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  • CCC-BMG MOON 9-1 Dark Moon Rising

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA vitally important diplomat has gone missing, and a village seems to be troubled by an unseen force that threatens to spread all across the Moonshaes. All the while, a massive volcano rumbles in its slumber, threatening to awake, bringing forth chaos and destruction. A Dark Moon Rises over the island of Norland. Can you come to its aid? Part 1 of the Dark Moon Trilogy. A Two/Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters.

  • In Dreams

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild In Dreams A sourcebook to the Plane of Dreams  We are such stuffAs dreams are made on, and our little lifeIs rounded with a sleep. -William Shakespeare, The Tempest (c. 1610-1612), Act IV, scene 1, line 156. The Plane of Dreams, a demi-plane that rests between the material plane and the Far Realms, is the shared mindscape where dreamers go when they sleep. A place of symbolism and hidden information, this magical place where the mind has ultimate power. Inside this 100-page tome you’ll find advice for DMs on how to run a dream-centric game, options for players to customize their characters to be ready for adventuring within dreams, and terrifying monsters to threaten characters inside and outside of dreams. An in-depth academic view of the symbolism and functions of dreams, aiding DMs who are running adventures in the Plane of Dreams (or just want to know how to better deal with the dream spell). Use your willpower to shape the Dreamlands (and if you’re brave enough, the realm of nightmares as well!) A revived race from the past: the Diaboli! Satyr-like beings who are native to a timeless plane, forever protecting dreamers from falling into nightmare. From an artificer who can craft light into whatever their imagination can create to the warlocks who pledge themselves to the Nightmare Court, inside are 13 new dream related subclasses. 17 new monsters (33 new stat blocks and one template) all of whom can be found in the Plane of Dreams (and most of them outside of it as well!). Fan favorites like the Feyr and deep cuts like the Night Parade! 3 outlines for dream focused campaigns set in the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, or any homebrew world! Also includes tips for incorporating dreams into storylines for the guilds of Ravnica.

  • The Central Market

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to The Central Market is home to a huge variety of stores from fishmongers to blacksmiths, stables to tattoo parlours, magic shops to herbalists. Your travelling party of adventurers are sure to find what they are after. This book contains 30 different stores with full inventory lists, descriptions, backgrounds, and plot hooks. This is a handy resource to keep nearby when your adventures take you to a major city because there is always going to be someone who asks if they can find the local bookstore or stone carver. With this tool you can open to that page and impress them with a full description like you had it planned all along. Featuring: 30 unique stores with descriptions, item tables, backstories, and plot hooks. Descriptions of every store and what they are like inside and out. Backstories and histories of each store and merchant, for when you need to know what the fishmonger did before opening his store. Plot Hooks for each store, it happens, your players get attached to a NPC and now they can quest for that NPC and build a loving relationship! Item tables for each store. No more having to make up what types of hats are for sale at the milliner. “I may not know the name of the next town over, but I can tell you the local fishmongers history!” -Playtester at a table.

  • Fleshing Out Curse of Strahd: Village of Barovia

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA Full Guide and Expansion to the Village of Barovia! Fleshing Out Curse of Strahd is a series of expansions and elaborations to the core Curse of Strahd campaign. The full series is a DM tool that adds depth to various NPCs, streamlines confusing plot lines, fills in plot holes, and alleviates some of the stress associated with TPK inducing encounters throughout the campaign.  Within Chapter 3: Village of Barovia, you'll find the following:  Location Advice and amp; Adventure Flow. How might you present the various locations and events in the village? Who lives there and why is the populace really so reclusive? Quick Reference Tables. Handy charts listing notable NPCs and the items available at Bildrath's Merchantile. Granny's Pies. Advice on handling Morgantha's encounter and alternate mechanics for dream pastries. NPC Advice. Expanded ways to tackle Ismark, the owners of the Blood on the Vine, and other NPCs in the village. Ireena. A full and comprehensive write-up on Ireena, one of the most important NPCs in the game! How can you RP her? How do you get your players to like her? How does her story end? Fighting Doru. There's another monster in the basement! How might you handle this fight without making it too easy or too difficult? Like what you see? Keep up with the whole Fleshing Out series!

