Roll20 Packs

Roll20 Packs

Very recently as a part of my Patreon Rewards, I got to a level that allows me to devote more and more time to creating assets for Roll20 or any other VTT environment. The assets are done in a similar style as my regular maps, so as to keep the feel and style of my work. However the assets are fully editable and you can create new places and modify them on the fly in apps like Roll20 or Photoshop.

These packs are available in the Roll20 marketplace. Once downloaded, you can create new locations in Roll20 or any image editing software like Photoshop. If you use Photoshop or GIMP just set the grid at 140 pixels per square and turn on “Snap to Grid”. Import the assets you want to use and it will be as easy as building a lego house. In the near future I will probably add some dungeon creation video tutorials for both Roll20 and Photoshop.

Each picture is a link to a product in the Roll20 marketplace. Thank you for visiting this page and hope you have fun in your next RPG game.

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Here’s two tutorial videos for making fantastic locations directly in Roll20 or in Photoshop