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  • Creatures of the Abyss (Roll20)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Hellish new creatures have been unleashed from the layers of the Abyss and the Nine Hells in this tome of fiends! This sourcebook contains over 80 statblocks for new creatures with balanced stats, art, and lore ready to invade your devilish campaigns and oneshot adventures. The main aim of this product is to provide more interesting options for demons, devils, and fiends than those presented in the Monster Manual. It also contains 5 battle maps (with dynamic lighting) that can be used as an additional resource. Roll20 Module This product is a Roll20 conversion of the product: Creatures of the Abyss. You can pick up the PDF by clicking here. Quick Guide System: D and amp;D 5EInstallation: Add-OnSheet: D and amp;D 5E by Roll20Conversion by: Grim Press ( Add-On Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Creatures of the Abyss and click on the Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

  • The Cash Cow

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWhen a young bull is jailed for running amok in a farming community, the adventuring party is hired to prove the innocence of the bovine before it is sent to the slaughterhouse. The Cash Cow is a 2-hour adventure for 4th-level characters inspired by the true story of eight plant-eating donkeys in Orai, India. Adventure Hooks Use one of the following hooks to draw the characters into the adventure or devise your own.Abattoir Arbiter. A dispute between a rancher and one of the ruling houses in Amphail has resulted in a request for an arbiter to be sent from Waterdeep. The adventuring party is hired by the Captain of the City Guard to resolve the dispute and decide the fate of a misbehaving cow. They receive 100 gp upon delivering their verdict.Just Passing Through. An adventuring party traveling in the Northeastern Sword Coast region can easily pass through town on their way to Waterdeep. It is an ideal stopping place to resupply, purchase a mount, or hire the services of a farrier. While in town the characters discover a cow has been impounded in the local guard house and a rancher offers a reward for their assistance in proving the bovine’s innocence.

  • Orva - The Lost Kingdom of the Vast Swamp

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildRead on for hitherto unrevealed Realmslore on Orva, a fallen kingdom in the depths of the Vast Swamp, lost to history for millennia. Discover the secrets of this realm, its ties with the elves and lands faraway, and its destruction at the hands of the sinister devils of the Nine Hells.

  • Sigil's Secret Menu

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWhat is this Book? Sigil's Secret Menu is a magic item collection and companion book to Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse. This book expands upon the content provided in Sigil and the Outlands with the addition of "the Secret Menu", a union of street food vendors and exclusive magic item store set within Sigil's Hive Ward. This book contains: 32 magic items, 2 themed for every Outer Plane of the Great Wheel Cosmology. 6 unique street food vendors, each with their own food menus, backgrounds, and activities. An exclusive dealer's hall with rules for gaining VIP access, purchasing magical items, and hall security Fill your campaigns with a cornucopia of unique magic items from the voices of 11 creative writers Credits Editing and Writing: Chase Call, Cher Davis, Clay Powell, Denise “Celticdenefew” Atwood, James Quigley, Julia Kartes-Jagolkowska, Kimi “Kiwi” Williams, Morgan Eilish, Neil Deatrick, Robyn“BitBirdy” Choi, Tomas Gimenez Rioja Project Lead and Layout: James Quigley Cover Art: Laura Galli Interior Art: Bridget Deatrick, Cher Davis, Julia Kartes-Jagolkowska, Marion Kartes, Morgan Eilish, Taz What is Dying Sun Games? Dying Sun Games is a worker cooperative focused on keeping ownership in the hands of our collaborators. We focus on managing the production and marketing to enable our collaborators to focus on creating greatproducts. See our other products at For support and business inquiries, email us at No AI generators were used in the creation of this product.

