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  • Something Wicked (5e)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Strange things have been happening around the village of Stillwater in this horror themed adventure for upto 4 players Several weeks ago, a priest from the Order of the One True God arrived in Stillwater – fanatical by all accounts, the priests of this order spread their doctrine through fear and violence.   Their crusade to convert the peasants of the land is overshadowed only by their brutal inquisition against the magical arts. Their distaste for magic makes them extremely dangerous for those who choose to practice it. Mages, sorcerers, even those who use their talents to help the sick and the poor – all risk meeting a fiery and agonising end at the hands of the clergy. Selena Payne was one such sorcerer – a kind-hearted woman who used her gifts and applied her knowledge as the village doctor – who had the misfortune of crossing the clergy. Arrested, tried, and sentenced to burn at the stake, Selana watched on as those she helped stood idly. The hatred she felt towards the Order, and those she once called friends, awoke something inside of her – something primal, something wicked. As the fire burned down and turned to embers, those watching on were dismayed to see Selena emerge from the ashes, her eyes glowing like the flames. She exacted her revenge on those watching, casting fire with reckless abandon...

  • The Lost City of Oren Bran

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild “Beyond lay the Goldheart. Entombed of their own volition. May history forget us and our sins.” The inscription written upon the golden gates of the ancient dwarven clan serves as warning to all who would venture inside. This tomb holds much more than the mythical riches and immense heritage the Goldheart were rumored to possess. What would you be willing to sacrifice for the promises it holds within its decrepit walls? The Lost City of Oren Bran is a modular adventure designed for three to five 4th to 8th level characters. It features a heavy theme of horror mystery, and can be completed during one long session or a few smaller ones. In this book you will find: A tale of cosmic horror, containing unnerving truths as the mystery unfolds.  An abandoned dwarven city, complete with a map, detailed districts and lore, ready to be explored. Various Optional Scenes and Encounters within the slumbering city, so that no two playthroughs are the same. A thorough introduction to the mechanics of the Skill Challenges, designed to run scenes that retain suspense and action. A multitude of DM Tips complementing each scene, explaining its purpose in the narrative and providing you with the tools to better shape it. Unique rewards for exploring, such as learning how to craft Crucible Steel or lessening the cost of magic item creation through Runecrafting. More than 20 Handouts, to enhance your immersion in this ominous tale. 2 new Μagic Ιtems to unearth from within the decrepit dwarven halls. 3 Οriginal Μonsters, each with their own weaknesses to exploit during combat. Each combat encounter is featured with a tougher version for groups that want to be pushed to their combat limits. 6 fully Colored Battlemaps, designed for each of the adventure’s combat encounters. Gridded and ready to print at A3 and A4 sizes. Heavily Play Tested material, to bend to your whims. A large variety of wonderful artwork and lore to spur your imagination.      Open your mind to the realities you seek,for the path to knowledge is paved with horror We sincerely hope that you enjoy every single page! Kind Regards,The Eren Chronicles

  • 100 Non Magical Items For DnD 5e

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild DO YOU NEED MORE DND 5e NON MAGICAL EQUIPMENT WELL THIS IS THE PDF FOR YOU This PDF Comes with: -31 New weapons -21 New armor pieces and sets -24 New staring equipment -21 New Poisons  10 EXTRA ITEMS FOR FREE (mostly because 110 doesnt sound as good as 100 *_*)

  • Adventurer’s Atlas: A Guide to Shops, Inns and Notable Places!

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Adventurer’s Atlas is the ultimate guide to the most interesting and exciting places for your TTRPG campaigns. From the Abandoned Circus of Wonders to the Chapel of Universal Healing and the Phantom Hideout, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to bring your adventures to life. Throughout its 44 pages, each entry includes detailed descriptions of each location, complete with intriguing NPCs, exciting events to spur adventures, and items and services for purchase (where applicable). The Adventurer’s Atlas includes a list of 20 different locations, from the mundane to the fantastical, that are sure to add depth and excitement to your tabletop roleplaying games. Whether you’re a seasoned Game Master or a new player just starting out, the Adventurer’s Atlas is the perfect tool to bring your imagination to life. So why wait? Start exploring the world like never before with the Adventurer’s Atlas: A Guide to Shops, Inns and amp; Notable Places!

  • The Eberron Codex - Chapter 3

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFind me on Patreon Find me on Facebook Find me on Youtube Into the Mournland The expedition had set out with grand ambitions, but what they found was a world beyond their worst nightmares. As they pushed further into the Mournland, the group of over a hundred adventurers dwindled down to a mere handful of brave souls. They faced hunger, thirst, and the relentless attacks of unspeakable creatures, until they stumbled upon the ruins of an old watchtower. But the respite was short-lived, for a hidden terror lurked within its walls, ready to strike. Why the higher price I hear you say? Well, let me answer that for you: - This chapter contains 100 encounter propositions - 20 NPC henchmen - A legendary encounter with full statblock - The artwork in this chapter was given extra attention From the Film-Noir pulp setting of the criminal underworld of Sharn, into the darkness and eldritch horror of the Mournland. Find the other chapters here: Chapter 1 Chapter 2

