Printed Maps !

Printed Maps !

Hello, friends, supporters, collaborators, players and creators. This website was recently nominated for the Ennie Awards. Last year I earned a silver medal for Best Website.

This year my website is competing in two categories, “Best Blog” and “best Website”. The awards are decided by public vote, and that is the reason for this message.

If you like my stuff and have enjoyed some of my maps or written content. Please visit the Ennie’s voting website and vote for Elven Tower. There are a lot of categories. I’m in best blog and best website. Please vote in both of them.

IMPORTANT - It gives you the option of voting 1-5. The number 1 is the highest. Please vote 1.


I’m working together with Mark Reed from Dungeon Master Maps to bring a selection of my illustration for print on Canvas. You can see the catalog here:

The illustrations are printed on white canvas and look very evocative. I’ve attached two videos here that show how the maps are packed for delivery, and how they look. I think this is particularly interesting if you want to drop a map for the players to actually see and interact with; the canvas feel to it is very good in my own opinion.