  • Asmodeus' Corrupted Grimoire: Book Seven, the final chapter

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIn the wake of Asmodeus' mastery over magic on the Prime Material Plane, the once-revered tome, known as the Player's Handbook, has been thoroughly tainted. Not a single spell remains uncorrupted. The Lord of the Nine Hells now considers his dominance over feeble wizards with names like Mearls, Crawford, and Perkins, as total. Sinister Changes: Consider these changes manifesting in casters who have delved deeply into this corruption, amassing 10 or more altered spells: Infernal Tongue: These casters unknowingly begin to recite their spells in Infernal, the fiends' dialect, a transformation occurring beneath their conscious awareness. While the casters themselves remain oblivious, their companions perceive the dark incantations, finding themselves deeply disturbed by the sinister language that now flows unbidden from their ally's lips. Material Scrooge: Whenever a corrupted spell requiring the consumption of a material component is cast, roll a d10. If the roll is greater than the spell's level, the material component is not consumed by the spell. Infernal Contracts: If you're running the "Chains of Asmodeus" campaign, you're no doubt acquainted with the plot line where Asmodeus extends Infernal Contracts to myriad NPCs across the multiverse. Consider one of your players experiencing a dream where Asmodeus ensnares a figure dear to them—be it a family member, a cherished friend, or another individual of significance to the player's character. This not only serves as a foreboding omen but also personalizes the stakes, embedding the players more profoundly into the unfolding drama of infernal machinations. Read of paraphrase the following, adding the name of the loved one represented in the dream: You find yourself adrift, floating above a scene both intimate and unsettling. The setting is a dimly lit chamber, ancient and cloaked in shadows, where the air hangs heavy with the scent of old parchment and whispered secrets. Below you, a figure dear to your heart is seated at an ornate wooden desk, the soft glow of candlelight flickering across their face. In their hands, they hold a scroll, its edges worn, the paper yellowed with age. Their brow is furrowed in concentration, a frown etching deeper with every line they read. The quill in their hand hesitates above the parchment, poised to sign. From the shadows, a presence watches. Asmodeus, the embodiment of cunning and deceit, his form barely discernible in the darkness. His eyes gleam with a predatory light, and a grin curls the corners of his lips. He observes silently, a spectator to the unfolding drama, knowing the true weight of the words written on the scroll. Unbeknownst to your loved one, the scroll is no ordinary document. It is an infernal contract, a pact sealed with dark powers beyond their understanding. The terms are insidious, hidden beneath layers of archaic language and seductive promises. The signing of this scroll would bind them to Asmodeus, entwining their fate with the whims of the archfiend. You, the dreamer, hover above, a silent witness to this pivotal moment. The urge to cry out, to warn them of the danger, is overwhelming, but your voice finds no purchase in this dreamscape. You are but a spectator, powerless to alter the course of events. As the quill touches paper, the candlelight flickers ominously, casting long shadows that seem to dance with malicious delight. Asmodeus' grin widens, a silent acknowledgment of the soul that has unwittingly stepped into his realm of influence . . . It's done! Honestly, when I embarked on this journey, I underestimated the magnitude and duration of the project. We've now arrived at "Zone of Truth" and fortunately, it's the only spell starting with 'Z'. I sincerely hope you find enjoyment and value in these spells. May your rolls always be 20s (or 1s if using these books!) Christopher

  • Triboar Filler Quests [With VTT Compatible Maps]

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Need a break from writing? Add enriching filler content with this set of self-contained stories that take place in and around Triboar. This PDF is full of flavor text, character information, and more that will make your Sword Coast adventures feel more tangible and interactive! by Olivia L. Dobbs Presenting: 5 Triboar Filler Quests Using this resource, catered for Lvl 2 - 6 players, you can guide your PCs through sessions that allow you a break from the main quest, creating meaningful adventures for them in between the lovely mysteries of Triboar. Triboar Filler Quests covers a variety of story types, including mystery, humor, romance, and more! In addition to being a go-to filler quest list for DMs, it also includes digital maps that help build out Triboar, so that players have a visual aids in your campaign. All side quests are crafted to fit seamlessly into the city and culture of the Sword Coast, resulting in rich additions to your Sword Coast adventures. Features: 11 digital maps to show your players (Compatible with Roll 20, Foundry, and Fantasy Grounds). 5 original side quests which include: Location Descriptions Plot Development Points Character Descriptions Recommended Challenge Ratings Combat Suggestions A Dramatic Question