  • The Eberron Codex - Chapter 2

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFind me on Patreon Find me on Facebook Find me on Youtube The story continues! This chapter takes the players further down the criminal underbelly of Sharn, they must gather information and prepare themselves before they venture into the eldritch Mournland. My D and amp;D adventure is an outline, a framework for the Dungeon Master (DM) to build on. It provides the basic plot and story elements, as well as the characters and locations involved. I want to make sure that the Dungeon Master knows that creativity is rewarded in this adventure. The extensive lists of possible locations and NPCs provide the DM with a plethora of options to choose from, allowing them to create a unique and engaging experience for their players. I encourage the DM to be creative and come up with their own ideas for encounters, battlemaps, and other elements to make the adventure their own. Find the previous chapter(s) here: Chapter 1

  • Tome of Trinkets and Treasures

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildMore than 150 new magic items! The Tome of Trinkets and Treasures is a comprehensive guide to the most exotic and intriguing magic items in the land. This book is an essential resource for adventurers and Dungeon Masters alike, filled with descriptions and details of the most wondrous and unusual items one could ever hope to encounter.The pages within this tome are bursting with knowledge, chronicling the properties and powers of magic armor, potions, rings, wands, and other strange and unusual items that lay waiting in dungeons and treasure troves. From the Plate of Perpetual Protection to the Crown of the Cosmic Conqueror, each item is detailed with care and precision, offering valuable insights into their abilities and limitations.So whether you are a seasoned adventurer looking to upgrade your gear or a Dungeon Master seeking inspiration for your next campaign, the Tome of Trinkets and Treasures is the ultimate resource for all things magical.So why wait? Begin your journey into the realm of the extraordinary and discover the wonders that await within the pages of the Tome of Trinkets and Treasures.

  • Guide to the Tarokka: A Divination Tarot Deck for Gameplay and Illumination

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis complete Tarokka guide is meant to be used in collaboration with the D and amp;D Tarokka Deck. Complete with new card designs, card meanings, and suggestions for readings your characters can do in game, this guide to the Tarokka is all you'll need to create exciting, mystery-filled games filled with gothic intrigue. The mysteries of the Tarokka -- complete deck gothic redesign w/ arcanum guide and instructions Encounter the mystery of the arcanum deck with this alternative system to the Tarokka cards. Inspired by classical Tarot spreads and archetypes, this system can be used in D and amp;D campaigns and divination. Its main purpose is to provide a guide to reading Tarokka cards in a regular D and amp;D game for illumination, insight, prediction, and storytelling. Although the Tarokka deck was originally developed for Curse of Strahd, they can be used in any D and amp;D campaign to tell the characters’ fortunes or provide them with insight to deeper truths. Pairs well with games set in the cursed land of Barovia, any setting within Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, Strixhaven, within the library of Candlekeep Mysteries, or within the Wild Beyond the Witchlight fey realms. This product includes a complete set of the Tarokka cards, as well as a 20-page card-by-card guide to the Tarokka cards and their meanings, with an Appendix with four useful card configurations to use in fortune-telling and prophecy during your D and amp;D campaigns. Each card is hand designed with gothic designs inspired by medieval art, arcana, and alchemy. You can print the cards out on cardstock using a regular printer, or use the digital images in your online campaign. Explore arcane knowledge and mystical curiosity in this guide to the Tarokka cards. Develop your character, setting, and storytelling using this deck of archetypes and prophecies.

  • Adventures in Hawk's Rest

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAdventures in Hawk's Rest is a love letter to low-level D and amp;D: Studio Ghibli meets the Shire meets Lost Mine of Phandelver. An open-world hexcrawl for characters of 1st to 2nd level, Hawk's Rest is intended as a prologue to a longer campaign, with seven keyed adventure sites and fantastic maps by Dungeon Baker (How to Defend Your Lair, The Lazy DM's Companion). Hawk's Rest is written for new and veteran players alike but avoids the usual pitfalls associated with 1st-level adventures: not only are encounters balanced to avoid character death, but most combats can be avoided entirely with clever roleplaying.  Scroll for Initiative is a London-based blogger who writes at  

  • The Eberron Codex - Chapter 1

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFind me on Patreon Find me on Facebook Find me on Youtube The First chapter of an adventure that'll take you from the City of Towers to the Mournland beyond the Gray. My D and amp;D adventure is an outline, a framework for the Dungeon Master (DM) to build on. It provides the basic plot and story elements, as well as the characters and locations involved. I want to make sure that the Dungeon Master knows that creativity is rewarded in this adventure. The extensive lists of possible locationsand NPCs provide the DM with a plethora of options to choose from, allowing them to create a unique and engaging experience for their players. I encourage the DM to be creative and come up with their own ideas for encounters, battlemaps, and other elements to make the adventure their own. Welcome to the City of Towers, Sharn, where the criminal underworld is as treacherous as the city's towering skyscrapers. Join a group of adventurers as they get entangled in a web of intrigue and mystery, where powerful artifacts, ancient secrets, and rival criminal organizations collide. Uncover the truth behind the legendary Key of Khyber, an object of immense power, capable of unlocking the secrets of the Mourning, a catastrophic event that forever changed the continent of Khorvaire. But beware, for the path to redemption is not without its dangers. Betrayal, assassination, and war are all possible outcomes in this action-packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Other chapter(s): Chapter 2