding of what works with and an enhances a setting and campaign. Here he stakes his claim as Lord of Barovia even above those of the Von Zarovich and Perkins. Add some awesomeness to you time in Ravenloft, you will fangk me." - Curse of Sebs Encounters in Barovia is a 5e module that consists of 18 encounters that will enhance your Barovian experience! They ranged from 3rd-level to 8th-level, and touch all D and amp;D pillars, all of the encounters supported by uniquely detailed maps. CURRENTLY PRICED 20% LESS AS PART OF THE BLACK FRIDAY RELEASE  What's included? An accessible, printer-friendly PDF with the content below (aside from maps, those are in the ZIP file) A complete 48 pages PDF with the module, containing 18 encounters 4 alternative versions of Curse of Strahd Special Events 14 new encounters Encounters maps 3 new creatures 2 new items 17 unique detailed map, with a total of 130 counting their different version, including random encounter maps: Grid Gridless No Fog Bright Night Map Info Blood of the Vine Tavern: 16x16, Res 2048x2048 Mount Baratok - Mad Mage: 20x20, Res 2048x2048 Something Blue: 40x30, res 2048x1536 St.Andral's Church: 40x30, res 2048x1536  Vallaki Blazing Sun Festival: 30x40, res 3072x4096  Vallaki Market: 30x40, res 3072x4096 Bloodhorn's Charge: 20x20, Res 2048x2048 Encounter by the Lake: 20x20, Res 2048x2048 Encounter by the River: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Old Svalich Road - Big Encounter: 40x40, res 2048x2048  Encounter by the River: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Old Svalich Road - Non-Forest: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Old Svalich Road 1: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Old Svalich Road 2: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Old Svalich Road Bridge: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Svalich Woods 3: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Palissade Encounter in Vallaki: 20x20, res 2048x2048 Roc of Mount Ghaskis: 30x40, res 1536x2048 Any feedback or comment on the adventure is most welcome!  Follow me on Twitter: @czeuch1

  • Across the Planes

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Here it is, the flagship edition of the Across the Planes series, the Feywild.  Welcome to the Feywild, a land of stories, danger, and fey!  In this book, we take a closer look at the politics, geography, and residents of the Feywild. From the living forest of Everbloom to the gloomy courts of the Feydark, ATP: Feywild shines a light on the places, people, and things that are often overlooked when visiting the planes. Like monsters? Oh yeah, we got monsters, including 3 brand new Archfey. Do you know the Archfey, those things that haven't been statted in 5e yet? Now they are! To top it all off we have a glorious adventure that takes place in the Feywild!  Included in this product:  A full gazetteer of the Feywild, with interesting locations, persons, and adventure hooks!  6 all-new fey monsters, including the Mirage Dragon and 3 new Archfey!  A full 1-20 class: the Atavist! The Atavist is a magician who draws power from the stories and legends of the Feywild and summons one of three unique companions to aid them in battle!  A full adventure set in the Feywild set for a party of 4-5 4th level PCs!  Pick up Across the Planes: Feywild today and explore the wondrous and esoteric! 

  • Fifty Forest Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWho knows what lurks in the depths of the forest? Well, here at Green Bird RPGs we have a good idea. Here are fifty random encounters designed to stimulate your imagination during game play. From pixies shouting obscenities to sunbathing, nudist elves. All based on a D100 table. If you like this product then try one of our other DM's resources: Curses Bloodlines and Dark Heritages - A hundred tragic, annoying, irksome, deadly, humorous and even potentially fortunate curses - Greenbird’s Cursed Inventory – Surely, there can never be enough curses in a game! Right? - Warlock's Wicked Weapons - Thirty magical items for all your diabolical needs! -