  • Ythryn Expanded Tower of Illusion - maps and extra content for Rime of the Frostmaiden

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Tower of Illusion was one of eight towers of magic in the ancient floating Netherese city of Ythryn. Now the tower, along with the city, lies trapped in a frozen tomb. The wizards of this great tower are either long dead or have lost their minds to madness. Yet the tower still holds powerful magic waiting to be tapped. This supplement is one of several short expansions to the locations in Ythryn with the following objectives: Expand on the Eight Arcane Towers, making each one its own mini-dungeon adventure with exciting challenges and clear direction for the DM. Provide Detailed Maps, for an immersive experience in person or on a virtual tabletop, rather than a brief 'theatre-of-mind' scene. This supplement presents the events that occur in the Tower of Illusion as an alternate to those described on page 255 of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Additionally, this supplement references the Hall of Silk described on page 244 of the book. As always, it is up to you how much of the content you want to use. It's perfectly fine to use some parts of this supplement while discarding others, or simply let the ideas presented here inspire new ideas of your own. This supplement assumes a party of 4–6 characters of 9–11th level. Adventure Summary:  After their arrival at the Tower of Illusion, the party will be greeted by the programmed illusion of High Illusionist Ajamar. Ajamar asks the party to perform a scene of the play he wrote in his final hours in exchange for any information he was programmed to hold (including a line of the Rite of the Arcane Octad). The party will have to perform the scene as best they can, suffering the consequences of a poor performance at the hands of the twisted illusory audience. Once the party completes the scene, Ajamar's illusion provides the party with the information they seek. Additionally, Ajamar provides a small riddle giving the party a chance to claim some extra treasure in the tower. Follow me on DMsGuild to be notified about future releases in this series! Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure Bundle Check out my other content for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.       Tomb of Annihilation Complete DM's Bundle Check out my other content for Tomb of Annihilation in a complete bundle.

  • Fantasy Grounds Character Manager

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis is an EXECUTABLE FILE for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT and specifically the D and amp;D 5E ruleset only! Fantasy Grounds Character Manager DMs This awesome tool lets you manage your players effortlessly allowing you to import, export, and delete characters from campaigns without having to even open Fantasy Grounds. Want to DM in person (post-covid)? Generate character sheets and reference books for your players to print or use digitally so you can play in any situation. Players Create character sheets and reference books for your in-person games so you can pick up and play whenever and wherever you want. Going to be away from your computer but still want to play D and amp;D with your group? Print your character sheet and download your reference book to your phone and have all the tools to play voice only.  Adventure League Support! For those of you who play in Adventure League, I've added the ability to generate adventure logs fully compliant with their standards. Features Campaign player management - import, export and delete characters from/into campaigns without opening Fantasy Grounds. Character sheets - auto-generate an official 5E character sheet of your character or a player in your game. Reference book - auto-generate a reference document that gives you full descriptions of features, traits, feats, spells, and magic items your character has. The reference book has a table of contents that links to the correct page in the book for quick lookup (needs a word processor (preferably MS Word but free ones also work) installed to generate the table of contents). Adventure log - auto-generate an adventure log pdf that is fully compliant with Adventure League standards (as long as you've logged everything correctly). Requirements Windows 7 and up.

  • The Carnival of Tears

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Should anyone mentions Jack's name three times in a group of at least three witnesses, his Carnival is bound to arrive at the nearest town within the following three days. The Carnival of Tears is a plug and play adventure, suitable for any campaign setting and capable of accomodating a party of characters regardless of their level.The story revolves around a jolly and colorful carnival, full of exotic performances, festive activities and fun competitions for you to partake in. Beware though, for it hides a woeful secret.Behind the charade, a contractor Devil called the Jack of Tears is secretly using it as a means of collecting the souls of its gambling visitors. In the book's contents you will find: An innovative storyline that involves Comedy, Mystery and Horror. 8 unique Carnival Games. Various Shows, Performances and Fairground Rides. 14 new Magic Items. 4 unique Illustrations, along with 7 more Stock Artworks. A complete Carnival Setting, which you may use regardless of the adventure's main plotline. The book's cover illustration has been designed by the amazing Denis Kornev. We sincerely hope that you enjoy every single page! And remember... ... beware of bargains that seem too favorable. Kind Regards,The Eren Chronicles Sample pages:  

