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  • Full Moon Fey Tales

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWho can the heroes trust in the verdant depths of the Feywild? While resting in the wilds on the night of a full moon, the party are accidentally drawn into the Feywild, and must find their way back. With a choice of routes to follow, the heroes may encounter either the naive but vengeful undine Dapple, or the urbane and callous fey lord Verian. Each holds the ability to send the party home, if they agree to retrieve something from the other. Venturing past carnivorous vines and a troll-guarded bridge, can the adventurers be persuasive or sneaky enough to avoid an outright battle? Full Moon, Fey Tales is a 3-4 hour adventure for characters of 5th to 7th level. It aims to give the players genuine choice on how to deal with their plight, and can be completed without a single combat, or battling the whole way through - whatever your group prefers! Two maps are included for places where the action is likely to go down... This adventure was created as part of the Storytelling Collective's Write Your First Adventure course. In the tricksy realm of the Fey, nothing is for free!

  • The Book of Nothics

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNothics. They're weird, opportunistic and know all your secrets. They're seekers of knowledge, magic and everything arcane. They're also cursed beings, victims of a malicious god. Nothics are memorable NPCs and usable for unique and versatile stories. Yet, the monster manual offers only a single, rather weak version of these interesting aberrations. But don't despair! The Book of Nothics offers a solution! It gives you… Old and new lore and background information about nothics Small anecdotes and examples on how to use the different monsters in your campaign 6 base variants of nothics resulting in 18 different creatures with their own stat block What are you waiting for? Let's look inside and help our strange friends to conquer the multiverse!   I’m not a native speaker and fully expect you to find mistakes in my book. I hope you’ll still find it enjoyable. If your English is good and you would like to help me improving the Book of Nothics, leave a message.

  • Eberron: Papers Please

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAcross Khorvaire, the diligent and loyal scribes of House Sivis work tirelessly to produce and provide the civilised world with documentation. Identification papers, travel permits, birth and death certificates, lightning rail tickets, and more can all be found in this collection.  A roleplay enchancement tool for your Dungeons and Dragons game in Eberron or elsewhere, with handouts for the virtual and traditional tabletop!  Including: 27 forms of documents, tickets, and certificates. Identifcation available to print and fill out instantly (A4)  Forms to customise and share. Variations of documents for Digital Handouts, with up to 5 variations per document for bigger parties. Seals, stamps, and textures to enrich your control of customisation.  A PDF containing written guidelines about how each document is intended to be filled out, with commentary on the uses and frequency of given paperwork.  Including a folder with example documents for easy use.  Coloured digital handouts and B and amp;W handouts ready for print. 

  • The Goblin Bathwater Incident

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Synopsis: Goblin Bathwater, a magical drug, has taken hold in a sleepy coastal town at the edge of the Empire. As the characters investigate the origin of the drug, they uncover an international criminal conspiracy, wild and ancient magic, and a threat to reality itself.  Contents: This beautifully made, 54-page adventure offers: A fully fleshed out, setting-agnostic starter area, brimming with colourful NPCs and hooks for adventure. Balanced encounters to bring characters to level 2; then some more devious encounters on their way to level 3.  Three mini-dungeons built on the design philosophy of the "5 room dungeon method" Multiple big, cinematic set-piece boss encounters that will make your players feel epic. A facetted intrigue, which does not immediately suggest a simple, ready-made solution but invites the players to come up with their own, personal approach. Why pick this adventure? Hey, my name is Marius. This is my first time publishing on the DMs Guild but I wouldn't call myself a newcomer. I started playing Pathfinder 1e back in 2014. When I took over as our group's DM in 2019, we swapped over to 5e. We have run many, many modules and adventures since. Currently I play three games a week. In short: You could say I'm hooked. I created The Goblin Bathwater Incident as the ideal adventure for in-between your big modules, but it isn't a simple little adventure. With a playtime of about 30 hours, it still manages to hit that sweet-spot, where it establishes context, makes you grow fond of NPCs, and makes those big bossfight wins so much sweeter, all without taking more than a few sessions. The Goblin Bathwater Incident is different from many of the 1st tier adventures in that it pits the characters against traps and monsters, but also asks difficult, open-ended ethical questions, where a simple strategy of "apply sword to head of bad guy" will not cut it.  Preview Pages:

  • Valas Hune's Underdark Bestiary

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAll profits from this title are donated to local stray animal charities.  “…On the fringe of Menzoberranyr territory, Valas Hune could sense the genuine wilderness beyond. He could feel its vast and labyrinthine spaces and hear its pregnant silences. He could smell and taste its variations of rock and imagined himself simply slipping away into that limitless world…” – Dissolution, War of the Spider Queen. Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary contains more than 130 Underdark monsters and amp; creatures, some completely original and some adapted to 5E from previous editions.  In total, there are 133 monster stat blocks, all with beautiful art, in this book for the Dungeon Master to use in any campaign and adventure set in the Realm Below. From aquatic horrors such as the anguiliians and the ixzan to psychic aberrations, from the Children of Zuggtmoy to the Deep Dragonspawn of Tiamat, there are countless monsters in this book that will fit any Underdark campaign and also give the DM inspiration. Valas Hune's Underdark Bestiary is written as a field report to be presented to the higher officers of the Bregan D'aerthe. The bestiary is compiled by the legendary drow scout Valas Hune and includes the creatures and monsters he has encountered in the wilderness of the Underdark. In time, the report has been edited by the scholars and loremasters of the Bregan D'aerthe and published in a commercialized format, becoming a best-seller among the drow travelers and adventurers.