  • Hamund's Harvesting Handbook: Volume 3

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome dear reader to Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook Volume 3, written by your favorite harvesting mentor: Hamund Holderhek! I do apologise for my prolonged absence and the delay in producing this entry in the Harvesting Handbook series. Unfortunately, several events befell me recently that prevented me from finishing this book in a timely manner. These events include, but are not limited to: abduction by the Demon Lords of the Abyss, foiling a Shadowfell incursion, going undercover into duergar society, investigating a spree of curious star spawn appearances, and a rather eventful tea time with a close acquaintance. But the important thing is that the book is here now, and I must say that it is some of my finest work. Not only have I covered the gamut of newly discovered creatures to harvest, but my travels have brought me into contact with ancient artefacts, more people that need harvesting help, and several new schools of combat and magic that incorporate our venerable art into their practices. I implore you to enjoy this labor of love, dear reader. The knowledge in this book has been compiled under very trying circumstances, but it is all worth it in the pursuit of furthering our beloved craft. Inside, you will learn how to strip a skulk, melt down a marut, and hollow out a howler! Learn how to craft the spoils of your hunts into powerful weapons, channel the power of fiend lords into artefacts, and even find how to incorporate harvesting into every aspect of your being. Ours is an ever-expanding field, and I am so incredibly grateful to be with you every step of the way.  Good luck and good harvesting, - Sir Hamund Holderhek, O.B.H. (First Class), V.Ad., N.Ki.P.   P.S. Some of you may be wondering where I will go from here, considering the discovery of new monsters seems to have dried up recently. Well, without getting too far into it, I will mention that I have become very interested in herbalism as of late... P.P.S. For more on my adventures, especially the tea time, see “Hamund’s Heroic Hardboileds I-XXIV.” --------------------- This is the follow-up to the ADAMANTINE and MITHRAL bestselling books Hamund's Harvesting Handbook and Hamund's Harvesting Handbook: Volume 2, covering the monsters featured in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. As before, this book aims to act as a handy reference for DM’s with loot hungry players that just want to carve up anything they have killed. This volume covers the monsters included in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, and as before, features a complete harvesting list for each monster, as well as over 130 new magical items to craft. The rules for harvesting and crafting are unchanged, but this book does add a few more interesting pieces to add to your harvesting adventures. Premiering in this book are artifacts, new rules for the artificer class, and a new harvesting-based subclass for each of the original PHB classes. Everything has been written with balance in mind, but you are of course feel free to rebalance anything in this guide to suit your own table, or feel free to message me at or hit me up on Twitter @drifterworkshop to discuss anything in this guide. Features: A loot table for every single monster in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, with flavourful descriptions of items that DM's can use as plot hooks for small side quests and adventures. Over 130 new craftable magic items, made from the materials your players harvest from their kills. Also, a new artifact for each of the Demon Lords. A new set of pickpocket/trinket tables for humanoids. A quest board featuring every single monster from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, designed to be used by DM's to make simple quests on the fly Rules for harvesting, crafting, special tools, and new proficiencies How to include artificers into these rules 12 new harvesting themed subclasses for each of the original classes: Path of the Blood Seeker, College of Trophy Hunters, Harvester Domain, Cycle of the Circle, Butcher Martial Archetype, Way of the Observed Form, Oath of Legacy, Fey Traper Archetype, Scavenger Archetype, Skin Wearer Origin, Pact of the Apex Predator, and School of the Magi-Zoologist. Preview (right click and press "open image in new tab" for larger version): If you like my work, also check out my MITHRAL best-selling guide to ship combat, Captains and Cannons:

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildTHE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW A literary classic by Washington Irving — warped — for 5th Edition Dungeons and amp; Dragons. CELEBRATING THE 200th ANNIVERSARY OF THE WASHINGTON IRVING MASTERPIECE! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an adventure in storytelling suitable for beginning players and is set in the world of Eberron for Dungeons and amp; Dragons. A schoolmaster vanishes in an isolated farming community in the Towering Wood of the Eldeen Reaches, while an ages-old curse is reawakened and an enchanted forest burns under the hooves of nightmare. Investigators from University of Wynarn in neighboring Aundair are dispatched to probe the mysterious disappearance of their Wynarn fellow and are confronted by rustic superstitions, surrealistic landscapes, and the Ghost Rider of Sleepy Hollow — a terrible spirit unbridled from the grave and wreaking havoc on the hidden vale’s harvest. Intrigue, dalliance, and murder abound in the remote village on the fringe of the Twilight Demesne, where twisted orchards laden with silver apples and drowsy fields of dreamlily veil the horrifying secrets of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Traveling by airship to the druidic redoubt of Greenheart in the hinterlands of the Eldeen Reaches and under guide to a remote village on the fringes of the Twilight Demesne, investigators have been charged with untangling a web of sorted truths and puzzling out the mysterious disappearance of a beloved schoolmaster. Through dreary hanging gardens, scorched fields of dreamlily, and gossamer faerie fog, adventurers 4 explore the dreamy vale of Sleepy Hollow until their investigation collides with a terrible specter born aloft on a ghostly steed. Expose guile and treachery, search for the girl and the ghost mushrooms, and eavesdrop on suspects at The Grinning Plowman and Van Tassel Manorhaüs to solve the mystery. Only the most determined adventurers can break the curse that haunts the secluded farming village and reveal the dark secrets of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an adventure suited for 1st level adventurers and is set in the Eldeen Reaches of Khorvaire in the world of Eberron. 18 Encounter Locations across the village of Sleepy Hollow Over 40 NPCs from Sleepy Hollow to interact with! Complete Bestiary and Magic Item compendium for all monsters and treasures encountered! 14 Maps, including The Grinning Plowman, Altar of Arawai, ir'Crane's Schoolhaüs, Raven Rock, and Van Tassel Manorhaüs!  Part murder-mystery, part ghost story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an adventure in storytelling suitable for a haunting night of roleplaying entertainment within the realm of a literary classic! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was researched and written in Sleepy Hollow, New York and Manhattan beginning in October 2019, and rewritten under duress in the calamatous year of 2020. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow adventure commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the Washington Irving classic.

  • Puzzle Master

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildGreetings traveler, you are invited to the grand opening of Aenigma's premiere puzzle dungeon! Congratulations on receiving this illustrious invitation! You'd best be on your way. Dragons don't like to be kept waiting. Challenge and delight your players with the premiere issue of Puzzle Master! Inside this supplement, you will find ten puzzles suitable for every level of play, accompanied by beautifully rendered handouts. Puzzle Master also includes a unique dungeon that utilizes the puzzles to craft an escape room-style experience. This title includes: 10 puzzles suitable to use in any adventure. 20 hand-crafted puzzle handouts for you to print or digitally share with your players. A unique puzzle dungeon play experience. Difficulty ratings for each puzzle, and suggestions on how to adapt them. A series of hints to help your players solve each puzzle. Suggestions on how to run each puzzle in person or digitally. This is a DMs Guild Adept product. The Dungeon Masters Guild Adept program brings talented individuals together for creative development. Guild Adept products are identified with the golden ampersand.