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  • Dolby's Instant Dachshund (Wonderous Magical Item)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis ornate scroll-tube is made of polished brass. When opened, it releases a small, friendly dachshund that obeys your commands. I made a magical item because sausage dogs are such a joy (and I've recently adopted one). I'd been asked by players to add a dachshund into the game somehow, but I couldn't bear to put one into harm's way, so this was my solution.

  • The Adventurer's Cocktail Guide

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Adventurer's Cocktail Guide is inspired by locations in the Forgotten Realms. Each drink has been vetted by the Realms own Sage of Shadowdale and assures that he was totally sober when he gave this guide the thumbs up.

  • Dragonlance: Untold Quests

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFrom the creators of Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything Revised, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Black Rose and The Journals of Kaz the Minotaur: The Lost Colony; the Dragonlance Nexus proudly presents… Several years have passed since the bitter end of the War of the Lance. The land is still filled with uneasiness. All is threatened to come crumbling to a halt by not only internal struggles, but through the actions of one power-hungry wizard seeking lichdom. Help prevent a new evil from arising by taking up Untold Quests! This reimagining of the AD and amp;D 2nd edition modules Knight’s Sword (DLQ1) and amp; Flint’s Axe (DLQ2) has an entirely new chapter titled The Lost Library that concludes the incomplete trilogy for D and amp;D 5e. In this book you will find: A three-part adventure that takes players from 1st to 6th level. An entire section dedicated to familiarizing DM’s and players to Dragonlance, and the current history of Ansalon. New maps and gazetteers for famous locations such as Solanthus, Hillhome and Tarsis.  Full Sidekick rules statblocks for the NPCs from the original AD and amp;D 2nd edition modules. New monsters and NPCs, several being a first for D and amp;D 5th edition. 5 new magic items. About the Dragonlance Nexus For over 20 years of working to keep Dragonlance gaming alive, the Ennie Award-winning Dragonlance Nexus site has started a new journey as publishers on the DMs Guild.The Nexus worked with Margaret Weis Productions (formerly Sovereign Press) on the Dragonlance 3.5 line of products. The Nexus is also known for a complete product listing, developing Fandom's Dragonlance Wiki, the Dragonlance Canticle podcast, and showcasing the best of Dragonlance fandom. Visit us at

  • How to Start a High-Level Campaign

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Do you want to create a high level campaign? How to Start a High-Level Campaign is a tool that provides consistent events for the development of the characters in their previous levels and for the development of the campaign world as well. Specifically, you will find: - 16 tables filled with events and consequences for the player characters and the campaign world  - More than 15 images with a professional layout - Hypertext links used in the Table of Contents If you are looking for the Fantasy Grounds Version - click here. If you are looking for the ROLL20 Version - click here. Other authors' titles:

  • Easy NPC Generator: Tables for Character Randomisation

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to 'The Easy NPC Generator: Tables for Randomised NPC Generation.' While D and amp;D at its core can (and should be!) a game of improvisation, that doesn't mean that improvising is always easy. When you're put on the spot, sometimes you just freeze! And that's okay. It's something that happens to all of us, both as Dungeon Masters and as players. But that's where The Easy NPC Generator comes into play. With this PDF comes tables of randomly lined-up character traits, species and occupations, ready for you to roll and combine or pick at random to make a base for an NPC that will have a strong personality and be memorable for everyone they interact with. All you have to do is roll your dice, and voila! Or if you're more into picking things out manually, that's a choice too! This particular document was designed for DMs that want a little help with their NPCs (and to have fun while doing it,) but you could use it for player character inspiration, backstory character ideas, an 'I know a guy' situation, making your players randomise their player characters in a campaign, or a thousand other things that I could only begin to think of. Creativity goes a long way! Have fun and enjoy!

  • The Shattered Obelisk: Chapter 8 - Beyond a Lightless Star DM Resources Pack

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Shattered Obelisk - Chapter 8 Beyond a Lightless Star GM Resources Pack Includes battlemaps for all locations Contents: A pdf of resources for DMs, with set dressing, NPCs and other original material that expands and adds detail to your Shattered Obelisk Adventure.                                       - Supplies in the Briny Maze - useful equipment left by previous adventurers. - Musical Effects - what happens when you play the music nicely in the temporal lobe? - The Flumpfs - flumpfy allies! - The Wizard's Tower - eclectic items to find - The Ritual - opportunities and complications - Supporting material - A set of fully detailed battlemaps                                        - The Briny Maze - a huge brain maze - The Crystal Dome- crystal prison - The Empty Bridge- including interiors for the tower - Phandalin Warped- the town  changed - Mire of Doubt - twisting swamp paths - Toppled Statue- a huge statue - Wailing Battlefield - includes exterior - Occluding Miasma - cloudkill clouds - Ilvaash's Anima - epic boss fight!  - A set of VTT tokens by Devin Night for all characters and monsters  - containing a total of 32 tokens!!!  Every character and monster, faithfully recreated from the book art, or themed appropriately!  We've included all  extra maps (not mapped out in the  adventure) to help you play all the encounters in the adventure. Included: A pdf with DM resources and tables and VTT tokens PLUS: A pdf with 300dpi images ready for A4 printing (grid and no grid) A set of 300dpi full size jpeg files, for poster printing (grid and no grid) A set of 72dpi (140x140px) jpeg for Roll20 and amp; other VTTs (grid and no grid) Roll20 Ready images of the original maps - drag and amp; drop to replace existing maps in the Roll20 module  n.b. The pdf includes an overlap of each page to allow alignment when sticking together.   - - - -