  • Captain Snowmane's Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Welcome to Captain Snowmane's Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread! Captain Snowmane—that's me, and I have the distinct... pleasure of trying to keep you alive on this journey. Don't dangle your hands into the water, for Heavens' sake! In some of these Domains, it might grasp back at you... Now, let me give you the brochure pitch of all these wonderfully gruesome and wickedly grotesque new Domains of Dread our little jaunt will take us through! In this book, we prepared Nine New Domains of Dread to horrify and delight you and your players! You can see a preview and short description for each below. Each Domain of Dread comes with: an Overview Page to introduce you to the Domain and its Darklord a quick run-down of Noteworthy Features for the DM to keep in mind fleshed-out Settlements and Sites to visit during your adventures in the Domain in-depth Backstory and Roleplay Advice for the Domain's Darklord Adventure Seeds to throw your players straight into the action heaps of Additional Story Hooks and information to make the Domain come to life Notes by Captain Snowmane herself to help live throug the experience suggestions for Stat Blocks for the Darklords and even some unique new creatures where appropriate, Domains also come with guidance to Create Characters from the Domain Belissia, Domain of Toxic Positivity. Darklord Larian Songmoon is ever disappointed by his disciples failing to reach enlightenment, despite all the New Age fads he throws at them—behind his cheerful facade, rage lurks. Eludia, Domain of the Unshackled City. Eludia is a would-be utopia beneath a sky of maddening nebulae, defined by endless civil war between it's genius Founders—Eludia's four competing Darklords! Maru, Domain of Caste Violence. Maru is a visceral mirror of caste violence—its Darklord Vajra Baahu sins even in "atonement", pleading with gods who no longer listen as his sacrificial yagya fire parches the land and consumes his people. Glimmerdusk, Domain of Corrupted Fantasies. Glimmerdusk is a sparkly story-book of a Domain, written into existence by renowned children's author P.B. Hoyles—but his fairytales always seem to take a dark turn... Sumun, Domain of the Grieving King. Sumun is the Domain of the Grieving King, wandering the desert endlessly in search of a cure for death so nobody has to loose a friend again as he did... but neglecting his people in the process. Muulberry Pasture, Domain of Infernal Agriculture. Tickle Pig haunts your dreams in idyllic Muulberry Pasture—this devil wants to drive you mad before you reach his factory... because that's when long pig bacon tastes best! Mornmire, Domain of Inevitability. Shrouded in fog, Mornmire's very buildings mutate while Darklord Mobius Inanis races to uncover the secrets that might save his domain—only to be driven more mad by what he finds. Vendledorf, Domain of Lamenting Memories. A shifting wasteland of forgotten legacies, where people struggle futilely against oblivion—like their Darklord, desperate to leave a mark on anything... and anyone. Sikaga, Domain of Lights and Glamour. In Sikaga, praise and applause are life: a compliment can cost you a year—and you'll still want to adore Darklord Valerie Valentina, the greatest singer who ever was. Domain Authors: Bryan Holmes (@FallenWyvern), Darren Kenny (@DarkenCreations), Frederic Walker (@korartificer), Matthew Whitby (@WhitbyWrites), Matt Standfast, Miłosz Gawęcki (@Saffron_Quill), Nick Didato (@NickADidato), Rajib Kalita (@undeadrajib1), Tyler F.M. Edwards Editing and Layout: Sven Truckenbrodt (@TheRubyFeather)