  • Xen's Subclass Compendium

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Introducing XEN'S SUBCLASS COMPENDIUM, the ultimate resource for Dungeon Masters and players seeking to expand their options in the world of Dungeons and amp; Dragons! With a staggering collection of 150 subclasses, including 124 meticulously updated classics and 26 brand-new additions, this compendium offers unparalleled versatility and customization for your campaigns. Inside, you'll discover an array of diverse and innovative subclasses across all character classes, from the ferocious Frostwalker Barbarian to the whimsical College of Flowers Bard, the enigmatic Circle of Chaos Druid to the daring Ballet Dancer Fighter. Whether you seek the path of the Spirit Warrior Monk or the arcane mysteries of the Gem Mage Wizard, there's something to suit every playstyle and character concept. But that's not all! Xen's Subclass Compendium also features 78 new and exciting magic items to enhance your adventures, along with optional features for every class to further customize your character's abilities and play experience. Dive into the Aberrant Domain Cleric, the Coinseeker Ranger, the Dreamthief Rogue, or explore the depths of the School of Poultrymancy Warlock—the possibilities are endless! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and balanced gameplay, Xen's Subclass Compendium is a must-have addition to any DM's arsenal or player's library. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of D and amp;D, unleash your creativity and embark on unforgettable adventures with this comprehensive collection of subclasses and optional features. Get ready to level up your game with Xen's Subclass Compendium, available now on the DMs Guild! Subclasses included: Barbarian: Frostwalker, Fungal Warrior, Jurassic Marauder, Path of Peace, Path of Sand, Path of the Hunter, Path of the Moon, Path of the Platypus, Path of the Scorpion, Path of the Tomb, Path of the Totem Warrior, Path of the Volcano, Path of the Wrestler Bard: College of Bodybuilding, College of Comedy, College of Flowers, College of Graves, College of Horror, College of Insanity, College of Punk Rock, College of Romance, College of Solitude Cleric: Aberrant Domain, Arachnid Domain, Candy Domain, Desert Domain, Disco Domain, Dragon Domain, Jungle Domain, Love Domain, Seafaring Domain Druid: Circle of Bones, Circle of Chaos, Circle of Fire, Circle of Passion, Circle of Steel, Circle of Teeth, Circle of the Circus, Circle of the Cosmos, Circle of the Owl, Circle of the Sea, Circle of the Sky, Circle of the Sun, Circle of Vines, Landforged Walker, Shaman Fighter: Arcane Archer (revised), Ballet Dancer, Fireguard, Gladiator, Greenguard, Iceguard, Skeletal Champion, Undead Captain, Warlord Monk: Spirit Warrior, Way of the Darkblade, Way of the Gecko, Way of the Ghost, Way of the Iron Bow, Way of the Mime, Way of the Oak, Way of the Phoenix, Way of the Sensei, Way of the Serpent, Way of the Wave, Way of the Webslinger Paladin: Death Knight, Knight Owl, Oath of Flatulence, Oath of Gluttony, Oath of Rebellion, Oath of Repentance, Oath of Terror, Oath of the Greenwarden, Oath of the Stars Ranger: Auroraborn Conclave, Coinseeker, Goatmaster, Harbor Master, Shellshocker, Startrooper, The Undertaker, Whispmaster Rogue: Chicken-Chaser, Dagger Master, Dreamthief, Lucksbane, Radiant Blade, Scorpion Wraith, Spirit Walker, Vagabond, Vigilante Sorcerer: Beetleborn, Bulbspawn, Cretaceous Bloodline, Grave Walker, Green-Touched, Illithid Bloodline, Oozing Bloodline, Psionic Bloodline, Rusted Bloodline, Slaad Bloodline, Vampiric Bloodline Warlock: The Alpha, The Banana, The Cherub, The Colony, The Elder Brain, The Gorgon, The Great Pumpkin, The Mothman, The Pharaoh, The Primordial, Soul Reaper, The Tarrasque Witch: Animals, Birds, Blood, Darkness, Death, Devils, Dragons, Elements, Fear, Giants, Ice, Insects, Plague, Plants, Spiders, Spirits, Stars, Storms, Swamps Wizard: Gem Mage, Primal Scholar, School of Arachnomancy, School of Biomancy, School of Eructation, School of Hard Knocks, School of Lignumancy, School of Lunamancy, School of Poultrymancy, School of Restoration, School of Solarmancy, School of Tempormancy, School of Toonmancy, Smokeweaving, Soul Mage Alternate Class Features Each of the 12 standard classes, plus the Witch, have six new options for features, allowing you to customize your character and explore new ways to play. Class-Specific Equipment Included with the alternate class features are collections of class-specific equipment. These magic items are made with the intent of allowing players to essentially double down on the types of abilities and powers available to their characters based on their class.