  • Greenbird's Cursed Inventory II

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildCurses! Greenbird is hosting a sale of magical items once more - glamorous, shiny, dangerous and, most of all, cursed! From spellbooks that steal your memories, to armchairs that are just a little bit too comfortable - we have it all. Or, at least, 30 more cursed items! Inflict our cursed items upon your adventurers or use them on some poor NPC - they can be used as both mechanics and storytelling devices. Some items are humorous, some are menacing and some are even useful! We dare say a few would be perfect for making up a murder-mystery quest! Add 30 new cursed items to your adventures, ready to be found in the nearest dungeon, or have a questline created around them. A special for the fans of archery - a quiver with a d20 table for cursed and unpredictable arrow effects. Ok, so there’s also a cup that gets songs stuck in your head, boots that make you fly (we don’t guarantee a safe landing), a gem that steals your coins… there’s even a (fake) Hand of Vecna! Thank you for checking out our Greenbird’s Cursed Inventory II! If you enjoyed it, feel free to try the following: The original Greenbird’s Cursed Inventory, with items such as a vengeful sausage, a cowardly shield, a helmet that attracts seagulls and a wandering merchant to peddle them all - Cursed Bloodlines and Dark Heritages includes a massive d100 table for cursed, mysterious and sometimes even beneficial bloodlines - add some unique extra effects to your villages, NPCs or even player characters. The Tragedy of Portkrevin is the perfect setting to acquire some curses - an abandoned seaside village, taken over by a sea hag and the classic catoblepas.

  • Combat Groups Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Create and preload multiple NPC groups without cluttering the combat tracker!  This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds allows you to create and preload multiple NPC groups, then activate them with one click as your players explore a dungeon. This extension unlocks the following functions: Preload multiple NPC groups on a battlemap, but keep them off the Combat Tracker,  Make the groups visible to your players with a single click as they explore your dungeon, Add and remove entire groups from the combat tracker with one button click, A “friends” button extends this functionality to friendly and amp; neutral NPCs as well! Preemptively buff NPCs before they are encountered, Setting up an ambush has never been easier! Detailed instructions on how to use this extension can be found on the FG Forums: Copy and amp; Paste this URL into your browser: Note: This extension was created for Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E ruleset. It has not been extensively tested on FG Classic and thus will not be supported / maintained with FG Classic in mind. Use on FGC at your own risk. Also, understand that Extensions = RISK: We want users to understand that extensions are code that is added or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. We promise to maintain support as FGU is updated. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. We will keep this extensions working with FGU changes, and other extensions created by SilentRuin. We make no promises to resolve conflicts caused by extensions created by other authors. Art and maps in the screenshots are not included with this extension.

  • Fantasy Grounds Combat Automation

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild This is an EXTENSION for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT and specifically the D and amp;D 5E ruleset only! This extension allows to fully automate combat for player characters. Main Feature 1: Automating actions This extension will automatically execute actions one by one when you click on a button to the left of the weapon/spell/power name (see picture). By default, all actions will be used in the order from left to right. If the attack misses or the save fully succeeds, the actions afterward will not be executed. You can change the number of actions executed by default in options. You can limit the number of actions per spell by putting "- and gt;#" in spell/power name, where # is the number of actions to execute (e.g. "- and gt;2" will only execute the first two actions). Shift-clicking use power button will not execute any actions. Feature 2: Expending spell slots on cast and spell upcasting This extension will also automatically expend the appropriate spell slot when you click on a star button ("use power" button). If the character has both spell slots and pact magic slots the priority will be pact magic - and gt; spell slots. Upcasting spells is possible by first entering the intended cast level. However, you will need to adjust the effect of the spell manually (in many cases as easy as right-clicking to add additional damage die). You can set the default upcast level for each spell by adding "@#" in the spell name (e.g. "@3" will try to cast the spell at 3rd level). Ctrl-clicking the button will execute all actions, without expending a spell slot. Alt-clicking executes all actions as ritual casting (without expending slot and adding 10 minutes to casting time). Double-clicking the "Upcast" field displays a help message. This extension can be combined with the "Instant Dice" extension to achieve instant combat. This extension was developed and tested for both Fantasy Grounds Unity and Classic.