  • FR-DC-LGBTQ-01 Pride for Phlan

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPride- a celebration of differences, gay love, and being true to yourself. A remembrance of history and those who paved the way to equality before us. I am an out and proud lesbian in my D and amp;D community and have created this oneshot to run in June. The party has been tasked with setting up a Pride Festival in Phlan for LGBTQ+ members and allies to celebrate. However, things begin to go awry- vandalism, fires, accidents. And a concerning rumbling coming from underground... Is there something sinister behind these events, or is it just bad luck? Will the power of gay love be strong enough to save the day? Will you slay- or be slayed? A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 15.

  • Mr. Welch's Fixes for Vecna: Eve of Ruin

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDid you want an epic adventure that spans the Multiverse, showcasing all your favorite elements from places like Faerun, Greyhawk, Eberron, Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Planescape and Mystara?  Were you disappointed to find the latest book was a bit bland and, formulaic and relied to much on call backs to recent modules?  Why not try Mr. Welch's Vecna Eve of Ruin Fix!  It relies on classic lore, various styles of adventures and takes you to more iconic places in the settings that you've wanted to adventure in all this time.  Except for Mystara.  Still waiting on that one to open up.

  • Waterdeep: Dirty Jobs (Campaign Guide)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA FREE Guide for Playing An Epic Waterdeep Campaign! Waterdeep: Dirty Jobs is a free product that gives you all the tools you need to run an epic, episodic urban campaign, based in Waterdeep or a similar fantasy city.  Tools such as threats to the city, villains and their goals, an adventurer's guild and dozens of sample adventure scenarios should help DMs kick off near infinite amount of gaming sessions based in and around Waterdeep. Also included is a campaign format to help combat scheduling issues (based around the famous West Marches campaign structure, but reimagined for a city setting with overarching storylines). Waterdeep: Dirty Jobs Features These Tools: A list of Threats, endangering the security of Waterdeep and its citizens. A list of Major Villains behind many of those threats. Combating (or furthering) their goals will provide plenty of adventuring opportunities. A list of Other Antagonists, also with goals for the adventurers to combat, or help achieve.  A list of Potential Allies, who might help the players fight the campaign villains (or hinder their collaborations).  An Adventurer's Guild that can provide a handy structure for receiving quests (aka ‘Dirty Jobs’). One paragraph Adventure Scenarios that can easily be fleshed out into a short adventure. More session ideas in the form of one line Adventure Seeds. A list of already published Compatible Adventures that could be inserted into a Dirty Jobs campaign.  4 new Stat Blocks for running villains, antagonists and allies (Arcane Trickster, Merchant Prince, White Cloak, White Cloak Inquisitor) An optional Campaign Structure for episodic but still epic play, using a pool of players and self-contained sessions. An editable Waterdeep Wazoo (Affinity Publisher document) that DMs can fill out and use as a hand out.  Running Waterdeep: Dirty Jobs This guide is designed to allow DMs to unlock the often untapped potential of urban campaigns, and empowers them to come up with their own scenarios. An introductory adventure - Nightstalker - is already published on the DMs Guild however, and more may follow, according to demand.  Content Warning. The final campaign content is up to the DM to decide but this guide presents themes that include drugs, slavery, anarchy/terrorism. It's FREE! Please enjoy this product on me, guilt-free, but if you would like to support my work feel free to come back throw in a dollar or two (as without payment the product doesn't gain any of the Gold, Platinum, Adamantine best seller badges!), or drop a reader review. I also have plenty of other products on the DMs Guild you might enjoy too, and picking up these will help me spend more time creating D and amp;D content for DMs! About the Author Duncan Rhodes is the best-selling author of Candlekeep Murders: The Deadwinter Prophecy and DRAGONBOWL, amongst other titles. He is also the founder of the blog,

  • Entrate in una Taverna...

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Prezzo promozionale valido solo per un periodo limitato! Questo manuale è utile per creare una taverna o una locanda, dettagliandone l’aspetto, i dipendenti e tutto ciò che può accadere al suo interno. All’interno del volume troverai: - Capitolo 1: Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per scegliere l’aspetto di una taverna/locanda, inclusi vari tratti particolari. - Capitolo 2: Proprietari, Dipendenti e Clientela. Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per dettagliarli. - Capitolo 3: Eventi. Una lista di tutto ciò che può accadere quando i personaggi visitano una taverna o locanda e le relative spiegazioni. - Capitolo 4: Regole per gestire le risse in taverna o gli inseguimenti al suo interno. - Appendici: Tre taverne pronte per essere inserite in una campagna e una tabella per generare casualmente migliaia di nomi di taverne. Altri Titoli Italiani dell'Autore: