729 Lair of the Bloody Spirits – Lv-5 Adventure

Nestled in the verdant hills of Eldoria, there lies the unsuspecting hamlet of Vindale. This small place is renowned for its exquisite wines and is home to Eldoria’s Crest Winery, the pride of the region. But unbeknown to its merry in­habitants and the visiting connoisseurs, a dark secret slumbers beneath the famous winery’s cellars.

The Amaranthine Sanctum

Many centuries ago, before Vindale was even built, this land was a sacred site known as the ‘Amaranthine Sanctum’. It was here that the Druids of the Scarlet Cir­cle practiced their clandestine rites. However, their thirst for knowledge had them delve too deep into forbidden arts. They summoned the ‘Blood Wraith’, a vengeful spir­it born from the very essence of violence and wrath.

The wraith was too powerful and out of control. The druids, realizing their folly, managed to seal it within the underground catacombs, sacrificing themselves to bind its force. However, its malignant presence lingered, satu­rating the grounds with an ethereal, crimson aura.

Centuries passed, and the memory of the Amaranthine Sanctum faded into legend. The land, fertile and lush from the residual magic, attracted settlers. Vindale was established, and the Eldoria’s Crest Winery unknowingly built atop the sealed catacombs. The winery flourished unnaturally, fed by the latent energies below.

The Bloody Spirits

The Lair of the Bloody Spirits remained undisturbed for ages. Yet, as time marches on, the druids’ seal weak­ens. Whispers among the vines speak of shadows mov­ing in the cellars, of ghostly apparitions in the wine vats, and of an unexplained, pervasive sense of despair that befalls those who linger too long in the cellars.

As the barrier between worlds thins, the legacy of the Druids of the Scarlet Circle threatens to emerge once more, bringing with it the vengeful Blood Wraith. The lair now awaits, a ticking time bomb beneath the feet of the oblivious, a hidden menace yearning to be released and wreak havoc once again upon the world of the living.

Adventure Hook

A Past Threat. No one knows why the folks at the win­ery are becoming jumpy and paranoid. But when two young men disappeared below Eldoria’s Crest Winery it was clear something had to be done. Vindale’s authori­ties offer a hefty reward for heroes (40 XP, 150 gp).

Level 5 Adventure

  • Danger. Unsafe. Check for a Random Event every 2 crawling rounds and after loud noises (4-in-6 chance).
  • Light. Some areas have braziers with permanent light spells. The undead denizens are dark-adapted.
1 Without warning, a surge of malevolent energy pulses through the lair, causing torches to flare up with blue flames and shadows to twist unnaturally. This surge may weaken the party (DC 16 WIS or make the next check with disadv.), heralding the power of the Blood Wraith.
2 Spectral figures of nobles appear, engaged in a ghostly wine tasting. Interacting with them may reveal lost lore of the winery or make the four shadows belligerent.
3 Faint voices recite druidic rituals in a forgotten dialect. If the characters listen for 1 crawling round they may deci­pher the location of the vault’s secret entrance (see map).
4 An illusionary vista of a sunlit vineyard appears in a dead-end corridor. Approaching the mirage triggers a poison dart trap. Whoever is closer to the illusion takes 1d10 damage (DC 16 CON check for half).
5 The party stumbles upon a group of eight skeletons. They belong to the Lonesome Tombs but find their way to the characters’ location. The undead fight until slain.
6 A sudden current of air causes the toxic spores in the caves (see map) to permeate all the dungeon areas. See State-Altering Fungi Spores below to know more.

Winery Cellar

Beneath the bustling Eldoria’s Crest Winery lies a sel­dom-visited dusty cellar. Ancient wine barrels, sealed and containing rare vintages, line the walls. The cellar also features a few wooden boxes, barrels, and a shelf.


A small, practical office serves as the administrative heart of Eldoria’s Crest Winery. The room is anchored by a well-used working table, scattered with ledgers, maps, and the tools of the winery trade. Alongside, a shelf holds an array of dusty wine bottles and age-worn tomes about viticulture. The entrance to the Lair of the Bloody Spirits remains cleverly concealed behind a table. This is where the two men disappeared a few days back.

The Axe of the Druid Barbarian

This weapon was wielded by the chief druid who valiantly defeated the Blood Wraith. This powerful axe resonates with ancient magic. In a selfless act of heroism, the druid imbued the weapon with his soul, creating a mystical bond that sealed the wraith’s fate.

Descent for the Axe

A 20-foot-wide corridor adorned with alcoves de­scends 20 feet into the earth. Each alcove cradles golden urns containing the ashes of ancient warriors and druids, silent sentinels of the sacred passage.

A shadow comes out of each of the six urns. They attack intruders mercilessly. At the corridor’s end, a seal sum­mons a guardian (reaver) when anyone comes within 10 feet from it. This entity, bound to protect the legendary Axe of the Druid Barbarian, embodies the collective will and courage of those interred along the passage.


The characters can open the vault’s door after combat (DC 16 DEX). Thieves’ tools are required for this. There are two wooden chests and a marvelous axe resting upon a stone pedestal inscribed with druidic runes.

  • Treasure (5 XP). There are 286 gp, a mahogany pipe (25 gp), a set of polished bone dice (25 gp), a small oil painting of an elf woman (35 gp), a lute carved from iron­wood with gold hardware (75 gp), and a +1 dagger.
  • The Axe. Treat this weapon as a +2 greataxe. Addi­tionally, once a day, the wielder may infuse the Axe of the Druid Barbarian with their vitality. The user takes 1d10 damage and in exchange, the next hit deals an additional 2d8 damage. The roar of a mighty lion is heard in a 60 feet radius when the weapon strikes its target.

Lonesome Tombs

A somber corner within the cavern network bears the scars of nature’s fury. Ravaged by cave-ins and relent­less rock-slides, this once hallowed resting place is now a desolate field of inert rubble and debris.

Amidst the dirt and rocks, hundreds of bones lie scat­tered, a silent testimony to the lives claimed by the Blood Wraith before it was stopped. The air is thick with the dust of ages, echoing the fragility and transience of life.

  • Skeletons. Five skeletons attack intruders in each of the bone-filed caverns (see map). They are empowered by the Blood Wraith’s evil and fight until slain.
  • Secret Passage. A section of the wall is weak (DC 15 WIS check to spot). If the characters notice this, they may spend 1 crawling round removing the debris and creating a connection to the vault. This would bypass the guardians of the axe and the vault door.

State-Altering Fungi Spores

Beyond the confines of the dungeon, a network of cav­erns unfolds, once used by the druids to entrap the Blood Wraith. In one of the many caves, a peculiar and potent fungus thrives in the damp, shadowy environment. The air here is thick with spores that carry mind-altering properties, a remnant of ancient druidic experiments.

  • Spores. Adventurers who inhale the spores experi­ence disorienting and hallucinogenic effects, leading to impaired judgment or altered perceptions (DC 16 CON check). Treat fails as a confusion spell for 1d4 rounds.
  • Fungi. The smell of intruders draws the attention of four mushroomfolk. These mindless plant creatures fight until slain. They cannot be reasoned with and regu­lar food does not appease their hunger for flesh.

Lair of the Bloody Spirits

This cavern harbors the pond where the druids sealed the Blood Wraith. Time has twisted this once-hallowed site; the sacred waters bear a crimson taint, mirroring the malevolence of the wraith.

The four druids who sacrificed themselves in the sealing ritual haunt the pond as tormented specters, corrupted by the entity they sought to imprison (will o’ wisps). The Blood Wraith is a wraith with the following changes:

  • AC 15, HP 45
  • Blood Drain. 1d4 CON damage. The Blood Wraith regains this in Hit Points. Victims reduced to 0 HP turn into ally will o’ wisps. (This replaces Life Drain).

Defeating the Blood Wraith only postpones its return. The druids’ seal still works, but a priest must perform a hallowing ritual in the cavern to remove all traces of evil and prevent the sealing ritual from failing again.

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