  • Melchior's Spell Library - Volume I

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPLEASE READ Hello! Thanks for your interest in this product. This supplement is a compilation of the first five Tomes of Melchior supplements, which are linked at the bottom in the Individual Links section. It does not have any spells that are not already in a listed book. What Does This Have? This supplement is a single pdf with every single spell compiled into one place, and a separate PDF for each spellcaster class in 5e containing all of the spells it is capable of learning. Due to this, this supplement will be added to two bundles, which are linked at the bottom in the Bundle Links Section. If you own one or more of the individual supplements and would like to complete your collection, click the link under “I Own the Individual Supplements!”. That bundle will give you this book at no cost if you own the rest. If you own this supplement and would like the individual supplements as well, click the link under “I Own the Library!”. That bundle will give you those books at no cost. The final cost should be the same, but sales might change it, so make sure to check to get the best deal. Spells This supplement includes a total of 377 new spells. Spells Per Slot Level Cantrips. 40 1st-level spells. 53 2nd-level spells. 50 3rd-level spells. 50 4th-level spells. 39 5th-level spells. 37 6th-level spells. 32 7th-level spells. 26 8th-level spells. 23 9th-level spells. 21 Spells Per Class Each class has this many new spells added to its respective spell list. Artificer. 65 Bard. 92 Cleric. 86 Druid. 179 Paladin. 32 Ranger. 71 Sorcerer. 192 Warlock. 192 Wizard. 195   Individual Links Primordial Powers - The Tomes of Melchior I: Elemental Spells The theme of this supplement is elemental, so each spell is focused on one or more of D and amp;D’s elemental damage types (acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder), or one of the four traditional elements (air, earth, fire, and water). Some of the damage types (acid and thunder especially) are very underrepresented by the official spells, making it difficult to craft a character with an elemental focus other than fire or lightning. The spells in this supplement help fill out those types, making them a little more viable. Those types are not the only ones represented however, and this supplement also has new spells to create areas of wind and water, make armor or walls out of dirt and stone, and for element-based healing. Spells that alter other elemental spells in various ways also play a major part, from changing between damage types to adding a unique feature depending on the damage type, the spells in this supplement are designed to work together with each other and official spells. Magic of the Deep Wood - The Tomes of Melchior II: Wicked Nature Spells The theme of this supplement is nature and the darkness and decay found inside it. Some of the spells are more traditional nature spells, manipulating plants to make weapons or defensive hedges, or spells that allow the summoning of beasts. The other spells focus on the darker aspects of nature, such as rot, disease, or curses, and would be more associated with hags, witches, or spore druids. For damage types, poison and necrotic get the spotlight, as many of the damaging spells have to do with mushrooms, rot, or venomous creatures.    This supplement contains a variety of new hex spells that function similarly to the original, but with a variety of different effects and slot levels. Mushrooms are also well represented, with a fair number of the spells themed around fungi and their spores. It also nearly doubles the size of the 9th-level spells a druid can learn, in addition to giving them some offensive options for that slot. Includes two new monster statblocks, the corpse bloom and gallows tree, with each creature created by a spell! Stellar Incantations - The Tomes of Melchior III: Cosmic Spells The theme of this supplement is the cosmos. Stars, space, gravity, sunlight, and more are all on the table for potential spells within. Due to the academic nature of astronomy, this tome adds a lot to the arcane spellcasters, but would also nicely round out the spells of certain druids.  Due to the wide array of potential subjects, there is a great deal of variety in what each spell does, with the most common being space and light. With space, there are a good number of new spells that allow a character to warp space around them to do things like teleport themselves or an ally, or seize control of gravity to hurl a formation of monsters away. Another major subject is light. Sunlight abounds in this tome, from infusing it into your own body, to multiple different lasers, the ways you can make this powerful resource are drastically increased. Moonlight is also common, granting consistent benefits against shapechangers. Radiant is the most common damage type due to this light, followed by cold and fire, representing the chilling void of space and the small but searing stars within it. Gaze of the Old Ones - The Tomes of Melchior IV: Eldritch Spells The theme of this supplement is the great old ones, and due to this, most spells in this tome deal either with powerful psychic manifestations or body-warping transformations. Psychic damage is front and center in this supplement, with multiple spells to deal the damage at a wide array of distances and in many different shapes. Moving slightly from the damage, there are several spells within the tome that can inflict madness on creatures, resulting in a potentially devastating but extremely random effect. The frightened condition is also common, with new ways to inflict and spread it, even to creatures who would normally be unaffected by such feelings.    Flesh warped into alien and horrifying forms is a staple of the old ones and this tome. Lashing tendrils, gibbering mouths, aberrant mutations and more are all possible. Some mutations can be targeted at yourself and your allies for an unsettling, but effective boost in power, while other are effective limiters when inflicted on hostile creatures. Warlocks and their innate connection to the eldritch get the most out of this supplement, but any arcane caster’s spell list will receive a nice boost. Notably, the bard gets a few exclusive spells. The Mage's Arsenal - The Tomes of Melchior V: Arcane Spells The theme of this supplement is the arcane, or more specifically, magic itself. This tome focuses first on spells that manipulate other spells, be that by changing how they can be cast, prolonging them, protecting them, or ending them. This is the most complicated tome because of this, and while it is simple enough to grasp the basic concepts, it allows for more complicated and interesting combinations for players (or DMs) with a strong understanding of spellcasting mechanics. This supplement makes interactions between spellcasters more interesting, giving all involved a greater variety of tools to mess with opponents… if they came prepared. The second focus of this supplement is force, such as force projectiles, damage, and barriers. Due to this, force damage is the most common type from this supplement, with beams, waves, and bludgeoning weapons made to deal it. Arcane spellcasters get the most spells from this tome, with wizards receiving the largest percentage, including some exclusives. There are also a handfuls of spells for gathering and recording knowledge, both from enemies and places like libraries or vaults. Bundle Links I Own the Individual Supplements! I Own This Library! ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ The Tomes Of Melchior Features The following sections are true for each entry into the Tomes of Melchior series. Organization        Each tome is a PDF with the spells sorted by slot level, then alphabetized. In addition, they have a table of contents which lists the name of each spell and the page it is on, and one or more class tables, which lists each spell and shows which classes have it on their spell list. Both the table of contents and the class tables are hyperlinked to the spells, just click the name! In addition, each spell is in a single column (or has its own page) for easy copy/pasting and snipping. Design Goals The goal of all the tomes is to add new spells into the game for both the players and NPCs that are fun, unique, and balanced. These spells are not mean to overshadow or replace the official spells, just add a greater variety for fun combinations, characters, and interesting encounters. In addition, unless there are very specific limitations on your campaign setting, all the spells are designed to be setting-neutral, so they can be dropped in with no problems.    Balance especially is very important to me. I am a strong believer that unbalanced content will almost always reduce the fun at a table. Due to this, I have done everything I can to ensure the spells within the tomes are balanced with the official spell’s level of power. About Me I am a just about forever-DM with well over 10k hours invested in the D and amp;D 5e edition system. I’ve created and ran multiple homebrewed campaigns in several homebrew settings, and thusly have a lot of experience creating content for D and amp;D 5e. A lot of these spells started as just fun ideas I wanted to introduce to my players, but eventually I decided that I’d like to spread them to other tables, with the hope that they will enjoy them as much as my players did.

