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Thank you for considering supporting my work. I create tons of monthly content for this page, mostly cartography and adventures. My name is Derek and I am an independent creator. I make the maps and write the adventures that come with them. This is a full time job, it is only possible through the help of generous people that support my content creation. If you are considering a subscription then I am grateful.

If you have not yet seen my portfolio, take a look here.

While most content here is available for free, if you subscribe you will have access to:

  • Full resolution illustrations.
  • Versions with and without grid.
  • Black and white (printer friendly).
  • Roll20-compatible files (when applicable), 140px per square.

Additionally, all content with adventure ideas is released in PDF format for all pledge levels. Other contribution levels include other benefits like Photoshop files and custom maps (as explained below).

I release 8-10 maps and adventure ideas every month, there are 130+ so far. I have done it for more than a year. It is my commitment that you receive what you pay for.

The subscription levels below are charged on a monthly basis starting from the moment you subscribe. They can be cancelled anytime.

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