  • Tessa Presents 92 maps for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild 92 maps for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden available in multiple formats. Printable A3 PDF with 225 color pages JPG images with grid at 70ppi JPG images without grid at 70ppi dd2vtt files without grid at 70ppi dungeondraft_map files Secret doors and passages as seperate images   We have worked to produce maps that are: Complete. All locations in the campaign that are likely to have a combat and lack an official map are included, as well as many locations where a map is nice to have. Detailed. All maps have a high level of detail, whether it is the furniture, personal effects, footprints, debris, weather, or lighting. Specific. All described details are included in the maps, where they are applicable from a top view. If the campaign book says that there is a sack on a desk emitting multicoloured light, then that is what the map shows. Versatile. All maps are available in multiple formats including a Universal VTT format that can be imported into several popular virtual tabletops with the lighting, walls and doors intact. The original map creator files and a custom asset pack have been included to allow for campaign specific edits. Useable on your tabletop. All maps are printable with a 1-inch grid and are typically printed onto multiple pages which can be joined to create larger maps. Some of the massive official maps are scaled down onto a two-page spread for exploration while key combat and encounter zones are repeated at a 1-inch grid scale. The maps can also be printed to Tabloid sized paper respectively with a 0.91-inch grid.     Samples of 6 of the 134 maps.                                             FAQ Hello, Jon here to answer any questions you may have. I’ll build up this FAQ as I we're asked new questions. Updated 22 July 2021   Will there be more maps? For Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, yes. We’re only 3 sessions into this campaign as of July 2021 so Tessa will undoubtedly make more maps as we play over the next 40 odd weeks. Those additional maps will be free on Reddit so keep an eye on username u/TessaPresentsMaps if you’re keen for more maps. For other campaigns, yes. Tessa is already excitedly drawing map assets for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. That map pack will be released much closer to the campaigns release than this map pack was. It will also include many improvements from lessons learned in creating this first pack.   You missed map X This pack covers most but not all locations mentioned in the campaign book that do not already have an official map. If there is something in the campaign book that Tessa missed and you feel is deserving of a map, we may have already made it available for free on Reddit under the username u/TessaPresentsMaps. If you cannot find it there let Tessa know at If she has time and if she is in the mood, she will map it and I’ll release it.   Can I import the lighting and doors into my Virtual Table Top? Yes, I have tested this successfully on Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and FoundryVTT. In each case you need to use a 3rd party app or plug-in, which I can't link here but I've added to a comment below.   How were these maps made? The maps were made with a program called Dungeon Draft, which I highly recommend, using a custom assets pack Tessa created that you can download as part of this map pack. Buying Dungeon Draft ($19.99 USD as of July 2021) will allow you to open the source files of Tessa’s maps and make little edits specific to your campaign, which can make them very personal for your party. You will need to load the Icewind Dale assets pack before you open a map to edit it, otherwise some of the objects, walls, etc will disappear.

  • Shipboard Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildShipboard Encounters Fill in your adventure with amazing shipborne encounters.  This random encounters supplement provides hundreds of encounter variations (over 1,000 possible permutations) for your ocean going voyage. This also includes: 13 New Creatures: Algae Amalgam, Brine Ooze, False Jellyfish, Hammerhead Turtle, Oil Sludge, Rum Barrel Golem, Sea Serpent, and more. 5 Maps: Dogger Fishing Boat, Prison Barge, Whale Carcass, Recreation Barge and a Smoldering Fort These work well with the Ghosts of Saltmarsh official publication or any campaign using ocean travel. The PDF includes all the needed maps, but if you prefer full resolution files for the maps click here: Shipboard Encounters, Digital Map Pack        This supplement works well with Tendrils of Saltmarsh Tendrils of Saltmarsh is a trilogy of adventures design to help fill in the level gaps left in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh books.  They can be run individually or together.  You need not utilize the entire trilogy for the adventure's premises to unfold. Part 1: Sigurd's Island. This first adventure is APL 6 designed to be run before chapter 6. Part 2: The Serpentine Path. The second adventure is APL 8 designed to be run before chapter 7. [Due out Summer 2021] Part 3: Pinnacle of Power. This final adventure of the trilogy is APL 10 and designed to be run before chapter 8. [Due out Summer 2021]   About the Author Chris Valentine lives in the Sonoran Desert, in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been involved with the hobby for over thirty years.  In 2019, he decided to start writing content for his favorite game, and ended up with several bestsellers. He is also a graduate of the RPG Writer Workshop course. Other Notable Works Lost in Shadow Bestselling Starter Campaign in the Shadowfell Knightmares Death knights for your adventures or domains of dread. Hidden Cove Explore tunnels that lead from the Moonsea to an ancient glacier.

  • Alyth's Blueprints for Home and Business

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Plan. Build. Furnish. Staff. Profit. Build a tower. Design a home. Run a tavern. House an army. Manage a store. And more! In this streamlined 47-page guide, you will discover these features: New rules for establishment-building and running a business 15 location types 6 construction materials 27 furnishing options 14 staff options 4 example establishments 1 establishment sheet for tracking your home or business What Is This Guide? Alyth's Blueprints for Home and amp; Business is everything DMs and players need to add establishment building and running to their D and amp;D campaign. Does It Play Nicely with D and amp;D fifth edition? Absolutely. The guiding philosophy for this title from its inception has been that building a home or business should feel integral to D and amp;D fifth edition. This supplement has basic 5e mechanics repurposed to support planning, building, and running an establishment. Why Homes and Businesses? There is only one reason to add building and running establishments to your game. To make it more compelling, more memorable, and more fun. We believe Alyth's Blueprints does all of that. In fact, we think that any group that has a place to call their own more invested in the campaign than ever before! Wait. Who Is Alyth? Lady Alyth Elendara is a tavernkeeper in Baldur's Gate. Check out the free preview for a glimpse into what's made her Elfsong Tavern so successful! Follow me on Twitter: @AdamMakesTTRPG

  • Gelatinous Guide to Ooze

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAdventure through dark caverns with these new Ooze stat blocks and an Oozling playable race! Whether you're looking for a cute Ooze to join your party or a terrifying new monster for an underground combat, this is the supplement for you. Monsters range from CR 0 to CR 5.