  • BMG-DRWEP-OD-01 The Enemy of My Enemy

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Enemy of My Enemy A Dreams of the Red Wizards: Obscure Devotion Epic Adventure The Red Wizards are interested in more than just crystals, as are other factions in Cormyr. Which are friends, and which are foes? Strange happenings in Suzail may hold the answers. Part Four of the Obscure Devotions series of adventures. A Four-Hour Epic Adventure for 5th- through 10th-Level Characters Optimized for APL 8. Content Warning: Chemical Weapons, Death by Gas, Terrorism Interested in more exciting titles from Baldman Games? Looking for exciting Roll20 asetts for your online game?  Bundle Both and Save!!!!

  • Dis: Ironthrone Mountain. Expanding Chains of Asmodeus

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Dis: Ironthrone Mountain" is a mini sandbox campaign set against the menacing shadow of Ironthrone Mountain, a massive volcano nestled in the fiery depths of the second layer of Hell. This adventure, designed for characters of 12th level, unfolds amidst molten rivers and perilous paths, revealing a land where infernal iron forms the heart of war machines, soul coins, and weapons wielded by diabolical forces. The campaign is rich with horror elements, weaving a tale not suited for the faint-hearted. Heroes may be lured to Ironthrone Mountain by various motives: a harrowing rescue mission, a vendetta against the tyrannical Erinyes devil Sas who dominates the mountain, or a cruel twist of fate that sees them incarcerated in Blackrock Hole. Prepare to face a land where horror reigns supreme and the iron must flow, challenging even the bravest souls who dare to uncover its secrets. Contains: 65 pages of adventure (themes of horror and hopelessness) fleshing out the second layer of Hell 3 mapped adventure locations, including Blackrock Hole (jail) and Skulltop (Sas' lair) 3 new creatures Horrifying traps and tricks to challenge even your veteran players